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Chapter 2 – The Struggling Gluttony Skill

After drank my wine, I decided to go see Roxi’s situation before going back to my run-down house. Because of the matter with Rafal’s group, I was worried about her.

No matter how sly Rafal is, I do not think he will start to harass her immediately. However, of that fearless smile of his that he showed when he left, I cannot get it out of my mind.

Even if something happens, I may not be able to become her power, but at least I should be able to become a meat wall for her.

With the moonlight outside, I could see the location of where the castle gate was. She was doing her guard work properly.

I was relieved, with this I can have peace of mind, it seemed that my worries were unfounded. To the girl who did her work properly, [Roxis-sama, please do your best], I will be rooting for her in my heart.

And then, when I was about to take my leave back home, I noticed that there was a shadow that climbed the wall on the east side.

It was a blind spot from Roxis and the other guards, but I could see it clearly from the place I was standing.

I’m sure that’s a thief. That thief seems to be climbing up the wall and wanting to sneak into the castle in the middle of the night. In a hurry, I run to Roxis who standing by as guard.

[Roxis-sama, it’s urgent!]

[What’s happened? You have not returned back home yet…?]

[While I was strolling to get some fresh air, I saw a suspicious person sneaking into the castle. That person climbed over from the east wall on the other side.]

[Is that true!?]

[There is no mistake. I saw it with my own eyes]

I feel uneasy because I’m suddenly asking for her to believe me. However, after Roxis looked into my eyes,

[I believe you. I’ll go toward that place, can you stay guard here in the meanwhile?]

[Yes, I will]

I received the spear with the crest of Kingdom from Roxis.

[May the fortune of war be with you, Roxis-sama]

[Please leave it to me. I have my weapon with me]

She pulled out a silver-white sword and ran toward the direction that had pointed to. So fast… As expected from a Holy Knight.

Her figure disappeared into the dark with surprising swiftness.

Soon, I heard the scream of a man. I can easily imagine Roxis defeating the thieves one after another.

From the number of the men’s screams, there are a considerable number of thieves. Two, no, I am certain there are three people.

But, Roxis is a Holy Knight. She won’t lose against thieves. Sure enough, the clamor turns quiet.

While I was relieved thinking it was already over, there is an adult man runs-up to my direction from the darkness.

I’m sure he is a thief that Roxis missed killing. As he approaches, his appearance gradually comes into view clearly because of the moon’s shine.

This is… I hold my breath.

His right arm is chopped off and he is desperately trying to stop the bleeding with his left hand, he runs to the exit where I am standing at right now.

His complexion is pale, it’s surely caused by extreme anemia due to the huge amount of lost blood.

I readied my spear. I cannot let him go. Frankly speaking, even if that man will die soon, he is still a thief that needs to be defeated.

I replaced Roxis as the gatekeeper, if I let this man go, I’ll cause trouble for her. I definitely need to kill him.

My opponent is wounded. I should be able to knock him down even if I have no power. I focus myself, and thrust the spear with all of my might toward the thief.

Fortunately, the spear stabbs through the thief’s heart.

The thief grabbed my spear while furiously staring at me; a large amount of blood spouts from his chest and then he falls on his back.

For awhile, his hands and feet convulse, and then stop moving. The thief surely has died.

[I did it, I knocked him down…. Eh!?]

Suddenly, I feel something flowing into my body. After that, I hear a voice in my head.

<appraisal, mind=”” reading,=”” concealment,=”” one-handed=”” sword=”” mastery=”” has=”” been=”” added=”” to=”” skills=””>

Added to status? Added to skills? What is this voice? What is happening?

And then there is a sense of fullness for the first time. Even satiating the hunger that could not be satisfied even if I ate a lot. Right now, I have the best, most satisfied feeling.

While I was still soaked in the mysterious euphoria, Roxis ran to me in a panic.

[Are you alright? Are you not injured?]

While she asked so, she took my hand and then checked me for injuries.

(I am worried… Somehow I went pale… Aaa, I was worried)

What? I can heard Roxis’s voice directly in my head. She is not talking, but why I can heard her voice?.

[What is it?]

[…. No, it’s nothing. I didn’t receive any injuries at all]

(It’s true! I’m glad… I’m really glad)

I heard the voice again saying that she was very relieved for my safety.

Is this, the voice of Roxis’s mind? And then, when she takes back her hand, I don’t hear it anymore.

This is strange indeed. Perhaps it was because of tension from battle; I heard one could be affected by auditory hallucinations. Since the other person is a Holy Knight, I can’t touch her again to confirm it.

There were 10 thieves in total trying to sneak into the castle. Even if Roxis guards by herself, she is strong enough to handle them. I killed one person that escaped from her. That was possible because she wounded him to a dying state.

Therefore, all of the credit should belong to Roxis.

[Roxis-sama, please take all of the credit for yourself]

[That won’t do. Didn’t you defeat one of them?]

I have a certain circumstance. It’s my employer Rafal.

If they heard about this, they will be enraged because I received a help from one of the other Holy Knights, I don’t know what would they do to me later. In addition, Rafal does not think of Roxis well, so he will reprimand me even more.

[If Rafal-sama heard about this, my situation would be bad…]

[Ah… Indeed. I understand. We will handle this case as you say.]

[Thank you very much]

[The one who should say thank you is me. If you hadn’t told me, it would’ve became my blunder]

Even though she is a Holy Knight who has the best of lives, the competition among them seems to be severe. I do not know the hardship because I am at the bottom.

[Therefore, please let me give you a reward]

[No it’s alright, for a Holy Knight to tell me like this…]

Since it didn’t seem like I, who was always submitting to others, was pleased by her gesture, she puffed up her cheeks and pouted. I was surprised since she would never normally make that kind of face. I felt that she was acting a bit more familiar with me.

[Let’s see… Oh yeah]

Somehow, Roxis struck both of her hands together and made a specific gesture.

Although I’ll receive a reward, I wonder what would I get? I’m waiting in expectation.

And then, an outrageous comment came out from her mouth.

[Do you want to work for Heart Family? I’ll ask this matter to my father, I’m sure he will agree with it]

[Eh!? But, I don’t have any skill at all… It’s beyond my ability]

[There is no such thing as that! Just now, didn’t you defeat one thief?]

I was just lucky earlier, even if I were told to do the same thing again, I think it would be impossible.

[After all…for me….]

Frustrated with my half-vague response, she lost her temper and gave me a bold statement.

[About the Burix Family, you don’t need to worry about them. Or, would you rather work under the Burix Family for the rest of your life?]


It seems she has seen through my anxiety because of the harassment from the Burrix Family. She went this far to say she wants to hire me. I feel like shedding tears.

That Rafal and his group are the worst, they will overwork me in the future until I die.

On the other hand, my life will be rose-colored working under Roxis who is gentle and elegant.

To be honest, from the start, I was a Roxis fan.

Isn’t my wish basically being fulfilled?

[By all means, thank you very much. Roxis-sama!]

[It’s all good. Since it’s already too late today, please come to Heart Family residence at noon tomorrow. I’ll be waiting]

I feel delighted, like I want to jump up and down. I bow down to Roxis many times, and then I leave the place.

After the gate of the castle is out of sight, I jumped up and made the guts pose.

Finally, luck is rolling my way. Somehow, my body feels lighter than ever, it’s good thing I guess?

Let’s hurry and return to my run-down home in preparation for tomorrow.




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