Child of Light - Volume 10 - Chapter 27

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Volume 10: Chapter 27 – Freely Talking about the Situation

Morning at the three main camps.

Dun Yu Xi, who was wearing a yellow mage robe, said, “Marshall Feng Hao, that old fellow from Xiuda will be bringing the God inheritors in a bit. What’s your opinion on this matter?” Even though Dun Yu Xi knew about the Monster King, he didn’t know about my God Inheritor’s identity.

Marshall Feng Hao was tall, had a handsome appearance, and was wearing a warrior’s uniform. As he looked at the strategy’s map, he replied, “The prince must have made some preparations on this matter. To be truthful, I also support the negotiations, but I don’t know how sincere the Demon-Beast alliance is. War is really an arduous task.”

“Reporting! The prince has arrived.”

“Quickly invite him in.”

Xiu Si, Zhan Hu, Xin Ao, Gao De, Dong Ri, Ke Lun Duo, Mu Zi and I, the eight of us followed the prince into the main camp. Since I feared being recognised, Mu Zi and I came in last.

The prince laughed. “Come, I’ll give a group introduction. This is Marshall Feng Hao from the Kingdom of Dalu and this is Aixia’s Royal Mage Union’s leader, Magister Dun Yu Xi.”

Marshall Feng Hao smiled frankly. “I welcome all of you. Please take a seat.” I could hear that he hadn’t acknowledged our identity as God’s Inheritor as he didn’t mention us with our identity.

“The prince has already told us about the matters regarding the Monster race. Magister Dun Yu Xi also has verified that the Monster race have appeared within the world. We must resist them, but do you have a solid plan for doing so?” Why are people, who were only slightly older, be so devious? Marshall Feng Hao had avoided the topic on negotiating and just briefly commented on resisting the Monster race.

Xiu Si smiled calm and collectedly. “What you asked is great. According to what we know, the Monster race is extremely powerful. If they were to appear in the world, they will create irreversible damage to all of the life forms in the world. Thus, we must make preparations for their coming from the start in order to be on standby for their coming and deliver a frontal assault. Even though I can’t guarantee that we could completely eliminate or force a retreat, it’s definitely possible for us to maintain minimal losses for the price in getting what we want to accomplish.”

Upon saying that, Xiu Si intentionally paused as he looked that the two Kingdom’s commanders, who were burrowing their head in contemplation. He then continued to say with confidence, “As expected, if we really want to resist against the powerful Monster race, we won’t be able to do it with just our own human forces alone. It’s undeniable that we humans are one of the strongest races in the world. However, we aren’t the strongest as the Demon and Beast races similarly possess great powers like our own.

I feel that this current stalemate is completely meaningless as when the allied Demon and Beast races doesn’t commence their attack, we can’t attack them. This will only damage the various races’ resources and military forces if this were to continue. Our Human race, Demon race and Beast race are the top three strongest forces in the world. If all three races were to be injured, the Monster King could easily lead his sinister race to successfully invade our world. If we were to reconcile with the other races now, it’ll be beneficial to all of us. Otherwise, it’ll lead to the races’ death. Currently, we’re gathering all the powers that we can get to gain the chance to resist the Monster race.”

Mu Zi and I looked at each other as what Xiu Si said was brilliant. What he said was based on reasons and facts so they couldn’t decide to ignore what we have to say.

Marshall Feng Hao slightly nodded. “You’re extremely correct. If the Monster race is really that powerful and is in the dark, the situation we are in is really very dangerous. However, with the Demon-Beast alliance still biding their time, how can I believe that they really are sincere in negotiating?”

Xiu Si replied, unruffled, “You don’t have to worry about that as not long ago, the leader of the God inheritors has led some of the God’s inheritors to personally head to the Demon race, in order to discuss on negotiating with the Demon Emperor. Under the leader’s leadership, they were able to convince the Demon Emperor and got the approval for negotiating.”

Dun Yu Xi asked, astonished, “The Demon race is willing to sit down with the Human race to negotiate? It’s just too impossible with their hatred towards our race.”

Xiu Si solemnly replied, “Of course, this matter isn’t as easy as I’ve said. The leader of the God’s inheritors has personally fought against the Demon Emperor. Finally, using the powers that were bestowed by the God, he was able to get a draw from the Demon Emperor, who had rode his Dark Dragon. We were then able to gain the Emperor’s respect, allowing us to earn the opportunity to negotiate.The negotiation came with a severe price to convince the Demon Emperor to agree to reconciles. That God Inheritor has also suffered severe injuries, which resulted to the disfiguration of his original handsome looks.”

The modulation of the tone by Xiu Si was extremely touching in that short speech. This fellow was really good at lying. I had completely lost, but when he said I had tied with the Demon Emperor, his complexion didn’t redden, nor was he gasping. This was the first time that I knew how skillful Big Brother Xiu Si was.

After hearing what Xiu Si said, the three Kingdom’s commanders, including the prince that didn’t know about this, simultaneously became frightened. The Demon Emperor in their heart was unbeatable. It was exceptionally shocking now that they know that there is someone from the Human race that could tie with him.

Feng Hao asked hastily, “Where is that great God’s Inheritor now? Can we see this hero now? He will forever be revered as a hero among the three human Kingdoms, just from being able to tie with the Demon Emperor, even if we were exclude the success in establishing the negotiation.”

Xiu Si turned around and gave me an indication, using his eyes. This fellow knew how to hurry me in showing my identity. Under the condition where I didn’t have any alternative choice, I slowly walked forth and bowed towards them before saying calmly, “My greetings to you Marshall and Teacher Xi, do you still remember me?”

Dun Yu Xi’s body froze. “You…You are?”

I took down my conical hat that was covering my appearance as I said, in smiles, “Take a good look.”

Even though I was disfigured, my bearings and voice were already engraved in Dun Yu Xi’s mind. He suddenly exclaimed, “Zhang Gong! Is that you, Zhang Gong?!”

I donned the conical hat again and slightly nodded. “Teacher Xi, it’s me. It has been a long time since we seen each other. How have you been?”

Dun Yu Xi sighed after seeing my appearance. “I’m alright, but how did you turn out like this?”

“Didn’t Big Brother Xiu Si just told you?”

Dun Yu Xi paled with fright. “It can’t be that you’re that God’s Inheritor that tied when fighting against the Demon Emperor, right?”

I nodded. “That’s right, the God King didn’t deny me and had personally bestowed me his Holy Sword, giving us the task in eliminating the Monster King. The wounds on my face were the marks left behind after fighting with the Demon Emperor.”

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