Din No Monshou - Chapter 15.2

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Chapter 15: Predicament part 2

A damp smell permeated my nose.
Although, it certainly did feel like I have come in contact with the air outside.
The place that we are currently at was a back alley.
Edgar and I were somehow able to climb up and placed the slab of stone back to its original position.

「Seriously, what’s up with that strange enchanted spell. I would be dead if Regis hasn’t helped me.」 (Edgar)

But that man would be the one coming out for the duel, wouldn’t he?
Considering that he has that much power, it would be surprising if he didn’t.
It seems that Horgos has hired an outrageous mercenary.

I should head back as soon as I could to convey the information.
Even though Walkins is around in the mansion, it never hurts to be more careful.

「Edgar! Right now I will be—–」 (Regis)
「Aah!!」 (Edgar)

Edgar’s sudden cry interrupted me halfway.
What’s wrong with her all of the sudden? Was she planning to unleash Futae no Kiwami?1
It might be unexpected but it seems likely if it’s her.
Judging from her stance, it appears to be different than ordinary people so it would be highly probable for her to use Gatotsu Zero Stance as well. 2
Anyway, knock on wood.

「So what’s wrong now? 」 (Regis)
「I’ve forgotten about the alcohol that I left at the entrance! Help me remove the stone slab again. 」 (Edgar)
「…..Just do it yourself. 」 (Regis)

When I refused her point-blank, she begged me for help with misty eyes.
What could this be? Just looking at her appearance made my heart throbbed with pain.
There’s no helping it. I wound up helping her to lift the stone up somehow.

「Thank you. Let’s have a drink together later on. 」 (Edgar)
「Didn’t I tell you that I’m just 7 years old? 」 (Regis)
「No, it’s my first time hearing it. You’re surprisingly precocious for your age. 」 (Edgar)
「Eh?…..Didn’t I tell you before? 」 (Regis)
「No, I think I heard that but I might have forgotten about it since I was drunk. 」 (Edgar)
「Could you stop it with the alcohol already. 」 (Regis)

She’s a sloppy no-good mercenary-san.
I think I have said the same thing before the last time.

Wait, I shouldn’t be wasting my time on something like this.
I should inform them about Stalin as soon as possible.

「I will be returning to the mansion once. You should be careful too. 」 (Regis)
「Ho-Hold on a minute. This is something as thanks for helping me in retrieving the alcohol. 」 (Edgar)

After saying so, Edgar suddenly thrust her hand in between her breasts.
She was searching through the sections in the inner part of her mantle.
The sight of her hand groping around there looked quite lewd.

I wonder what she was aiming for.
Edgar seems to be beaming with confidence.

「Despite being overwhelmed a while ago, I had not given in so easily too. I went through a hard time but, I managed to get this. 」 (Edgar)

The item that Edgar took out, was a piece of paper.
It was a strange grey coloured paper.
It gave off the impression that someone has dropped it before when they went to a parade for inspection.

「What is this? There’s nothing written on it. 」 (Regis)
「Fufun, I managed to somehow steal it during battle. 」 (Edgar)
「That is amazing. You were able to do it even in the midst of a fight…. Tte–what’s the point of stealing this paper? 」 (Regis)

It appears to be as useless as picking up a receipt.
However, Edgar explained it while rubbing the paper.

「This item was crafted using thief’s magic. To use it, you can just pour your magic in. After doing so, you are able to make the words inside appear at a later time. Since it’s not limited to distance, it can be used as a notification or messenger. 」 (Edgar)

I see. This is something quite convenient.
But, this is not something that people will usually notice.
This might look just like a normal piece of paper if you do not know anything about it.

「He might be able to fool the nobles or commoners, but he can’t fool me. Though, I’m defeated when it comes to ability. 」 (Edgar)

Edgar was laughing cheerfully.
Even though she was boasting about it, there was nothing written on the paper.
Edgar pushed up her breasts as emphasis, looking proud while ignoring me who was looking at her with my half-opened eyes.

…….They’re huge.
They’re about the same size as Walkins.
I mean, back to the serious subject. What’s the point of stealing a blank paper?

「Didn’t you steal that even though there was still nothing written on it? 」 (Regis)
「No it’s not. The other side can erase the characters at their convenience too. 」 (Edgar)
「Then it’s useless anyway, isn’t it? 」 (Regis)
「That’s when I’ll be using my magic to search for it. Despite looking like this, I can actually use thief’s magic too. Surprised?! 」 (Edgar)

No, I wasn’t surprised.
You seem to have a flair for stealing for some reason.
If there was no prior evidence, then I might have doubted it.
I had to admit that the look is cute but, it will likely be painful to the eyes once you go too close.

「Then will the words will be legible once you use the magic? 」 (Regis)
「That’s right. I will be able to leak out all the enemy’s confidential information. 」 (Edgar)

Fufun, she laughed inappropriately.
She appears to have remembered a reliable magic.
I might have to change my opinion of her a little.
That is, if she’s not holding an alcohol bottle in her right hand.

「The body that was infused with magic trick, I command you to grovel yourself before my judgement—『Trick Destroyed』!! 」 (Edgar)

As soon as she finished the chant, a wave of magic power overflowed and wrapped itself around the paper.
I wonder if it was a sacred magic since it has the ability to reveal the concealed information inside.
After a while, all the characters that were once written emerged themselves.
It didn’t seem to be written too long ago.

「It came out. Let’s see, what’s this what’s this? 」 (Edgar)
「…….this is. Wait, lend me that for a moment. 」 (Regis)

I snatched the paper from Edgar and started reading it avidly.
It was difficult to read but, I was somehow able to distinguish it.
Upon reading what was written, a chill ran down my spine.

Preparation finished. Head of the house of Din. To death.

Honestly, I didn’t understand what it meant.
However, I could tell that it was a grave situation based on the written contents.

Head of the house of Din, to death.

It was unmistakable that Horgos is aiming for Shadiverga’s life.
Edgar did say that Stalin has a brother who was making a move on his side too.
In other words, the one aiming for Shadiverga could be either the older or younger brother.
Either way they will be attacking him.

Although, frankly speaking I don’t think Walkins can be defeated.
For example, regardless of how mightily cunning the enemy might be, I still couldn’t see even the slight possibility that she would get defeated.

That was supposed to be it but, what’s up with this uneasy feeling inside me.
I moved my line of sight to the paper.

Preparation finished.

That’s it.
That was the line that was stuck in my mind.
So long as Walkins’ around in the mansion, there was no need for me to be worried of Shadiverga.
However, if by some reason that Walkins is not around in the mansion then—-

……I would need to confirm it.
Even if it might be reckless.

「Hey, it’s about the distance from here to the southern noble district—-」 (Regis)
「Hmm? 」 (Edgar)
「Do you think I will be able to reach it using Mega Telepathy? 」 (Edgar)

At my question, Edgar’s voice appeared to be clogged up for an instant.
But, taking it into account that this is an emergency situation, she gave me an honest answer.

「I don’t remember. I have never used it before so I don’t really know the details about it. I think it will probably reach. But the consumption of magic increased in direct proportion to the distance so absolutely do not—」 (Edgar)
「……『Magic Deployment』」 (Regis)
「O-Oi!? 」 (Edgar)

Edgar raised her voice out of surprise but, I ignored her and continued chanting.
In terms of distance, I should be able to reach it.
It takes about 15 minutes by foot from here to the southern noble district.

If I were to connect the circuit by force, I might be able to invoke it.
Although the backlash would be unfathomable, it’s not the time to worry about that right now.
I casted the high-ranking magic, Mega Telepathy without hesitation.

「Come forth from my body, make your appearance, the circuit of magic—『Mega Telepathy』!! 」 (Regis)

I felt a sharp, stabbing pain in my head.
It felt as if it was being stabbed by needles repeatedly for many times.
To be more accurate, the sensation of pain was tormenting my nerves.
Cold sweat began pouring down my face, sliding to my jaw line.

Despite the pain, I endured it and tried envisioning Walkins in my brain.
I must connect it to her and inform her of this crisis.
At that moment—

My magic was dispersed all of the sudden.
There was no sign of it whatsoever. It just resulted in nothing.

「……Eh?」 (Regis)

In proportion to the shock, my body received the recoil too.
The beatings of my heart was painful to my ears.
However, I don’t think that this heart beat will be the only reaction.
The recoil of Mega Telepathy now could only mean one thing.

――『The person whom you are trying to reach in the viable range of communication is not available』

With regard to distance, the circuit was supposed to have reached the residence.
I challenged myself in using this magic without paying heed to the intense consumption of magic.
There shouldn’t be a reason for it to fail in the first place.

That could only mean that, Walkins is currently not at the mansion.

「….Damn, what is going on here. 」 (Regis)

I should try using Mega Telepathy once again and try connecting it to Shadiverga this time.
If it’s him then he should be on standby at the mansion at any time.

However, the lingering sensation of the after-effect was affecting my concentration, interrupting the invocation for the second time.
Using the same magic, not to mention a high-ranking magic excessively might be too reckless.

When it comes to this, I should just confirm it with my own eyes.
There could also be a possibility that my Mega Telepathy has not reached the mansion.
That was just my intuition after all so it was not 100% accurate.

Although—-if Walkins is really not at the mansion then, it would be the worst.
There were far too few people protecting Shadiverga.

「We’ll be parting here. It’ll be cold in the evening so don’t catch a cold. 」 (Regis)
「….Eh? You’re going already? 」 (Edgar)

She asked with a blank look on her face.
I looked straight at her face from the front.
I was sure that I had a pathetic look on my face at the moment.

Edgar is someone who is also being aimed at by them currently.
Honestly, I would like to take responsibility and send her to the inn myself.
Above all, I wanted to return to the mansion with her if it was possible.
Naturally I was referring to it in a strategic sense.

In order to protect oneself from the assassin, I would like her to lend her strength. That was my real intention.
However, it would be cruel to coerce her into it now.
Edgar was not only still exhausted, but she has physical injuries in many places too.
She must be worn out after fighting that guy earlier.

It wouldn’t be strange for her to be injured after such a fight.
For this reason, I couldn’t afford to bring her to any more dangerous place.
I would like her to take a rest for a while.

「Then I’ll be going off. 」 (Regis)
「Eh?…Hold on, Regis!? 」 (Edgar)

I shook myself free from the voice and ran to the southern noble district with all my strength.
I had no choice but to hurry so long as I still haven’t confirmed the safety of Shadiverga.

A sense of helplessness washed over me. My heart felt as if it was going to explode.
Even though I nearly tripped myself halfway through, I managed to return to the mansion—–

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