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3454 Chapter 3457 the third Grand Gift from Qiqi [ must see ]1

Gong Jue’s eyes immediately turned red. “Qiqi, it can’t be like this. How can you give this guy Bai Yeyuan a gift alone? You didn’t even give me a gift! Also, it’s just a broken marriage. who hasn’t been married before? How can this guy accept so many gifts from you at once? !”

His resentment was obvious!

Gu Qiqi looked embarrassed and whispered, “Shut Up!”Why would this stupid man be jealous for no reason? It was too embarrassing.

Gong Jue:”…”

His wife was the biggest during the day!

He was the biggest at night! HMPH!

Bai Yeyuan was once again surprised. “There’s more?”

Gu Qiqi took out a piece of official paper. “I got this from the Presidential Palace and the cabinet. It’s a transfer order. Take a look.”

Gong jue craned his neck and peeked.

He was very curious.

Bai Yeyuan was a businessman through and through. Why would qiqi give him a transfer order from the presidential palace.

Bai Yeyuan was not an official!

Wait, that’s not right. This transfer order did not say Bai Yeyuan’s name, but Fu Qingyun!

When did his wife meet so many men. And it was the Empire’s director of Public Prosecutions, who was at the peak of his career.

Although Fu Qingyun had been imprisoned some time ago, he was soon cleared of his crimes and restored to his original position.

Gong Jue immediately felt a sense of crisis.

He couldn’t wait to put Gu Qiqi in his pocket and take her away. He couldn’t come into contact with these outstanding, handsome, and dangerous young men.

Bai Yeyuan looked at the transfer order, but his eyes lit up completely.

He swept away his lazy and casual expression, straightened his back in his wheelchair, and said in a deep voice, “Fu Qingyun’s transfer order? You asked the President’s office and the Cabinet to transfer him away? How did you do it?”

Gu Qiqi laughed darkly. “Officer Fu Qingyun is a good man. Some time ago, some shameless people slandered him and put him in prison, but he still had a righteous spirit and did not bend down for five grains of rice. He still maintained his true colors in prison. “Such a good man should be rewarded by the empire. “Moreover, such an upright person should be entrusted with an important task. He should go to places where he needs to play his role more.”

Bai Yeyuan’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “So… you suggested the cabinet to send him to Africa to support the construction of the local laws? !”

Gu Qiqi blinked slyly. “This is very suitable for an upright person like him, isn’t it? Go and Reform Africa well. Maybe he can even level up when he comes back.”

Bai Yeyuan:”…”

Well, perhaps the BAI family had a black-bellied side in their bones that flowed with black-bellied blood.

Gu Qiqi was the daughter of the Bai family’s direct line of descent. That was right!

“Thank you!”Bai Yeyuan said these two words of thanks sincerely. In fact, he was even more touched than when Gu Qiqi told him just now that she could cure his leg.

To be able to get Fu Qingyun out of Xiao Ning’s sight completely, Bai Yeyuan really felt that it was more important than curing his leg.

He loved this gift so much!

He wanted to say something else.

Gong Jue was already impatient. “Alright, the three gifts are done. Let’s go and see the bride. The wedding ceremony is about to start. After the wedding, we still have to take the plane back…”

After a series of urging, he pulled Gu Qiqi and left.

Bai Yeyuan:”…”

Gong Jue, you’ve changed!

In the past, you were disrespectful to women. Now, you only have women in your eyes!

Bai Yeyuan and Gu Qiqi waved their hands in greeting.

When Gu Qiqi’s figure disappeared around the corner, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

In fact, Gu Qiqi was wearing a man’s outfit today.

From the back, he looked like a handsome and elegant young man..

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