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The higher the level of an existence, the higher its life expectancy. This was a common knowledge fact; regardless of gender, age, or race... everyone knew it.

However, there were existences, soul evolvers, who did not need to have especially high levels to live longer than their level in theory should allow. After all, the stronger the records that made up an existence's soul and the purer its soul, the greater its potential to withstand the inevitable passage of time.

It was guaranteed that a level 25 soul evolver could definitely live to be 115 years old as long as it was not killed by unnatural causes. While there were some humans who could live that many years, they were only the vast minority of the population as 99.9% would definitely not reach the age of 100.

A normal level 50 soul evolver could live beyond 220 years. However, a soul evolver who had entered the Second Order and was level 51 could live until 300.

A Second Order soul evolver level 100 could live over 500 years while a Third Order soul evolver level 101 could live beyond 600. Because the gap between the Third Order and the Fourth Order was extremely wide, this was where one of the biggest jumps in terms of life expectancy among Lower Existences occurred; a soul evolver level 199-200 could easily live to 1500 years!

However, as mentioned before, there were exceptions to the life expectancy rule within each power scale; these exceptions were those beings with especially pure Soul Power.

"Let's start with Angroth, then I will go on to explain the type of existence Shadow Killer was and what he represents to the world. It is known that his past was not smooth as even in his childhood he received a lot of discrimination due to his half-orc blood. Orcs are vile creatures, and among them, there is no shortage of lustful ones. According to the history books, Angroth's mother was captured and kept in an orc cave for over 15 years being abused in unimaginable ways during that time. When Angroth was born, his mother hated him as much as the orcs so he was cast out of there and had to fend for himself in the woods when he was only 10 years old.... One can only say that he was lucky to make it out of the deep woods alive and reach a human city."

General Lazas began to narrate Angroth's life: "However, reaching a human city did not mean peace for him at all. Had it not been for his especially strong physical body, Angroth would definitely have been killed due to the beatings the city guards often gave him. What they didn't know, however, was that every blow and every bruise they left on his skin, Angroth reminded each of them."

"By the time Angroth reached the age of 12, he had spent most of his time immersed in the forests and dangerous areas improving his level, combat experience, battle tactics, and acquiring a number of powerful skills that were carefully chosen by him before he learned them. When Angroth returned to the first human city that had treated him so poorly, the guards recognized him, and even though they could sense the aura of a level 40 soul evolver, they simply scoffed."

Lazas paused, and after a moment of silence, he said in a deep voice: "A few days later it was learned that 80% of the inhabitants in the city had been massacred, and even the Second Order level 56 general who was keeping guard there had been found decapitated with his head stuck on his own spear."

Bai Zemin was not too surprised until this point. After being physically and mentally abused, Angroth naturally had his reasons to harbor hatred and seek revenge.

"When those who were not killed by Angroth testified that the culprit was a level 40 half-orc youth, it was hard to believe since the difference between level 40 and level 56 was simply too great to be crossed not to mention the fact that among the city guards were several First Order soul evolvers above level 40. However, as the years passed, many human settlements, orc settlements, and demon settlements were bathed in blood and the culprit always turned out to be a half-orc. Two hundred years later, the entire Eventide World had heard the name Angroth."

General Lazas looked at Bai Zemin and could not help but ask, "General Bai, do you know how many years ago these events happened?"

After a moment of silence, Bai Zemin shook his head and stayed quiet.

"800 years." General Lazas said in a serious voice and Bai Zemin finally showed some reaction on his indifferent face.

800 years was a long time in the past, yet, Bai Zemin could swear that the assassin he faced recently looked to be no more than 35 years old at most. What did this mean? It meant that Angroth could easily have lived for at least 800-900 more years without any problems!

That would give a total result of between 1600 and 1700 years, but the main point here was that Angroth was only level 136 and had a long way to go before reaching the peak of the Third Order; this pointed out how terrifyingly pure his Soul Power was!

General Lazas continued while everyone else remained silent. Although they already knew the story of the legendary Angroth, every time they heard it they felt goosebumps rise on their skin, but as they looked at the corpse on the ground, all they felt was lingering disbelief that this legend lay lifeless before them.

"Let's go back 500 years from now... 500 years ago, His Majesty King Philip was still the Prince of Gales but had already been confirmed as the next king. The previous king of Gales, His Majesty Zhachary, was a brave and powerful soul evolver level 178 and was considered one of the most powerful kingdom kings in the world. Despite his age, the previous king was as powerful and fierce as a lion; no one doubted his strength."

After a slight pause, he sighed and continued, "However, during a meeting in search of temporary peace between the 6 most powerful realm kings of the human race and the former 5 most powerful demon generals of the demon race, the former king lost his life along with three other realm kings and 2 of the 5 former demons general."

"Shadow Killer..." Bai Zemin muttered as he looked at the lifeless body lying at his feet.

"That's right, it was Shadow Killer who killed all of them." General Lazas nodded and said in a deep voice, "No one knows how it happened, however, it is known that the former king along with the other kings and demons general teamed up to hunt down an assassin who in a surprise attack had managed to slit the throat of one of the 6 kingdom kings who had attended the meeting. They needed to hunt him down since the search for peace between the two races might never be achieved otherwise, because the other humans would definitely think the demons were the culprits."

"Everyone knew the news, however, what no one expected was that even 1 month after the chase, the killer still hadn't been hunted down.... Exactly 5 months later, it was known that all the kingdom kings and demon generals were dead." General Lazas looked at the assassin's body and said in a complex voice: "Most assumed that the assassin was also dead, but only 20 years later, a half-orc sneaked into the royal castle of the Anglos Kingdom and after raping the queen and princess killed them before retiring not without first castrating the king."

"It was then when the legend of Shadow Killer began. But his most recent achievement, 130 years ago, was what made him one of the two most feared existences of all." General Lazas looked at Bai Zemin again and said slowly, "According to rumors, Shadow Killer and the enraged Demon Lord fought for two days and two nights before Shadow Killer was forced to retreat with a heavy wound on his chest. The Demon Lord is known as the strongest soul evolver, so even though Shadow Killer was defeated and forced to escape, the fact that he survived to such a fight only served to boost his reputation even more."

"Whenever an important event occurred, everyone would say to watch your own shadow to avoid being stabbed in the back."

Bai Zemin closed his eyes after listening to the whole story and finally understood the reason why the king of Maiston Kingdom and the mysterious cloaked figure tried to see if they could lure him after he killed the general of Maiston Kingdom's mage force.

Bai Zemin believed that if he had to face Shadow Killer and two other Third Order soul evolvers above level 150, the victory would still be his. However, he would definitely be forced to pull out the vast majority of his hidden trump cards and would undoubtedly end up suffering serious damage during the fight. After all, Shadow Killer was a talented and powerful soul evolver who only hunted enemies above his level but whose combat power was comparable to that of a powerhouse above level 180.

In fact, Bai Zemin was sure that if it wasn't for him having sneakily hidden over 400,000 liters of blood under the ground and locked Shadow Killer in a blood dome, it would have been extremely troublesome for him to restrain the other side from fleeing if he really set his mind to it. Shadow Killer had been deprived of many of his skills by being forced to fight in a sealed place.

After Bai Zemin opened his eyes again, General Lazas said with emotion that was impossible to hide, "General Bai, after this news reaches the royal family, it will definitely shake the entire kingdom.... No, the entire Eventide World will tremble once it is known that a soul evolver affiliated to our Gales Kingdom succeeded in defeating and slaying the legendary Shadow Killer in a 1 vs 1 battle! This is a feat that even the Demon Lord failed to do!"

General Lazas' voice was loud and powerful at the end of his sentence. When the soldiers surrounding the area heard this, they all began to tremble with excitement as the heat in their eyes grew as they looked at the young man in crimson armor standing a few meters in front of them.

The fall of a legend and the rise of a new one!

They had been meters away from a legendary combat between a being who graved his exploits in the history books and the one who managed to put an end to his legend!

"Hehe... Legend Bai, I think this is a good time to attack the enemy."

Lilith's voice woke Bai Zemin up.

"Not only is the effect of your skill still active which makes you more powerful than normal but the morale of all these soul evolvers is at its peak now. Even though you are a bit injured, that kind of damage is nothing to you, isn't it?"

Bai Zemin's eyes lit up as he looked at the expressions of everyone. Just as Lilith had said a moment ago, even though he was injured and still fighting against that annoying toxin, it was no big deal for someone who had been on the brink of death many times. If Bai Zemin didn't have Blood Manipulation the story would be different since he would have to find another way to expel the toxin, but since he had that skill it wasn't that challenging and he was confident that he could fight against two Third Order soul evolvers.


His signature greatsword with crimson lightning appeared in his hand, attracting everyone's attention. Bai Zemin pointed his weapon skyward and shouted loudly, "Get ready to attack the enemy! Since they were generous enough to pay us a nocturnal visit, then we should return them the favor!"

* * * * * * *

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