Child of Light - Volume 5 - Chapter 23

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Volume 5: Chapter 23 – Bitterness Ends, Sweetness Begins

“Really? That’s great!” I exclaimed excitedly, “Let’s go out and chat. There are too many people here.” We had become everyone’s focal point after this outburst of emotion.

Mu Zi and I, accompanied by Ma Ke, found a quiet place and sat down.

“Ma Ke, you have finally fully recovered. You have no idea how worried we were.” Mu Zi said.

Ma Ke nodded and replied, “I know! Hai Yue has told me about everything that had happened. Boss, thank you. Hai Yue told me that we were able to grasp victory in the end.”

I chuckled and said, “Why are you still talking about that lousy competition? I’m more interested about how you got Hai Yue to accept you. Tell me!”

Ma Ke’s face reddened. “After I got injured, I was only partially conscious and in a lot of pain. It was as though I was continuously being torn apart. I knew that you had treated me because I sobered up a little, but I fell unconscious again shortly after. I don’t know how much time had passed after that, but then a wave of cool energy suddenly surged through my body and all the pain slowly faded. I felt like I was flying in the sky, it was so comfortable. I thought I had already kicked the bucket. But when I returned to reality and opened my eyes, I found myself in my own room.”

“Why were you in your room?”

Ma Ke continued his explanation, “Hai Yue and her grandfather had sent me back to the prince’s mansion after they treated my injuries.”

“How did you get with Hai Yue then?” Mu Zi asked.

Ma Ke’s face reddened. “Mu Zi, can you move away for a bit? Some things are better left unknown.”

“What things am I not supposed to hear? I want to listen too.” Mu Zi said with a pout.

Ma Ke’s face reddened further as he whispered, “This is something related to the subject of men and women. Are you still sure you want to continue listening?”

Mu Zi’s small face flushed red. She turned and ran away while saying, “You’re annoying! There is nothing good about you guys!” This just made Ma Ke and I laugh.

“Go on then, what happened?” I urged.

Ma Ke looked around to confirm that there was no one around and mysteriously replied, “When I woke up, there was blood!”

I was stunned. “Where?”

Ma Ke bitterly smiled. “There!” As he said that, he pointed downwards.

I came to a realization and replied, “You’re saying…”

Ma Ke nodded. “That’s right! It is as you think.”

I enviously replied, “You’re so lucky! No wonder Hai Tian Xin was acting so secretive. He even said that the recovery technique would involve Hai Yue being robbed of her chastity or something. How did you react after that?”

Ma Ke replied,”I wasn’t able to react at that precise moment. The more I thought about it, the more I felt that something was amiss. I told my Father and he immediately had someone invite Hai Tian over, who confirmed my suspicions. My Father arranged my marriage with Hai Yue at that moment. He said that we will get married after graduating!” Ma Ke showed an infatuated expression as he said that.

”Did Hai Yue agree?” I asked.

Ma Ke nodded. “As soon as I was capable of moving, I immediately went to the Xin clan’s home to find her. She was unwilling to meet me at first, so… Hehe! I pretended to be weak and let myself fall to the ground. She then rushed out of her room to support me. I used this opportunity to assault her romantically and finally got her in my arms. She told me that she was extremely moved after I saved her and understood who would be a better boyfriend for her. She is willing to marry me! Haha!”

I knocked Ma Ke on the head. “Be careful now, you’re so infatuated that you’re drooling.”

Ma Ke chuckled. “I’m just that happy! All those years of hard work have finally paid off!”

I nodded. “Brother, you have finally gotten a reward for suffering so much. You must treasure these feelings. Did you ask Hai Yue how she saved you?”

Ma Ke smiled and replied, “Of course I did! She flushed red and refused to tell me though.”

“This means that you haven’t completely gotten her, but either way…” I started to reply.

“We can’t act with undue haste. I originally thought about doing that, but she refused. After having to go through so much to get her, I definitely won’t force her. She already allows me to embrace her though. She won’t be able to run away now! I am already extremely satisfied.” Ma Ke interrupted.

‘Ma Ke had finally gotten together with Hai Yue after suffering for so long. I truly am happy for him, but I can’t help but wonder when Mu Zi and I will do it and when I can  make her completely mine.’ I thought.

“Boss, what are you thinking about?” Ma Ke asked.

I snapped back to reality and replied, “Nothing! I’m just happy for you. You didn’t get hurt for nothing this time.”

Ma Ke nodded. “That’s right! I have no regrets at all. Initially, when I shielded Hai Yue, at that moment I didn’t think that I would survive. I just wanted to use my own life to protect Hai Yue. The heavens treated me very well. Not only did they give me back my life, they even allowed me to get the love of my life!”

I stood up and patted his shoulders. “Hai Yue has attended class today. Let’s head to Ascending Jade Tide restaurant to have a good meal at noon to celebrate your new life! We should head back to class now!”

Ma Ke also stood up and replied, “Boss, I’ll head back to attend my own classes. Let’s meet up at noon.”

Mu Zi and I called Si Wa to meet up with Ma Ke and Hai Yue, who kept her head lowered with her face red, at noon to head to the Ascending Jade Tide restaurant together.

I couldn’t resist teasing Hai Yue, “Wah! Hai Yue, why is your face so red? You’re not  hurt, are you?”

Hai Yue’s face became even redder as she continued to silently lower her head.

Ma Ke hastily supported her. “Boss, stop putting her on the spot!”

Si Wa and I laughed.“Now, you’ve started to help Hai Yue already. You brat! You will be dominated by her in the future!” I mockingly scolded.

Ma Ke showed an infatuated expression before replying, “I intend to let her dominate me!” Hai Yue grabbed Ma Ke’s hand and looked at him affectionately.

“Look at them, they’re so cute! I also want to be in charge of you in the future! Are you willing?” Mu Zi said.

‘This is bad. If I reply wrongly, I will be digging my own grave.’ I bitterly smiled and replied, “Willing! I’m willing! I’m definitely willing!”

It had been a long time since I was this happy. After this ordeal, we had become close friends that could tell each other everything, and we lunched in a perfect and harmonious atmosphere.

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