Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 1

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Volume 3: Chapter 1 – Brotherly Feelings

At the moment, Ma Ke was reading a book in his dorm. “Boss, why was Teacher Di looking for you?”

“He doesn’t want me to enter the Royal Advanced Magic Academy.”

At the time, Ma Ke and I were facing each other when I gave him the big surprise. “Boss, your magic is excellent, not attending would be a waste. Why would Teacher Di think this way?”

“You don’t need to worry. It’s like this.” I repeated the explanation Teacher Di told me in his office. “How about it? Come with me to and get some experience. Us two brothers, even if we don’t increase our magic power we will still increase our knowledge”

Ma Ke didn’t agree happily like I thought he would. After muttering to himself for a bit he spoke: “Boss, let me think on it a bit. I want to go home and discuss with my family first and I’ll tell you my decision tomorrow. Is that fine?”

I hit him with my fist. “You brat, this isn’t like you at all. I don’t remember you being so straightforward. Fine then. I won’t force you. We’ll talk again tomorrow.”

Ma Ke’s answer made me a bit angry, so without saying anything else, I went to practice magic by myself.

I’m already fully grown, from my appearance alone you would think that I’m an adult. However, my face still has a juvenile look I haven’t outgrown yet. The following is the personal data of me and Ma Ke: (The following data regarding the protagonist’s body is all according to what the author set for them at this age.)

Name:Zhang Gong Wei    Height:181cm    Weight:70kg

Major Magic:Light element     Minor Magic:Spatial element

Magical Beast:Xiao Jin(Five Clawed Golden Dragon)

Overall Magic Strength:Magic Scholar(Hasn’t been authenticated by the Mage Union)         Magic Control:S

(Grades are divided into S、A、B、C、D、E、F)

Magic Power:A     Magic Perception:SS     Magic Defense:A

Magic Attack:A    Speed:A(Unable to fly)

Physical Attacks:F    Physical Defense:F      Stamina:D


Name:Ma Ke Sai    Height:180cm    Weight:74kg

Major Magic:Fire element     Minor Magic:Wind element

Magical Beast:Fire Lion(I don’t know where this brat obtained a growth type Fire Lion. It has already reached the 8th rank.)

Overall Magic Strength:Magic Scholar(Hasn’t been authenticated by the Mage Union)       Magic Control:S

Magic Power:B     Magic Perception:A     Magic Defense:A

Magic Attack:A    Speed:A(Able to fly)

Physical Attacks:F    Physical Defense:F      Stamina:E

Due to the fact that Ma Ke and I are big eaters, our bodies grew very quickly. Especially our height which has already surpassed most adults. With our refined appearances, we have become very popular with the female students. However, I not very interested in these kind of matters. In addition, I find girls very annoying so there hasn’t been any real developments with anyone. On the other hand, Ma Ke was all over Hai Yue, and he hadn’t bothered to acknowledge any other girls. Yet the funny thing was although me and Hai Yue have become friends, she still refuses to acknowledge Ma Ke. It seems he has been greatly influenced by his nickname, the Red Haired Rice Cake.

The next day, I could not wait much longer and I went to go find Ma Ke, but he found me first. Ma Ke was listless like a frosted eggplant. Seeing him like this, I immediately had an ominous premonition. As expected, Ma Ke rejected me without even facing me.

“Boss….. I’m sorry. I can’t accompany you on your journey.” Ma Ke said in a low voice.

I stood up straight away. “Why? Why can’t you come? Don’t tell me… You don’t want to go adventuring with me? Aren’t we good brothers?”

“Yes.” Ma Ke resolutely replied. “Boss, I have a secret trouble that I can’t tell you. I’m sorry. I really can’t go with you.”

“What kind of secret trouble can’t you tell me? We can settle it together.” I was unwilling to give up. After all, I don’t want to separate with someone who’s been my brother for so many years.”

“I truly can’t tell you. I can only tell you this, it’s a problem with my family. My family won’t let me go.”

In all these years we have been at the academy together, not once have I been to Ma Ke’s home. I only know that his family is very wealthy. After hearing this, I gradually calmed down. After all, I can’t force others to do what they don’t want to.

We faced each other in silence for a long time but I broke the silence. I helplessly said, “Forget about it. Since your family refuses to let you go, then its fine. Study diligently when you go to the Royal Advanced Magic Academy. I’ll be back in two years anyways.” At that moment, I felt very helpless and lonely. It seems that I will have to face everything by myself in the future. This may have been fate’s plan. I must walk down my path by myself.

Ma Ke suddenly threw himself onto me and tightly hugged me. “Boss…..” While he was breaking down in tears, I tolerantly held him by the shoulders as my own tears uncontrollably flowed too. Our emotions gradually settled down and I gently separated from him. “Although we’ll be separated temporarily, we will still be brothers for life.”

“Of course. Brothers for life.” Pausing for a moment, Ma Ke continued: “Boss did you know I really want to go with you on the journey, but I have no control over my destiny. I must listen to my family and do as they arrange. Although I’m not the eldest son, I still have responsibilities and obligations to my family. We’re a really big clan so I must do my best for my clan.”

“Okay then. No need to say it again. I understand. You don’t need to explain to me since we’re brothers. Let all of our words be said.”

The sincere friendship between me and Ma Ke was practically permeating throughout the room. Neither of us wanted to speak.

I already wanted to go tell Teacher Di that I no longer wished to go on a journey. But then I thought of Teacher Di’s ash gray hair and his earnest expectations for me. I couldn’t. I can still see Ma Ke again, but what about Teacher Di? Does he still have the vitality to fulfill his dreams and cultivate another person who has the possibility of becoming a Grand Magister? (Note: After my third year, Teacher Xiu didn’t come visit me anymore. According to him, he wanted to go out and travel.)

During the final month, me and Ma Ke were practically inseparable. Both of us highly treasured these final period of time we had together. Every day we would stay in the same dorm, practice magic and eat together. But the day of departure finally came.

With my strength, I didn’t even need to participate in the graduation exam and just smoothly attained my authentication as a Great Mage from the Mage’s Union. (Teacher Di didn’t want me to reveal my strength too early. A 16 year old Magic Scholar would shock the whole world. But like this, many people would still drop their jaws in shock.)

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