Chapter 786

At the time of Ming Shu’s coming this world, Liang Xuan had now become the dazzling presence of the base relying on the Host .

This time they took the mission and came to the city to look for supplies . They were also looking for a batch of drugs and a high-level zombie that seemed to have evolved too far .

The Host and several people were chased to the roof by the zombies . As Ming Shu arrived, she was just under siege and fell straight down .

 When she fell, the figure she saw should be someone from the team .

The skills of this world were almost what she thought . They were not categorized by elements, just all kinds of weird skills .

Originally the first batch of zombies had no special abilities . But a month ago, the zombies got an upgrade and gained skills .

But the Host had her skills since she became the zombie king .

The Host named her special ability mirroring .

Anything that came out of the lens could be copied .

Like those zombies she copied before .

The copied zombies had combat power, but they didn’t have real bodies .

So the food copied using this skill was not edible .

The copied items couldn’t be used, either .

The biggest use of this skill was to copy humans and increase combat effectiveness .

The Host could call for only ten lenses at first, but now could summon fifty of them .


 The zombies piled meat in front of Ming Shu .

“Go away, I don’t want this!” Ming Shu’s voice was a little weak . “I want human food, not this!”

 The zombies took the meat away with wronged eyes .

I am also wronged! 

Now, it was nearly a year after doomsday . The food in the city had been collected and scraped out to the last bit, so finding supplies had become a matter of luck and strength .

Obviously, Ming Shu was not very lucky . She had searched two blocks, but couldn’t even find a loaf of stale bread .


 The gunshots burst out into the night .

 Hearing the sounds, the zombies around Ming Shu moved restlessly .

Ming Shu jumped out of the car .

Humans could be ea… No, they should have something to eat .

The fight took place on a commercial street . Hordes of zombies ran through the streets, chasing closely after their food .

Ming Shu swaggered over . The zombies were restless, but still gave way .

Their attack was also weakened, and soon they were left a distance from the people they were chasing .

“Shit, what’s happening?” a boy with long hair cursed .

“What’s the matter?” a man next to him asked while gasping .

“There’s a human coming out of the zombies?” the long-haired boy said in an odd tone . “See for yourselves . ”

There were four of them who were being chased . Hearing the long-haired boy, they looked over in the direction of the zombies at the same time .

Sure enough, they saw the zombies make way, and a girl walking over slowly .

It looked like a leisurely stroll around the back garden .

Shit, what the hell!

 “Is she a human or zombie?” the long-haired boy asked .

“It’s so strange, I can’t see clearly…” The man who was being asked was also confused . “Su Tai, what do you think?”

The boy called Su Tai hid half his body in the darkness, and his face could vaguely be seen . He answered after a long time, “She’s a zombie . ”

“No way, I think she’s a human…” another boy said . “She doesn’t look like a zombie . ”

She didn’t look like a zombie from her appearance, but Su Tai said she was a zombie, so she must be a zombie .

“Hey, brothers over there!”

 Everyone looked that way at the same time .

They saw the girl who had been identified by Su Tai as a zombie stand on the roof of a car and wave her hands at them . “Do you have anything to eat?”

The long-haired boy swallowed . “Does she want to eat us?” The zombies ate humans! She asked if they had anything to eat, didn’t she mean that she wanted to eat them?

 The zombies stood there in silence, like ghosts in the dark .

They had never met such a weird scene before .

“Hao Zi… Ask her . ”

The long-haired boy stared, his eyes wide open . “Ask her about what? Does she want to fry or steam us?”

The team fell into a weird silence .

Su Tai said, “Ask her what she wants to eat . ”

 Hao Zi swallowed . “Except for humans, what else will a zombie eat?”

Su Tai seemed to glance at him . Hao Zi immediately shut up and stood up slowly . He then shouted in Ming Shu’s direction, “Hey… What do you want to eat?”

“Human food, or what, do you have pig food?” Ming Shu had already become a little impatient as she was very hungry . “Do you have any food? Give it to me and I’ll let you go . ”

Hao Zi looked at his teammates .

Su Tai raised his hand a little . Hao Zi immediately said, “Yes, we do . Will you really let us go?”

There was a street of zombies here . If they did have to fight, their bullets would run out first .

“Do I look like I’m cheating you?”

 “…” You’re a zombie! 

They discussed for a while . Then Hao Zi packed the collected supplies into a backpack and hurled it out .

The backpack fell to the ground, and two zombies shuffled forward to pick it up .

Ming Shu rummaged through the backpack . There were two cans, some compressed biscuits, and water .

Ming Shu waved like she was waving away mosquitoes . “You can go now . ”

The zombies stood tall and upright opposite them, not seeming to attack them at all .

Hao Zi looked at his own teammates weirdly . They could really leave now?

 “Let’s go . Huang Zheng, you cover a retreat . ” Su Tai began to retreat .

Hao Zi was still a little faraway until he walked out of the street . “Am I in a dream? Ouch… Bitch, why did you pinch me?”

The boy with glasses put the gun on his shoulder . “To check if you’re in a dream . Besides, don’t call me bitch!”

 Hao Zi showed the whites of his eyes . “Your name is bitch, if I don’t call you bitch, what should I call you, you dare… Su Tai, you have to do something about it… Ahh…”

 The glasses man was called Li Jianren .

“That zombie is weird . ” Huang Zheng caught up with them and he said to Su Tai, “She looked just like a human, and I couldn’t tell her apart from the zombies . ”

Hao Zi said, “Is it like in the novel, that when the zombies reach a certain degree of power, they will restore their human form?”

 Everyone looked at each other with fear .

If so, what level had she reached?

She was able to make so many zombies just stand in silence…

 Was she the zombie king of legend?



 Ming Shu lay on the old sofa, feeling sick, but fortunately the food didn’t come out .

“Roar?” The zombies crowded around her; seemingly they didn’t understand why the king was doing this to herself .

Ming Shu waved her hands . “Leave me alone . ”

Eating is even more difficult than fighting .  

What a tough life, being a zombie .  

I’ll change to another restaurant! Negative comment! Negative comment for this one! 

[…I’ll play you a video to calm down . ] The Harmony System began to play the blue films .

Ming Shu: “…” I’ll call the police! Here’s a system spreading indecent videos! With mosaics?

 [For an innocent world . ]

Ming Shu: “…” You’re so shameless to talk about an innocent world with me here .  



 The shrill sound came from one side . A small zombie was scraping the car door with its fingernails .

“Whose wild kid is this?” Ming Shu sat up . She felt even more uncomfortable by completing that movement .

A female zombie darted out and pulled the little zombie back . The little zombie roared unwillingly .


 “That’s enough, what are you roaring about . ” Don’t disturb other zombies in the middle of the night, okay? 

The zombies kept quiet out of fear .

 It was not them .

Ming Shu also found it wasn’t them making the noises . The sounds came from the street in the front, from far to near, and gathered into countless footsteps .

Right at this time, a large number of zombies appeared in the street, and the humans who were chased were exactly the four people who had just provided food for Ming Shu .


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