Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009: Happy Time

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao both knew a little about this issue. Back in the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, their group had talked to the princess about Chu Yuntian before. However, the two of them didn’t know the entire story.

Li Qiye sighed softly and said: “Who Chu Yuntian is doesn’t matter right now. I will go to the Buddhist Funeral Plateau to see her.”

“A few things need to have a conclusion. Otherwise, it will haunt you forever.” Li Qiye felt a bit helpless and smiled wryly after saying this.

“I’ll go with you!” Su Yonghuang said in a serious manner: “This Middle Continent Princess is definitely not easy to mess with.”

“I know, she has always been a stubborn person.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “But I have something else I want you to do. I have some treasure troves that I need you to bring back!”

“What kind of treasures?” Su Yonghuang had to ask. The word “treasure” wasn’t so simple when it came from Li Qiye.

“Not much, just some secret stashes. I accidentally destroyed a few imperial lineages back in the Stone Medicine World and took in their troves, this will be good for our Cleansing Incense.” Li Qiye said nonchalantly.

Such words left the three tongue-tied and wide-eyed! Secret treasuries from imperial lineages? They were naturally amazing, but their Young Noble spoke as if they were only common treasures.

If other people found out, they would definitely go crazy over them!

“Now is the time when our Cleansing Incense needs to be enriched.” Li Qiye looked at Su Yonghuang and slowly said: “It must have even stronger weapons and better resources. This responsibility lies with the sect master.”

Su Yonghuang took a deep breath and responded solemnly: “Rest assured, I will implement it without letting you down!”

At this time, the roles seemed to be reversed. Su Yonghuang, as the master, was actually listening to Li Qiye and even relying on him. He had become an indispensable part of her life. Without him, she wouldn’t know what to do despite her wisdom and grace.

“Then I’ll return to Cleansing Incense first.” Eventually, she deeply stared at him before speaking: “You should be careful when you go to the Buddhist Funeral Plateau.”

“Don’t worry, I have already planned on doing so for a while now. There are some things that I need to figure out.” Li Qiye calmly answered.

“Right, the Space Crossing Earthworm has gone to the plateau as well. I think it began its journey about six months ago.” Su Yonghuang told Li Qiye before leaving.

“Little Autumn is very powerful right now. He was so noisy about wanting to go to the plateau, but the sect master did not let him do anything recklessly. Later on, when he found out that the Nalanda Temple was opening, he couldn’t wait any longer and clamored about going. Eventually, the sect master agreed.” Chen Baojiao told Li Qiye.

“This brat.” Li Qiye shook his head. He knew why Little Autumn wanted to go to the plateau. He was not aiming for Nalanda but rather the Ancient Void Temple!

After Su Yonghuang left, he sat back down on Chen Baojiao’s bewitching breasts.

“Young Noble, I thought you were going to kiss the sect master earlier.” Chen Baojiao pursed her lips into a smile while blinking her pretty eyes.

“Really?” Li Qiye lazily responded while slightly raising his brows.

“It seemed like Young Noble didn’t dare to do it. Is it because she is your master so you feel some dread or fear inside?” Chen Baojiao laughed softly.

Such words left Li Shuangyan slightly blushed. Chen Baojiao was far more daring than her in this aspect.

“Dread? Fear?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile and shook his head: “There is nothing that can make your Young Noble feel dread or fear. Instead of flirting with the sect master, I’m better off getting more intimate with you.”

As he was speaking, he grabbed her breasts and kneaded it through her dress.

Chen Baojiao’s breasts were plump and tall, round and full. It occupied his entire hand and felt incredible to the touch. With Li Qiye’s gentle caress, it seemed to be towering even more!

She, who was still an innocent girl, lost her mind after being touched by her Young Noble like this. She felt as if she was floating while her body became hotter.

“Dear…” She let out an intimate hum while caught up in the mood. While holding onto a glistening and juicy fruit with her mouth, she couldn’t help but bend her head down to feed it to her Young Noble. 1

Li Qiye gently lifted her beautiful, soul-stealing face and initiated a passionate kiss. Even though the beauty was inexperienced, she still responded steamily to her Young Noble.

Their blazing kiss turned Li Shuangyan’s cheeks red while she stood to the side. She felt quite flustered as well.

When the two separated, Chen Baojiao was completely red as if she was drunk. Her initially tall and plump breasts were making powerful waves, painting quite an alluring spectacle! 2

Li Qiye smilingly glanced over at the blushing Li Shuangyan and gently gestured: “Shuangyan, come over here lest people say that I favor one side more than the other.”

Such teasing left Li Shuangyan in shambles due to embarrassment. Contrary to her ice-cold demeanor, she was even shyer than Chen Baojiao.

Despite her shy nature, Chen Baojiao’s fiery personality made her much bolder. She winked at Li Shuangyan: “Big Sister Shuangyan, one has to seize the opportunity or it will pass by.”

Li Shuangyan was feeling very bashful; she looked down and played with her sleeves. Her usual arrogant self was at a loss.

Li Qiye grabbed her and laughed: “Little Shuang does not have the style of a big sister, Baojiao will make fun of you for this in the future.”

While being spoiled with a hug from her Young Noble, the shy Shuangyan mustered some courage out of nowhere and kissed him softly before becoming lost again.

Li Qiye chuckled and gently cupped her chin before giving her a slow kiss full of adoration and tenderness.

Unlike Chen Baojiao, Li Shuangyan was much shyer and just left the kissing to her Young Noble. However, after his relentless passionate kisses, she also felt his love and began to respond shyly. She slightly exposed her sweet tongue like a blossoming lilac bud…

As the fiery session went on, Li Shuangyan became immersed and passionately met her Young Noble’s advance. She clung to his neck and wanted nothing more than to become one with him.

“Dear, you have to love me too!” Chen Baojiao grew bolder and became aroused as well while watching the other two kissing. She couldn’t stop herself from joining in as well.

In just a moment, an erotic atmosphere filled the entire building as the three continued on their kissing endeavor…

It had been several days since the group got together again. During this time, Li Qiye gave them pointers on cultivation. After handing the treasuries to Su Yonghuang, Li Qiye wanted to travel to the Buddhist Funeral Plateau.

Before leaving, Li Qiye turned into a different person, a young man with an elegant and scholarly temperament. However, there was a sense of openness emanating from his brows and an expression of freedom from looking at his back.

“Young Noble, this is…?” Both Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan were caught off guard because their Young Noble had never given a damn about anything and had no need to turn into someone else before.

“Chu Yuntian.” Li Qiye smiled: “Since the Middle Continent Princess wants to meet Chu Yuntian, I’ll let her meet Chu Yuntian.”

“Isn’t Chu Yuntian dead already?” Li Shuangyan was puzzled because back at the corpse burial ground when the Young Noble was talking about him with the princess, it sounded like he was already dead.

Li Qiye smiled mysteriously and slowly said: “This is a secret.”

“The princess wants to meet the real Chu Yuntian.” Su Yonghuang looked at him and asked: “Does that mean you are Chu Yuntian?”

“Chu Yuntian…” Li Qiye gazed at the horizon. After a while, he withdrew his gaze and smiled lightly: “There is no Chu Yuntian in this world. If he doesn’t exist, how could he be dead?”

The girls glanced at each other. They could guess a few secrets after hearing this, but if their Young Noble didn’t want to reveal it, they wouldn’t ask.

Near the time of parting, both Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao didn’t want to leave their Young Noble. Li Shuangyan was more restrained. Her cold eyes occasionally stole glances at him. Her chilling demeanor did not lessen her charm.

Chen Baojiao was much bolder. She stood by him and held his hand with a clear unwillingness to part.

“Fine, I’ll give you time to say goodbye.” Su Yonghuang smiled wryly and angrily glared at Li Qiye. She understood that he had given the two girls some love potions.

After Su Yonghuang left, Chen Baojiao coquettishly put her arms around his waist and asked: “Young Noble, may we go to the Buddhist Funeral Plateau with you?”

“You have to be sensible.” Li Qiye gently caressed her hair and said: “The secret treasuries are of utmost importance. You are all responsible for escorting the sect master back safely. After doing so, if you want to come, then do so. I’ll be staying at the Buddhist Funeral Plateau for a long time.”

“Long Live Young Noble!!” The beauty sprang up and cheered excitedly. At this time, she couldn’t help but give him a hot kiss.

“Okay, it is time to go.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

Li Shuangyan was still reserved, but it was time to part. She couldn’t restrain herself and gently looked up to give him a soft kiss as well.

“Go, there is still a lot of time. Wait until I’m done with the plateau, I will come back to the sect and stay for cultivation.” Li Qiye comforted her.

The icy beauty finally cracked a smile. At this time, she was extremely beautiful like the coming of spring!