Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 244.2

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"You don't know?" Xuefeng looked down on her. "How are you going to get your revenge if you don't even know the place they went to?"


"I… They really left the Heaven Realm…?" Jiao asked surprised. "I thought they were joking back then…"



"Awww, so cute," Xuefeng commented as he wrapped his arms together. "Did you actually think that Ancient Race is still present in the Heaven Realm?"



"They are not...?" Jiao paused while her attitude flipping by one hundred and eighty degrees. "Did they all leave for that Ancient Realm?"



"You see, I would gladly tell you everything I know but you rejected our help already. Do you think you can just order us around and expect respect in return?" Xuefeng asked seriously. "If not for Jiao inside you, I would not even talk to you and simply watch you struggle."



"I didn't know they are gone…" Jiao muttered confused, turning quiet.



"So you are only nice when it is convenient for you and when you need something from—"



"I apologize," Jiao spoke before he finished, catching Xuefeng off guard. "If I disrespected you in any way, I am truly sorry. I promise this will not happen again."



Xuefeng expected her to argue and fight him much longer so her immediate act of surrender ruined his fun. He was about to reply when Jiao went overboard and bowed.



"Please, this is really important to me. I will definitely repay you for any information you can provide. Can you help me?"



Now that she acted so mature and admitted her mistakes, Xuefeng couldn't tease her anymore.



"How about you first tell me how did you end up in your situation?" Xuefeng asked curiously and Jiao didn't hesitate.



"I was accused of murder and later sentenced to death," Jiao replied honestly. "Bard was the reason I'm still here speaking with you after all those years."



She drew away and suddenly pulled out a long golden coffin. It wouldn't be surprising if not for the fact it was made entirely out of Fate Stone. Inside the coffin was a beautiful lady with no signs of decay.



'Whoa! Marvelous craftsmanship!' Ming praised. 'This is not a normal coffin. It's full of Ancient Arrays that even I don't know.'



"Bard made this coffin for me and proposed that he will be the one handling my execution. At that time no one knew we were close friends because I was so much lower on the power ladder," Jiao explained. "He prepared a special poison that faked my death while the coffin helped me survive till the present day. Even my body didn't decompose no matter how many years have passed."



She gazed at her own body and sighed, keeping the coffin into her Storage Ring.



"Before I was buried, Bard told me to hold on for a few years and wait for him. He promised he will come back and give me the antidote to the poison. As you probably guessed, he never came to save me, forcing me to live in endless lockdown. I already thought something happened to him and it seems I was right."



"So you were falsely accused of murder and you want to get your revenge?" Xuefeng guessed.



"No," Jiao shook her head while smiling evilly. "They were not wrong. I killed the Ancient Race Leader's wife as well as my husband. I would do it again if I had the chance."



Xuefeng raised his eyebrows, already expecting where this was going.



"I caught that bitch riding my husband in our own bedroom. Can you believe it? That bitch had everything yet she whored herself around with her husband's guards. I am sure they were changing turns with her while he was away," Jiao commented scornfully. "And my Husband? Imagine we were talking about having a baby just the night before! I'm still getting pissed off every time I think about it. How many years I wasted on that guy."



Xuefeng scratched his head as he glanced at his wives. If they were as strict as that woman was, he would already be dead so many times.



"That's not the best part," Jiao continued. "That bastard didn't even stop thrusting into her after I caught them and proceeded to break up with me. He even dared to say he loved her and they would elope. I was so angry that I killed them both, forgetting that she was still the Leader's wife."



Jiao clenched her fist. "I thought he will understand the moment he knows what happened but he had me arrested while he cleaned up the scene. He didn't want anyone to know that his wife was a whore so he accused me of murder and sentenced me to death. No matter what I said, they didn't want to listen to me… aside from Bard. He was the only one who listened to me and reached out with a helping hand."



She looked at Xuefeng determined and added, "When I was sentenced, I vowed to have my revenge and kill Ancient Race Leader together with all those who turned their heads away. They knew the truth yet they decided to ignore it because I didn't matter."



"I'm pretty sure he was in love with you," Nuwa suddenly pointed out, giving Jiao a shock.



"Huh? Who?" Jiao questioned confused.



"Bard," Xuefeng finished. "Do you think he would go out of his way and risk going against his Leader if he didn't have feelings for you? There is a chance he just wanted to help but I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case."



"Bard? Loving me? But he never told me anything," Jiao replied with a frown. "He was always smiling and wishing me the best when we talked. He said he is happy for my relationship."



"What else was he supposed to say? He seems to be one of us nice guys. Even if the person we love is not with us, we will be happy as long as they are happy," Xuefeng explained. "Anyway, that is not the time for it. You will figure it out when you two meet again."



Xuefeng didn't want to meddle in romantic matters of other people. He was already busy with his own love life.



"Let me tell you about the Ancient Realm."


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