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Author: You see, women are like different people when they put on makeup.

Editor: You don’t say.

Author: And even without makeup, they can become a different person entirely when they are motivated.

Editor: So what?

Author: So Syr is just Freya without any makeup.

Editor: Yeah, no.

No matter how much I tried to explain it, my editor wouldn’t accept it, so I changed the setting to make it a unique magic, and this was Volume 17.

I’m sorry for still not reaching the end of this arc that began in Volume 16. However, 800+ pages were just not doable for a single book. I will be striving to bring this Syr arc, or Freya arc, to a conclusion, so I hope you can please just wait a little bit longer.

And commenting on the contents this time is difficult, so I was thinking about telling an old story.

The original DanMachi story I applied to GA Bunko with actually had a different development for its climax.

When the protagonist was chased by monsters during Monsterphilia, it was a certain blue-gray-haired girl, and not the goddess, who was originally supposed to end up fleeing together with him in the book.

The goddess would still ultimately bring him the knife in a similar plot development, but the editor at the time gave me the advice to set Hestia properly as a main character, and I accepted that and changed the story to what it is now.

Reading over the original submission made me wonder about what I had originally intended when I first wrote it and remembered all sorts of things, but even back then, and throughout it all, the fact that that girl at the bar was special has never changed.

I still wonder if the field of flowers she reached here is the same place as I imagined at the time.

Now then, please allow me to move onto the customary thanks.

To my new editor, Usami, I look forward to working with you even more going forward! To Editor-in-Chief Kitamura, who is still in charge of watching Omori, please keep your eyes peeled. Thank you as always to the illustrator, Suzuhito Yasuda, who garnished the story with such enchanting artwork. A humble thank-you to Media Mix and everyone involved with DanMachi in all its forms who have provided so much support. And thank you to every reader who has picked up this book.

Shifting gears to another work, allow me to make an announcement.

On April 9, 2021, Kodansha is releasing Wisteria’s Wand and Sword, a manga written by Omori. The artist, Toshi Aoi’s art is at a Warlord level despite being a newcomer.

And not having enough of it, the story is a dungeon exploration fantasy like DanMachi.

But at the same time, I have emphasized the swords and magic a bit more heavily.

I will continue to push down what I believe is the classic, orthodox route while hoping that everyone will experience the excitement I do, so if you give it a shot along with DanMachi and compare them, I would be thrilled.

Thank you very much for reading this far, and until next time.

Fujino Omori

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