Child of Light - Volume 7 - Chapter 11

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Volume 7: Chapter 11 – Recovering Magic Power

I dejectedly said, “I’ve caused trouble for those teachers.”

Hai Shui walked to my front and squatted down. Her entire body shuddered and tears flowed out from her eyes. She took out a pill from her bosom and forced it into my mouth. She gently caressed my thin and pallid face and said, “How can they treat you like this? Big brother Zhang Gong, you’ve really suffered.”

The pill liquefied and flowed down my throat. My stomach instantly seemed to work and my energy slowly rejuvenated. I asked, “It is the antidote to the powder that softened my cartilages?”

Hai Shui nodded. “You should try your best to recover your strength and magic powers. If you want to get out of here, you’ve got to rely entirely on yourself.”

I asked, “You still haven’t explained to me on how you got in here?”

Hai Shui replied, “After you were captured that day, Teacher Zhen came to find me and told me about what happened to you before asking me if I’m willing to go save you. I replied that I am. Teacher Zhen said that the few old fellows were being monitored so they couldn’t come and rescue you. The Emperor would definitely not lock you up in the palace, so I have kept a lookout outside the palace to see when His Majesty would leave the palace. After waiting for a long time, he finally came out and I followed him here. However, I couldn’t get in here as it was too heavily guarded, so I returned to tell Teacher Zhen. After he and Teacher Di discussed the problem, they decided to use a teleportation array to come and save you. We estimated the distance and tested it out a couple of times. We finally succeeded. Actually, I had already come in once but it was when you were asleep. I discovered you were abnormally weak and didn’t want to startle you so I headed back and told Teacher Zhen. Teacher Zhen said you should have been given a medication that would soften your cartilages. I don’t know where he got the antidote before letting me come again.”

I had never thought that those few old teachers still had not given up on me after all this time and still cared for me. Tears flowed down my face and I replied choked with sobs, “You return and help me to thank Teacher Zhen.”

Hai Shui replied, “Time is pressing so I’ve got to go. I’ll come again three days later. It will also be the time you make your escape. You’ll have to spend three days recovering your strength.”

I asked, “How is Ma Ke and your sister?”

Hai Shui sighed, “His Majesty feared that Ma Ke will come to save you due to your brotherhood so he locked him up. My sister hasn’t seen Ma Ke for a long time already.”

I replied in pain, “I never thought that because of me, I would have implicated so many people. I’m really sorry. You really shouldn’t have come to save me. If something goes wrong, you’ll ruin your future. I really don’t know how to repay you, you’ve done such an immense favor for me.”

Hai Shui’s tears dropped on my face before she replied, “Big brother Zhang Gong, you don’t need to say anything further. As long as you can give a small portion of your heart to me, I’ll be satisfied. We’re all your friends. You’ll only know our feelings during dangerous times. Now, I really have to go. Take care! We’ll meet again in three days time. “After she said that, she took out an escape scroll from her bosom and teleported away.”

I finally understood. Hai Shui treated me as though I was treating Mu Zi. It was out of willingness due to love. ‘You’ll only know our feelings during dangerous times.’ was an extremely good phrase. You came to save me in my most difficult time. How could I not feel gratitude towards you?

Hai Shui’s coming had let me break out from my living dead state; so everyone hadn’t abandoned me. I still had hope. I really still had hope. As I gradually recovered my strength, my heart gradually started to work again.

After an hour, I could slowly move my limbs. Since I hadn’t been moving for a long time, my blood flow wasn’t very smooth. My entire body was still void of strength. I needed to supplement my body. ‘If my body isn’t healthy, how can I recover? Didn’t Ke Zha said that as long as I couldn’t get out, he’ll grant me any wishes that I have? Let’s give it a try!’

When the time of food came again, it was the same servant as per usual that came bringing over a bowl of thick congee. After I drank the thick congee, I told her, “Can’t you bring something else the next time you come?”

After suddenly hearing me, the servant jumped in fright before asking, “What do you want?”

I bitterly smiled and replied, “I currently don’t even have the strength to chew. What can I even eat. I want to drink some Earth Dragon Grass Jelly.. If this continues, even if the Emperor doesn’t kill me, I’ll definitely die from being too weak.”

The servant looked at me cautiously before saying, “Alright, but don’t you dare play any tricks on me.”

I hastily replied, “I’m already like this. What tricks will I be able to play?”

The servant nodded and turned before walking out. As expected, my next meal was Earth Dragon Grass Jelly. I greedily drank the nutrients of the soup. I initially thought about having main dishes but I didn’t want her to become suspicious about me.

The Earth Dragon Grass Jelly was worthy of being a strong supplement. I felt much better under the effects of it.

After the servant had gone out, I started to constantly move my body to regain my strength as fast as possible.

After a day had passed, even though my body was still extremely feeble, my battle spirit had gradually recovered. This was really great! I would no longer feel feeble after drinking it.

The time was ripe to test chanting the weird chant from the Dragon clan. I needed to recover my magic power as soon as possible.

After trying the first time, it didn’t work. After trying the second time, it also didn’t work. It was the same for the third time…….After trying it for 37 times, my entire body lit up. The familiar feeling of breaking the seal came back. A golden halo spreaded out with the center of my eye brows as its center.

After the golden light flashed, I could feel the Gold Dans in my body. I was wild with joy. The warmth of the Holy Sword came forth. The Gold Dans status were abnormally dispirited while the Holy Sword was the complete opposite. The warmth of the power permeated through my body, constantly expanding my shrunken meridians.

I didn’t dare move the shackles and just quietly laid there, carefully circulating the power of the Holy Sword.

As I feared being discovered by the servant who came to deliver the food, I let my body recover gradually.

The Holy Sword’s power was really strong. My body was soon recovered. Even though it wasn’t comparable to how I was previously, it shouldn’t affect my movements.

The two Gold Dans in my body regained their liveliness after I had continuously poured light elements into my body. They started to circulate in my body so that the recovery speed of my magic power would become much faster.

I hadn’t craved for power like I had now. Even though I was still  in prison, my mood had changed as if the sky and the earth had turned upside down. I felt that living was so amazing and that I could control my fate again.

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