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I stepped to the side, leaned forward, and literally dove into the water like it was a swimming pool. I didn't hit my head though. I was just below the surface of the water and looking around me in stupefied curiosity.

The last time that I stepped into the water, it was like I was standing there like I was on the ground. However, now I felt like I was literally swimming inside this vast water filled world. I didn't float to the top of the water like I might have in a real pool, but I was partially suspended in the water, and I felt like all I needed to do was swim toward my target to attack her.

Just as I started to race toward the crazy bitch that I needed to kill, she dove into the water where I was. Solanum came shooting into the water so fast that she was literally coming right toward me.

'Prepare to move. We're going to exit the water.' Rhinum told me what was going to happen, but before I could even think about following through with his words my body moved of its own accord.

Actually, I think it was Rhinum that was moving me. He was not just guiding my actions now. Rhinum was actually moving my body for me. I didn't know how he was doing that, but he was managing it just fine.

After Rhinum took over my body, I felt myself rocketing toward the surface of the water. I hurled out of the puddle at a breakneck speed and landed on my feet. I was already spinning around and the sword in my hand was swinging in a massive arc. Right as Solanum leapt out of the water as well, she hurtled past me and I heard her scream in pain. She had taken the blow on her right leg this time.

'Sorry, my warrior's instincts kicked in.' Rhinum sounded so apologetic for having moved my body for me.

'It's fine, Rhinum. Thank you.' He had just been protecting me at the time, he was helping to make sure that I didn't get hurt. He was doing amazingly well with it too.

'Let's take her on together, Trinity. Let's kill my mother.'

'Sounds good to me, Rhinum.'

The moment that the two of us agreed to work together, the pendant around my neck started to glow. Well, I guess it wasn't a pendant really. It was the ring that Rhinum had given to Ellyria. It was the necklace that I had gotten from my mother. I guess it still held some of Rhinum's true power inside of it.

For some reason, with the ring glowing, I felt like Rhinum was literally part of me. I almost felt like I could reach further than I could before, and I even felt taller than I had before. I was literally channeling my great great grandfather.

'Fight with me, Trinity. Fight with me Gariníon.' Aww, I just felt my heart melt. Rhinum just called me his granddaughter.

'Lend me your aid, Athair mòr.' I called him the same name that I used for his father, because they were both my ancestors and both of them meant so much to me.

We stopped talking after that. It was time for us to fight together. Rhinum offered me combat assistance while I finally broke out my magic. Rhinum was slashing away at Solanum, and every time that she even got close enough to us, I pushed away her sword or arm or whatever else that needed to be moved. I had been pushing her away with gusts of wind that only affected her.

I saw multiple cuts opening up on Solanum but nothing was a major wound. She wasn't going to be stopped unless we could land a bigger and better blow to her somehow. Still, Rhinum didn't look like he was going to give up at all. He was still charging forward.

"GGRRAAGGGGHHHH!" Solanum growled and screeched at the same time, her fury seeming to be at its limit. She was not liking that she was losing right now. "DDDDIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!" She screamed that one word as loud as she could before she tried to lunge at us again.

This time, when Solanum lunged, I made the ground come up around her feet. It was like she was now wearing stone boots since the ground had come up to her knees.

"Gaaahhhh!" She screamed again, angrily.

"You will reap what you sowed." Rhinum told her, using my voice of course. And with that declaration, he slashed down and across Solanum's chest from her left shoulder to her right hip. The gash was deep, wide, and disgusting to look at.

"Hoooww.?" She tried to speak with that feral voice of hers.

"Just take a look. A close one." Rhinum grinned this time, again using my body to accomplish the task.

Solanum's eyes focused and I saw some of the whites returning to them. Some of the feral anger was subsiding as well. She was becoming a little more human-like than she had been moments ago.

"How? How can this be?" Solanum was giving me and Rhinum a look of wide eyed shock. "This is impossible. Antirrhinum, how are you here? You're dead."

It was hard to describe the look on the woman's face. She was angry, that was obvious for sure. However, there was a trace of something else as well. Something that was sad and broken.

"I am here because of this, Mother." At that moment, Rhinum reached down to grab the glowing ring that was my necklace. "I am here because my kin needed me."

"She can't be your kin, Antirrhinum. She just can't be." There was a single tear that rolled down her cheek as she spoke, and I didn't really know why. 

"She is, Mother. She is my kin and yours too."

"NOOO!" Solanum screamed again, ready to attack at the reminder that I was her family as well. She truly did not want any more family that tied her to Athair mòr.

"You never did get it, Mother." Rhinum sighed at her anger and unwillingness to even listen.

"I will not accept her, no matter what."

There was a loud crunching sound and I saw the earth at Solanum's feet start to crumble and break away. She was getting herself free. That wasn't good.

"You will pay. You will both pay with the price of one body."

Solanum was panting and moving slowly as she stalked toward me. Much slower than I had ever seen her move so far. And, if I wasn't mistaken, she was still getting slower with each step.

"What is happening?" She panicked and looked down at her body. I did the same, which allowed both, me and Rhinum, to see the cause for her slowness.

I could see dozens of cuts all over her body. None of them had even begun to heal with her Fae magic. Instead, those cuts were starting to freeze over. As I watched, the large gash that went across her chest was turning white like it had frost all over it. The frost was still spreading though, covering her chest slowly, bit by bit.

"This is impossible. This can't be happening to me." With fear and panic replacing the anger and rage that Solanum had been feeling up until this point, she started to run away. The problem with Solanum running away was that the frost had already almost completely taken over her legs. She was mostly covered by the whitened frost by now, and I knew that this was almost over.

"Goodbye, Granny." I called out for myself.

"Goodbye mother." Rhinum spoke in my voice again.

While she was attempting to run away, Solanum finished turning into the frosty and icy statue version of herself. She was off balance which caused her to fall against one of the trees that were nearby.

I walked to Solanum's side, what was left of it. When she fell down, she had broken apart and nearly shattered. There were a few larger chunks of her, the biggest being her head. As disgusting as it was going to be, I needed to take that head back with me. I need to prove to everyone that Solanum was dead. And hopefully, without her pumping more monsters onto the field, the others were able to end the battle they were fighting out there.

At least, I hope they have already ended it. 

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