Cultivation Online - Chapter 1148

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Chapter 1148 Jin Xi

To say Yuan was surprised to see Li Jinxi's face behind the mask of the female Spirit would be an understatement.

"Hm? Do I know you?" The Spirit suddenly asked him with raised eyebrows.

"Huh?" Yuan stared at her with a baffled face.

"Why do you know my name? I don't recall introducing myself."

"Your name is Li Jinxi?" Yuan asked for confirmation.

"No, my name is Jin Xi."


Yuan was speechless.

After snapping out of it, he said, "You're mistaken. I don't know you, but you do resemble someone that I know, and even your name is quite similar."

"Is that so? Then let us continue our fight. I'm going to stop going easy on you now," she said.

Yuan immediately got into position and prepared to clash with her again.

However, Jin Xi's body suddenly erupted with a sharp aura that made those who sensed it feel like they were hundreds of swords stabbing their body, making it difficult to breathe.

Despite that, almost nobody there knew what they were sensing, and only those from the upper heavens had an idea.

"Enhanced Sword Aura!" Silver Dragon muttered with awe all over his surprised face.

Poison Phoenix gritted her teeth in frustration. Even though she doesn't have Enhanced Sword Aura herself, she was experienced enough to understand it when she senses it.

However, for everyone else there, they had no idea that Enhanced Sword Aura even existed.

Seeing Yuan's dazed face, a cheeky smile appeared on Jin Xi's face, and she spoke, "Don't tell me this is enough to make you quit?"


Yuan chuckled before activating his own Enhanced Sword Aura, but since he'd only recently learned it, it was a little inferior to Jin Xi's Enhanced Sword Aura.

"He also knows Enhanced Sword Aura?!" Silver Dragon exclaimed after seeing it with his own eyes.

'Someone from the Third Heaven really managed to comprehend Enhanced Sword Aura? If he'd been born in the Supreme Heaven, just how terrifying would he be right now?' He wondered inwardly.

"Ready or not, here I come!" Jin Xi shouted right before she began her assault.


Bits and pieces of their Enhanced Sword Aura would scatter after each exchange, sending them flying towards the spectators.

When the spectators noticed that their clothes were being cut by an invisible force, they immediately started running away from the stage.

Within mere seconds, pretty much everyone besides Silver Dragon, Poison Phoenix, and her friends were hundreds of meters away from the platform.

"Hahaha! This is what I am talking about!" Jin Xi's laughter echoed loudly.

"Besides my Master, you are the only other person who can satisfy my itch!"

Jin Xi's movement would become faster and faster, and her sword techniques would become sharper and fiercer.

Yuan tried to keep up with Jin Xi's pace, but since this was his first time fighting with Enhanced Sword Aura, he had to put more effort into maintaining his Sword Aura than anything else.

Because of this, Jin Xi would land a few hits on him, but his injuries would heal almost instantly.

"Are you even human, you bastard?" Jin Xi cursed at him when she saw his ridiculous healing abilities.

The two of them would continue at this pace for a few more hours. Even though Jin Xi was seriously trying to win at this moment, she couldn't deal any significant damage to Yuan, and it only got harder to hit him as time passed, as Yuan was improving at a rapid rate.

It took almost half a day, but Yuan's control with his Enhanced Sword Aura eventually became as natural as breathing. This allowed him to focus more on his technique and defeating Jin Xi.

"I think it's about time that we end this. Thank you for the training, Jin Xi." Yuan said to her before his aura exploded.

"You're a thousand years too early to even think about defeating me, junior!" Jin Xi roared, the veins in her arms bulging with vitality.

Perhaps Jin Xi had the power to defeat Yuan, but because she was only a mere Spirit, her strength was limited, and she was destined to be defeated by Yuan today.

After several more exchanges, Yuan managed to break through Jin Xi's defenses and slice her body into two.

Jin Xi's face was filled with disbelief for her last few moments before her body disappeared into thin air.

Yuan stood on the stage and silently stared at where Jin Xi disappeared.

'I should've asked her about her relationship with my incarnation before I defeated her…' He sighed inwardly after realizing this missed chance.

However, right as he started to walk off the platform, he suddenly felt a familiar presence appear from behind him.

He turned around, and to his surprise, Jin Xi had reappeared again.

"What is the meaning of this? I thought I had already passed the Sword Trial." Yuan said to her.

"Indeed, you have passed the trial." Jin Xi confirmed.

"Then what are you still doing here?" Yuan raised his eyebrows in a puzzled manner.

"Is there a reason why I cannot be here?" She responded with a question.

Yuan wasn't sure how to answer her question.

"In the first place, don't compare me with the other Spirits. I have a consciousness of my own— even if it's artificial." Jin Xi then said.

"Like the Master of this place?"

She nodded, "Something like that."

"Anyways, besides fighting whoever summoned me, I also have a duty to guide them, so we will be together for a little longer. Are you disappointed?"

"No, I still have some questions for you, after all." Yuan smiled.

"They can wait until you're finished with the Sword Temple. Follow me, I will guide you."

Everybody there watched as Jin Xi, a Spirit, left the platform for the first time.

Yuan didn't say anything else and followed her.

As they both approached the Sword Temple, a group of figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere to block their path.

"Hello?" Yuan said to the group with raised eyebrows as he wondered what they wanted from him.

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