Child of Light - Volume 6 - Chapter 10

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Volume 6: Chapter 10 – I’m Out of Luck

I looked on helplessly as the green dragon’s tail hit my chest. All I could do at that moment was to concentrate my magic power, battle spirit and the Holy Sword’s power at where I was hit.

I was like a softball being hit by the green dragon for a beautiful home run. I flew backwards like a cannonball. “Hong!” I was deeply embedded into the Dragon Valley’s wall. My entire body seemed to be broken, but I wasn’t in any actual pain, just numbed to the bone. It was impossible for me to withstand such a strong attack with all of my current capabilities; I clearly heard the breaking of my own bones. If it wasn’t for my magic power, Battle Spirit and Holy Sword’s power protecting my body, I would already be mincemeat.

The numbness gradually disappeared. What replaced it was a heart impaling and bone piercing agony. I was lucky to be completely embedded into the wall of the mountain without falling off the face of it. If not, I could only beg for the God King to reincarnate me if I got smashed again. Why was this green dragon so powerful? Xiao Jin definitely didn’t have such power.

After Xiao Jin saw that I was hit, he became enraged, and no longer cared if the other was his clan member, insanely attacking the green dragon with his dragon breath, clawing and biting, and attacking it with every method known to him.

However, in front of the green dragon, he was a small kid. All of his attacks were easily thwarted by the green dragon’s large wings. The green dragon helplessly said, “My King, why are doing this to me? I have already helped you to eliminate that hateful human being.”

Xiao Jin roared out short dragon roars. His voice was filled with fury and unceasingly continued his attacks. The few dragons that was similarly sized with Xiao Jin were scared and hid at the side, not daring to voice out.

After the green dragon heard Xiao Jin’s dragon roars, he was dazed before he said astonishingly, “What? King, you have actually said that human is your master? How can that be? Who can be the master of our Dragon Clan? This is the most impossible of impossibilities.”

As he was in a daze, he was immediately beaten by Xiao Jin a couple of times. Even though Xiao Jin wouldn’t be able to injure him, he was in so much pain that he grimaced.

At this moment, a gale of wind blew, and a gentle woman’s voice sounded out, “Is it true that the prince has returned? Aiya!Why is he fighting?”

A white large dragon descended from the sky. She clearly saw the situation in front of her and used her large wings to hit the green dragon away. She then excitedly gathered Xiao Jin in the center of her wings and shouted, “Child! It’s really you! You’re finally back!”

Xiao Jin spaced out for a moment before awakening from his rage. The nostalgic feeling he felt from the other dragon made him cease his attacks, instead staring at the enormous white dragon who was even larger than the green dragon.

Large tear drops flowed out of the large white dragon’s eyes. She sobbed, “Child, I am your mother. You are finally back. I missed you to death.”

Xiao Jin whistled out a few sounds. The white large dragon was stunned after hearing what Xiao Jin said. “How can that be? You’re my child. How can I recognise you wrongly? There is only a Dragon King in every generation, and you are one. Child, why can’t you recognise me? I am really your mother.”

Xiao Jin’s expression gradually softened, a glow of adoration emitting from his eyes, and gently leaned his head on the huge white dragon.

The huge white dragon used her head to rub it against Xiao Jin. She then suddenly raised her head and let out a roar of elation.

The green dragon who was previously blown away climbed up from the ground at that moment. “Big sister, there is no need to hit me so viciously when you, mother and son, reunite with each other, right? I didn’t even dare to hurt a single hair of your precious son.”

The white dragon was obviously in a good mood and glanced at him before saying. “You reap what you sow. Who asked you to make my son angry? Hmph!”

The green dragon helplessly replied, “I just sent that human who was sitting on the young King’s body away. I didn’t do anything.” In front of the huge white dragon, the green dragon’s previous arrogance had disappeared.

After hearing what he had said, Xiao Jin thought about something and struggled out of the huge white dragon’s embrace, crying loudly.

The white dragon exclaimed, “What? You said the one that was smashed away is your master? Child, you are the next generation’s Dragon King. How can you have a human master?”

Xiao Jin stubbornly let out few sounds. The huge white dragon helplessly said, “Alright! Mother will take a look. However, after getting hit by your uncle Qing, it is impossible the human to be still alive.” After saying that, she flapped her enormous wings to fly over.

Even though my entire body was in immense pain, I was still conscious but couldn’t talk. The Holy Sword’s power was quickly repairing my damaged meridian channels. The huge white dragon flew over. After looking at me with an odd expression, she said with astonishment to Xiao Jin and the green dragon that came along, “Eh! That human is unexpectedly still alive.”

I bitterly thought, ‘Do I really deserve to die that much?’

The huge white dragon let out a halo of white light rays that retrieved me from the stone wall. She told Xiao Jin, “Even though he is not dead, his injuries are very severe. I really did not expect this master of yours to be alive even after being attacked by Xiao Qing. This is truly a miracle. Let’s hurry back to let your father take a look to see if he can be saved.”

Xiao Qing bitterly smiled, “Big sister, can you not call me Xiao Qing in front of my nephew? I am still counted as his elder.”

The huge white dragon replied, “Do you even act like an elder? Fighting with him immediately after meeting him.”

The green dragon felt wronged and replied, “Big sister, it can’t be that you have not discovered your son is very weak, right? His life force is pitifully weak. I thought it was caused by the human so….”

After hearing that her son’s body was weak, as a mother, she hastily examined Xiao Jin in great detail. The huge white dragon undulated with strong powers. “Child, who did this to you? Quickly tell mother! Mother will help avenge you.” It seemed that it was due to Xiao Jin’s life force that made them think that he was weak.

XIao Jin looked at me anxiously and barked some sounds at the white dragon.

The white dragon helplessly said, “Alright. We will head to your father to save this human and also to see if your father can help you recover your life force. My child, how have you become like this?” After saying that, tears flowed from the huge white dragon’s eyes. One of those tears unfortunately fell on my body. The white light surrounding my body instantly fluctuated. ‘Why am I so unlucky to get struck by her tears?’ Wah! I spat out a mouthful of blood. My wounds were even more severe now.

I felt that there weren’t many bones in my body that were still in good condition. Just the pain created from the friction between my bones made me oscillate between life and death.  

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