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“Father, you’d better continue driving.” Bai Zemin said clearing his throat in the process. His expression was serious as he said in a righteous voice, “What if you end up causing a traffic jam?”

The corner of Bai Delan’s mouth twitched several times when he heard the words his son said and Wen Yan couldn’t help but laugh out loud as if she had heard a good joke.

“Big brother Bai, I don’t think there are too many people with so many cars to make a tragic traffic jam happen!”

“Hehehe… Big brother Bai, you are so big but you don’t know this? Looks like big sister Lingxin was right when she said that Strength type soul evolvers aren’t too smart after all!”

“… Wen Yun, lately I feel like all your words are offensive to me for some reason.”

Bai Zemin almost spit out three liters of blood and died right there when he heard the conversation of the little girls in the back seat. Especially the Wen twins! Wen Yun wasn’t even letting little Luo Ning who had nothing to do with this matter go!

Were those girls trying to kill him with a heart attack or something?! Why the hell weren’t they backing him up now?!

Bai Zemin turned to look at them with stern eyes as if warning them to say no more and the Wen twins screamed as they covered their faces and laughed pretending to be terrified of the big evil monster surnamed Bai.

But they were not satisfied with that but Bai Zemin had barely turned to face their father when he heard the girls giggling as they sang in a chorus:

“He has a girlfriend!”

“He has a girlfriend!”

“Hehehe, so disgusting~”

‘Wen Yun, you brat…. When you grow up and get a boyfriend, this daddy will definitely remind you of your words!’ Bai Zemin really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he listened to the blabbering of the three lolis, especially Wen Yun’s last comment.

Even Bai Delan had an expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry on his face, it really looked as if the man was trying to understand his own feelings as he listened to the words that were full of innocence from the three little devils sitting in the back seat.

“Father, drive home.” Bai Zemin sighed. His expression was serious as his black eyes stared into the eyes of the same tone as those of his father and he said in a firm voice, “Tonight, I would like you, mother, and Meng Qi to meet someone important to me.”

The eyes of Bai Delan lit up when he heard the words his son uttered. The man choked with countless emotions as he nodded heavily. Without a word, he put the vehicle into first gear, slowly gaining speed as he drove back home.

Bai Zemin watched his father out of the corner of his eye and sighed secretly.

Bai Delan was a man who was old-fashioned so to speak. He rarely showed emotions, and very often he and Bai Zemin had a clash in the past because their personalities were quite similar. However, just as with the son, the father’s emotions were real and every time he showed them it was because his heart was overwhelmed.

Seeing the trembling hands and involuntary movement of his father’s legs, Bai Zemin knew that his father was happy but mostly nervous and worried about something.

Bai Zemin was no fool, he naturally understood what was the source of his father’s nervousness and the reason behind his worry. If there was anything that Bai Delan, a powerful level 50 soul evolver and a man that had managed to build a good family with a lot of effort despite the hardships was afraid of… It was undoubtedly that someone would hurt those he loved.

Regardless of the words spoken right out loud, Bai Delan naturally loved Bai Zemin. For his son, he would not hesitate even for a second to offer up his last drop of blood just as he was willing to do with his wife and adopted daughter; another characteristic that complemented the existence known as Bai Zemin.

Therefore, Bai Delan feared that Bai Zemin would get hurt…. Once again.

Bai Delan did not know that the girl who in the past hurt the heart of his son was actually Feng Tian Wu and that he had already let that matter go completely. However, Bai Delan remembered fresh in his memory the depression his son fell into during those times.

Even now, Bai Zemin’s personality was not what it would be were it not for that girl who perhaps without knowing what her actions might cause played with his emotions.

Therefore, even though Bai Delan was looking forward to meeting his future daughter-in-law, he was also afraid; he feared that the heart of his son would be hurt a second time and that Bai Zemin would not be able to bear it. Because the two were too much alike, Bai Delan knew better than anyone that under that indifference and casual smile was hiding a really fragile heart that needed care but would not let anyone get too close for fear of being hurt.

However, after thinking it over, Bai Delan felt a little calmer. After all, what kind of identity did his son currently have? Bai Zemin’s identity was unsurpassed among hundreds of thousands of survivors! In the near future, he would become the highest power and the total ruler of the new China!

Was there a woman who would really dare to hurt him? One should not forget that this world was no longer the old world, in this new era, the lives of people were worth even less than a piece of bread!

Besides, what woman in her right mind would hurt the heart of a man who could guarantee her safety, give her love, comfort, luxuries, etc… Bai Delan believed that even if this woman his son had fallen in love with didn’t really love him, she at least wouldn’t hurt him… Maybe as time went by she would even come to really love him.

Bai Delan didn’t realize that his thoughts were rather pessimistic, but as the saying went, “Bitten by a snake once will make you fear strings for ten years.”

While Bai Delan had not been bitten by the snake, his dear son did.

Little did Bai Delan know that in reality, the woman his son had fallen in love with not only didn’t need his “protection” but also didn’t need anyone to provide her with comfort or luxuries as her strength was enough to obtain practically anything she wanted in the vast universe!

* * *

As night fell, the Bai family home was brightly lit.

Although considering the present status of Bai Zemin he could make his family get a much more luxurious house, he didn’t even bother to bring up the idea to his parents. With Bai Delan and Ye Linger’s simple personalities, they would both prefer to stay in this house that they were slowly starting to become familiar with and for which they might one day feel warm in their hearts when they said the word home.

In fact, Bai Zemin was sure that his parents would not hesitate even for a second if someone gave them a choice between this luxurious house or the old one-story house with cracks in the walls they would choose option number 2; he would do the same after all, and very surely Meng Qi would too.

“Zemin, you’re really acting too mysterious, kid!”

Ye Linger walked to the table and began serving several delicious dishes. She was wearing a pink apron, but instead of wearing comfortable and simple clothes as she usually would at home, she was actually dressed quite elegantly as if she was preparing for some kind of special occasion.

Bai Zemin was sitting on the couch and seeing his mother moving around like an ant trying to put out a fire near the entrance of her nest he couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“Mom, I told you that you don’t need to get anxious. Besides, you don’t need to prepare too many things either.”

‘You’re making me more nervous than I already am!’ That was what he was secretly thinking.

Bai Zemin really wanted to cry but he had no tears to shed.

Even though he seemed composed on the surface, only he knew how nervous he was and how fast his heart was beating right now. No matter how one put it, what Bai Zemin was about to do was something very important.

As a son, he was naturally nervous about taking a girl to introduce her to his family. This was especially true in the case of Bai Zemin as this was the first time in his twenty years of life that he would do something like this!

Thus, the lord of the battlefield, leader of the Transcendent faction, imminent leader of the Chinese Renaissance faction, unofficial leader-in-training of an army of approximately 200,000 reconverted humans, the first First Order existence in the history of the cosmos to take down a level 181 existence in a 1 vs 1 combat…. He, who possessed too many official and unofficial titles, was so scared and nervous that if it were up to him he might as well hide three meters underground.

“Nonsense, how could I not prepare something to eat?” Ye Linger shouted from the kitchen. She walked over with several cold entrée dishes, and as she placed them neatly on the table, she looked at her son with eyes full of disapproval as she taught, “Zemin, your father told me that the person who would be arriving tonight is someone very important to you. We can’t have guests on an empty stomach, can we?”

‘Damn old traitor!’ Bai Zemin glared at his father with fierce eyes but Bai Delan turned to the side and ignored him. Bai Zemin snorted in his heart as he swore to take revenge soon.

He had asked his father not to say anything but the old man clearly couldn’t bear to open his big mouth!

In fact, the reason why Bai Zemin had not been betrayed by the three little lolis sitting beside him was because he had promised the girls that he would give a Roaring Flame Tiger cub to each of them when the current ones had offspring later. Otherwise, one of them would definitely have said something; especially Wen Yun who was recently becoming too mischievous!

Ye Linger walked back to the kitchen and said in a joking tone, “What if you want to introduce us to a beautiful lady? Son, what about the Wu girl? Or maybe that beautiful silver-haired lady? You call her by her first name, don’t you? Bing Xue, right? Do you have your eye on one of them?”

Bai Zemin had casually picked up a glass and was drinking some water so he hadn’t even had time to say a single word when his mother returned with more food and continued speaking with enthusiasm, “Actually, I’ve been thinking about this for a few days. Zemin, let me tell you that mother doesn’t object to you having multiple wives.”

“Pffffft! Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!…”

The water Bai Zemin was drinking flew out of his mouth and even out of his nose. He started coughing furiously and his face turned red as he looked at his mother with wide eyes.

“Zemin, you!” Ye Linger looked at the mess on the floor and almost went into an enraged mother state. But she quickly calmed down and said hurriedly, “Princess, bring the floor towel please. What if the guests come and see this mess? As for you, child, sit there and don’t touch anything else!”

Meng Qi looked at his brother for a moment before moving in search of what her mother had asked.

As for Bai Zemin, he did not sit down as his mother asked. After he was able to stop the coughing that had assaulted him when he almost choked to death on a glass of water he said hurriedly, “Mom! What’s with those words of yours from before?”

“Why are you getting so anxious?” Ye Linger pouted and pointed out as if it were obvious: “In the past, all the emperors of China had several wives and concubines. You, my son, will be the new emperor of China in the future and you even have that strange spaceship with you. Even if you want to have three or four wives and fifteen or twenty concubines I am sure they will accept it. Actually, I’ve already thought of several candidates and I think-“

“Mother!” Bai Zemin could listen no longer.

His face became serious and he was about to reprimand his own mother when Ye Linger heard the sound of the oven in the kitchen and fled from the scene.

“Your mom is definitely a funny person.”

An unmistakable voice, a voice as sweet as honey and as seductive in nature as the most enchanting rose of all, sounded inside the living room. This voice naturally did not belong to the Wen twins or Luo Ning who were sitting on the couch playing the videogame of the snake on a solar-powered notebook.

This was a voice that Bai Zemin had not heard for the past four days and that only he could currently hear.

He could not help but sigh in relief. One of his worries had just been lifted.

“You finally speak to me, Lilith.” Bai Zemin whispered softly as he walked to the large window at the front of the house to avoid being heard by the girls.

“Hmph!” Lilith’s snort showed that she was still annoyed with him. However, her next words sounded too shy for someone angry: “What else can I do? Someday I will have to meet your family and it seems you have chosen that day without consulting me.”

Bai Zemin didn’t notice the joy in Lilith’s voice, and thinking he had made a mistake quickly started walking towards the kitchen where his mother was as he said very softly, “Don’t worry, I’ll tell my mother that you can’t come today. We’ll save it for another-“

“Don’t even think about it!”

Bai Zemin hadn’t even taken five steps when his words were cut off by Lilith’s anxious and angry voice.

“No?” Bai Zemin stopped in his tracks and tilted his head in confusion.

Even though he couldn’t see Lilith, he heard her gasping in indignation as she said in a low voice:

“Little Brother Zemin, now I understand why you weren’t popular with the girls in the past….. You’re an idiot!”

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