Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 7

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Volume 4: Chapter 7 – Vengeful Love Letter

The girl beside me whispered, “Serves you right.”

Did I irritate her? I didn’t. I took a baffled glance at her direction, but she pretended not to notice, and just continued to stare at the blackboard. I suddenly wanted to play a trick on her. I secretly condensed light elements into a small light beam the size of a finger. It passed through from under my armpit and poked at her ******.

She quivered for a moment before standing up and unexpectedly shouted in front of the whole class, “What are you doing?! Teacher, he molested me!”

I fell. I violently fell. Why did she have such an intense reaction? You don’t have to be like this!

The old mage, whose anger had just calmed down only moments ago, exploded once more. He angrily howled, “New guy! Get out and stand in the corridor!”

The other students in the class threw me despicable gazes as if I wasn’t worthy of my good looks. To think that I would actually molest that girl, with her looks only being average, was simply not up to my standards! I bitterly smiled and stood up, then started to walk out. Before leaving, I furiously glared at that girl. A look of ridicule flashed in her eyes, and she glared back unyieldingly.

I leaned against the corridor wall. Damn! I had just been played by a little girl. I had to have my revenge. I simply must! That action just now was too hateful, but how could I get my revenge? Throw a worm into her schoolbag? Use magic to humiliate her? No good, none of those ideas were good. They were just too ordinary. I had to think of an even better way to punish her. Humph!

After class, the old mage brought me to his office. “Are you coming here to attend class or are you just here to play around?”

The old man was truly fierce. I lowered my head, “I’m sorry, Teacher. I know I’ve done wrong.”

“Humph! Save your act! From now on, I will be watching you closely. Did you not enter the academy through your connections? Even if you only came here to mingle with those of background, you cannot disturb the study of others. Tell me, just what is the name of the government official who gave you the recommendation to let you join this academy?” His tone was full of ridicule. It seemed that he had taken me for a noble.

I honestly told him, “It was Teacher Lao Lun Di who recently recommended me.”

The old man frowned and said, “Lao Lun Di, Lao Lun Di, don’t tell me he is the esteemed principal of the Intermediate Magic Academy?”

I nodded, saying, “That’s right, that old man. I’m his successor.”

“You’re Principal Di’s successor? Even if you are, you still shouldn’t disturb the class. Please take note of this from now on. You may leave.” His tone became much softer. I snickered to myself; Teacher Di’s name was quite useful.

After I left the office, I directly returned to the classroom. The students in class were surprised to see me return unscathed. I just continued to sit beside that girl.

I whispered to her, “You’re pretty fierce and daring to get me into trouble.”

With a cold “humph”, she said, “I got you into trouble? It’s just that lechers such as yourself should just die.” She humphed again.

Who would have imagined that a magnificent Magister such as myself would be played by a little girl? Very well, I must take my revenge. I will definitely let her know that I am not someone to be trifled with.

I suddenly thought of an excellent idea. I immediately took out a piece of paper and began to furiously write in that paper. I actually did not even know which lesson we were currently on. It didn’t matter. In any case, what the teacher was lecturing about was unsuitable for my cultivation. Every night, I just had to meditate and that was enough.

When the girl beside me saw that I was studiously writing things down, she could not help but look at me, baffled. I used my body to obstruct her view, making her unable to see what I was writing.

Writing through no less than half the class, I finally finished. I let out a long sigh and held the white paper up and read it once through from start to finish. I nodded my head in satisfaction.

I lightly tapped the shoulder of the classmate sitting in front of me. He turned around and frowned, before impatiently saying, “What do you want?” I suddenly made a diamond coin appear out of thin air. His brows unfolded and he gently asked, “What is the matter?”

I chuckled and whispered, “You just have to tell me the name of that violent girl who is sitting beside me, and this coin will be yours.”

He sneakily took a glance at the girl beside me and said into my ear, “Her name is Mu Zi Mo.” I snickered to myself. It seemed like the charm of money was still quite large. After that, I quickly wrote a few more words at the very top of the paper.

Mu Zi saw me acting very secretively and was curious. She wanted to steal a peek at the paper in my hand. I coldly looked at her, “You want to have a look?”

She was shocked and immediately moved backwards, saying, “What do you want?”

I handed the white paper over and said, “Here. Didn’t you want to have a look at it?” Her curiosity urged her to take the white paper that was in my hand. Just from reading it, her face grew red. Although she wasn’t very beautiful, her brightly reddened face was similar to that of a red apple. After looking at it, you just felt like wanting to take a bite.

This was what I had written on the white paper: Hello, Miss Mu Zi. Ever since I first looked at you, I felt like we were destined to be together. Your large eyes attracted me in a way that made me unconsciously fall in love with you. Although you always acted coldly toward me, so much so that you even set me up, I am not one bit angry at all. Truly. Not angry at all. (….Omission of 2000 words…) I continuously teased you, simply wishing to attract your attention, to make you aware of my existence. I am too embarrassed to say to this in front of you as I am afraid of your refusal. I could only use this love letter to convey my feelings to you. Will you agree to date me?

Inscribed with sincere love for you, Zhang Gong.

This was the best plan that I had. Didn’t she say I molested her? First, I would make her fall in love with me, before I started to get my revenge. Hehe. This idea was pretty good.

After Mu Zi finished reading the love letter I gave her, she surprisingly did not dare to turn her head towards me. After a moment of peace, her blush faded away. She then turned her head towards me and said, “Boring. Stop using such cheap tricks to play with me.” She crumpled the letter I gave her and threw it back to me. This was the result I had expected earlier on. With her bad impression of me, would she be fooled? Don’t worry, take your time. Sooner or later I would have you in my trap.

I lowered my head, feigning a heartbroken appearance and tried to straighten the love letter. I carefully folded it and put it into my pocket. Afterwards I didn’t say a thing and gazed at the blackboard, but my mind was planning how to arouse Mu Zi’s affection and bring about my revenge.

Mu Zi looked at me, her eyes full of complicated emotions.

The bell ending class rung, but I did not move my head. I did not know whether or not my cool behavior moved her. Forget about it. I had to find Ma Ke first. That fellow still hadn’t told me his identity.

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