Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 13

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Volume 9: Chapter 13 – Trapped in Dire Straits

Our team of 13 people and one beast, entered the God Rended Canyon. When we walked to the center of the valley, I suddenly felt uneasy. I stopped walking, and told Zhan Hu, “Big brother, I feel uneasy. Is there be something that’s going to happen?”

Zhan Hu replied with smiles, “Why will it? Who will know that we’re humans? You should be nervous because of meeting a certain person soon, right?”

I instantly relaxed, and replied smiling, “Perhaps.” Just as I wanted to walk, the demon fox on my shoulder suddenly shuddered, and her fur stood up; it wasn’t right. Something would definitely happen.

I shouted, “Everyone, be wary of your surroundings.”

At that moment, something really happened. The heaven and earth suddenly turned completely dark, all the light was blocked out. I raised my head, and couldn’t help but inhale a mouthful of cold breath. There was an incomparably enormous black dragon that was circling above us in the sky. I didn’t need Su He to tell me as I knew that it would most likely be the Demon Emperor’s S ranked Dark Demon Dragon. How could it be this strong? It should be 165 meters long from what I gauged. The strong aura was definitely something that Xiao Jin wouldn’t be able to compare to. It was the strongest dragon I had seen, excluding the Dragon King.

I heard a roar before I looked at that direction of the sound. I found that there was someone standing on the Dark Demon Dragon’s head. It couldn’t be the Demon Emperor, right? Why…What was he doing here?

The Demon Emperor leaped from the back of the Dark Demon Dragon, surging out a strong aura towards us. I shouted, “Everyone, move backwards!”

We were experts after all. Zhan Hu pulled on Su He as the 12 of us jumped a hundred metres back. With a black flash, the Demon Emperor stood arrogantly in front of us. His body radiated with the strong aura, which an expert possessed, and was at least two meters tall; he was also wearing black war armour, but didn’t wear a helmet. His black, long hair fell on his shoulders. He looked resolute with deep glimmers from his eyes.

I focused before I used my magic power to protect my entire body; a faint gold light was emitted from my body, which was able to forcefully withstand his aura.

I stepped two steps forward, and said. “You’re the Demon Emperor, Qi Meng Satan.”

There was a strict glimmer that flashed past the Demon Emperor’s eyes. His hair started to move without any presence of wind as he laughed out loud. A powerful sound wave charged towards us. I brandished my Sukrad’s staff with a loud holler, forming a thick barrier to block the sound wave attack.

There was astonishment in the Demon Emperor’s eyes as it icily said, “It has been a long time since someone directly called my name. You humans actually dared to come into our Holy Light Empire’s territory. Are you here to seek death?” His voice was too resounding that it seemed like the sound of colliding metals.

I narrowed my eyes as I brought my body’s power to its peak state. “The purpose of coming here this time is to discuss something with you.”

The Demon Emperor coldly sneered, “You are a few children, who are still wet behind the ears, dare to come negotiate with me. From how I look at it, you’re just sick of living. If you want to negotiate with me, you should go to hell to discuss with the Yama, King of Hell, first.” Upon saying that and waving his hand, there were countless of army troops that surged out from all sides of the mountain wall; there were about 3000 of them, encasing the entire valley so thoroughly that not even water would be able to pass through. Even if we had tyrannical powers, under this kind of absolute disadvantaged scenario, it would be impossible to escape from here alive.

This was the end; I was deeply trapped. My previously clear mind couldn’t help but to fluster.

I shouted, “Please wait. I’ve got something that I would like inquire about.”

The Demon Emperor replied, “Since you’re going to die, you can say it.”

I inquired, “I will like to know; how did you know about us coming to the demon race, and strategically ambush us?”

After the Demon Emperor heard what I said, his face showed a meaningful smile. “You’ll find that out soon.”

I would find it out soon? I was stunned. At that moment, the scene changed. It wasn’t the demon race that attacked but rather our inner group had changed. Su He, who was standing beside Zhan Hu, suddenly moved. His speed could only be described as a monster. He rapidly struck at Zhan Hu and Dong Ri’s neck with his hand. With their tyrannical power, they unexpectedly collapsed after that hit. Su He laughed out loud as he held them with each one in his hands. He kicked off with both feet and leapt into the sky instantly.

Jian Shan was the first to response. He quickly withdrew his sword, which emitted a gold light and chased after Su He. Su He’s body swayed peculiarly in mid air and was unexpectedly able to dodge that attack; he directly reached the top of the mountain wall.  

Seeing the cowardly Su He that showed such astonishing powers, everyone was stunned by what we saw, including me.

I shouted fumingly, “Su He, you bastard, you actually lied to us.”

Su He, who was on the wall of the mountain walls, helplessly chuckled, “Sorry Zhang Gong! We each follow a different lord.”

The Demon Emperor had already raised his hand and was obviously going to make his move.

I said, “Demon Emperor, can you allow me to ask your son a few more questions? I’ll be able to die without any regrets that way.”

The Demon Emperor was stunned by my words. “Son? Him?” Upon saying that, he pointed at Su He. He suddenly broke out in laughter and replied, “Not bad! Not bad! He can be counted as my half son. Ke Lun Duo, you should just reply some of his questions.”  

Ke Lun Duo?

My complexion paled as I asked. “You’re Ke Lun Duo? The one you said that as the number one warrior of the demon race, the leader of the Radiant Protectors?”

Su He replied apologetically, “Yes, I’m Ke Lun Duo, and not Su He. You want to know what is really going on? I’ll tell you this. When the twelve of you obstructed me behind the main army troop, I found that your powers were extremely strong. My subordinates strength wouldn’t be able to deal with you. I initially thought you were from the demon race, and wanted to see what you were up to, so I let you to freely kill my subordinates. However, I didn’t expect you to be humans. At that time, I decided to hide my identity to figure out what you’re after. When I previously told you that Ke Lun Duo was in the city, it was a lie. I was supposed to return, and report about the war situation to His Majesty.”

I coldly snorted, “Then why did you impersonate Su He?”

Ke Lun Duo replied, “Since I knew that you dared enter our territory, you must have made preparations, and have understanding about us. I definitely had to pretend to be someone beneficial to you, and not a threat to you so that you wouldn’t kill me. On the way, I saw your tyrannical powers time after time, and couldn’t help but to be frightened. I didn’t know what your motives were, so if I were to lead you to the city, you’d definitely be a huge threat towards His Majesty, so I couldn’t help but to use this method. I was almost exposed by you last night as the demon fox saw that I was giving out the signal. The night bird that you heard was an A ranked demon beast that I own. I had used it to convey the news of your infiltration to His Majesty.”

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