Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045: Venerable Dry Peak

“The Sword Goddess is here…” Not long after Li Qiye’s arrival, someone shouted and drew a lot of attention.

In the present times, only Bai Jianzhen was qualified to have the title of Sword Goddess. She came holding her sword and had returned to the origin. No one dared to block her path as she walked forth; the spectators quickly made way.

In terms of battle records, she was not as illustrious as the Mortal King since he challenged everyone. As for prestige, she was lesser than Jikong Wudi; he had a triple saint aptitude and was untouchable. However, she was still quite dreadful in her own right.

There was a saying: when the mad sword comes out, meet god slay god, meet devil slay devil. No one wanted to test her fury because people said that it was quite horrifying. She even chased the Mortal King around. With nowhere to hide, he struggled to escape alive from the battle.

After coming here, she simply coldly glanced around and didn’t care for the group. She sat down next to a tree.

All the strong cultivators were gathered here. Suddenly, the atmosphere became heavy to the max. Everyone understood that a bloodbath was absolutely unavoidable.

Bing Yuxia looked around and said with a smile: “The lotus hasn’t come out yet, so does anyone want to fight first?”

However, no one took her up on it. The arrogant Jikong Wudi remained standing there. Lin Tiandi was still carefree and cool. Zhan Shi had no response, and the Mortal King was as immovable as a peak.

“How boring.” Bing Yuxia saw the group staying patient and knew that she wouldn’t be able to fight until the lotus appeared. She was too lazy to look at them, so her eyes fell upon Li Qiye instead.

At this moment, he was Chu Yuntian, so she naturally couldn’t recognize him. However, for some unknown reason, she felt that this Evil Buddha gave quite a familiar sensation. It was just that she couldn’t put her finger on it.

She felt that she had met him before but couldn’t recall the exact time.

“The current world is the playground of the young.” An old sect master gently sighed while looking at the geniuses lording over their respective territories. He chose not to compete for the lotus and retreated to the horizon to watch instead.

Despite their past feuds, the group remained calm and waited for the lotus flower’s appearance.

The tense atmosphere permeated this entire area. At the same time, an old man flew here and took a look around before focusing on the lake.

This old man exuded the aura of a paragon. It was quite oppressive. Moreover, he came with great fanfare, as if he was not afraid of antagonizing others.

“Venerable Dry Peak.” Someone recognized his identity and murmured: “I didn’t think someone of his status would actually work under the Soaring Heavenly Saintess.”

It turned out that this old man was a famous Virtuous Paragon. He was from a big sect and many people called him Venerable Dry Peak.

As a paragon, he shouldn’t have joined the banner of a junior, especially one like the saintess since she couldn’t compare to Jikong Wudi’s group. However, he actually went against the norm because he wanted to use the emissary behind the saintness to join the Soaring Immortal Sect. He wished to become an external disciple to pave the way for his sect in the future. 1

No one wanted to speak out against the venerable’s attitude, including the young geniuses. With their status and strength, they simply didn’t care for the saintess. However, they didn’t want to provoke the Soaring Immortal Sect behind her.

After all, it would be unwise for those who aspired to become an Immortal Emperor to oppose the Soaring Immortal Sect.

The venerable came to scout for the saintess. After glancing around, he knew the Buddhist lotus had yet to appear and was about to leave. However, he suddenly saw Evil Buddha.

“You are that Evil Buddha.” He went before Li Qiye and coldly stared at him.

The venerable’s aggressive maneuver against Li Qiye made the crowd look around at each other. Someone murmured: “The storm is finally brewing.”

Li Qiye smiled and replied: “That is what people call me.”

The venerable fiercely shouted: “You are the one who used evil arts to kill the Nantian Young King’s people!”

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “That would seem to be the case.”

Li Qiye acting as if he didn’t care at all left the venerable angry. He coldly stared at Li Qiye and raised his voice: “Monk, you are a Buddhist practitioner, so you shouldn’t involve yourself with mundane feuds. It is not too late to resolve this grievance; otherwise, even if you sever mortal ties, you still won’t have anywhere to go.”

Many people held their breaths after hearing this. They knew that the Nantian Young King was working for the Soaring Heavenly Saintess and was killed by Evil Buddha. The saintess absolutely wouldn’t let this go. Otherwise, how could she establish her prestige in the Mortal Emperor World?

“Oh, so you are saying that this grievance is resolvable.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh.

The venerable coldly uttered: “If you come with me now and kneel and beg for forgiveness before the saintess, then perhaps she will spare your life and show mercy. Otherwise…” At this point, he snorted with contempt.

“Otherwise what?” Li Qiye chuckled.

The venerable immediately snapped: “Otherwise, there will be no place for you in this world even if you leave the mundane realm! I’ll break your legs right now and drag you to see the saintess.”

“So you are saying that you are confident in being able to break my legs.” Li Qiye laughed in response.

Everyone was watching since they wanted to see Evil Buddha’s dharma.

“Monk, although your dharma might be peerless, you can’t rely on Buddhism while traveling in this world. Obediently comply or I’ll have to be forceful.” The venerable had heard of how the young king died. However, he didn’t pay it any mind. He felt that the young king was too weak and that his dao heart was not firm, so he was confused by the dharma. This kind of junior was too useless.

“Amitabha.” Li Qiye placed his palms together. In an instant, boundless Buddhist lights blossomed from his body and illuminated all four directions.

At this time, Buddhist hymns descended and gave birth to golden lotuses all over the sky. This powerful rhythm moved the entire Buddhist Funeral Plateau as Li Qiye turned into a Buddhist Lord.

“Go!” Many felt uneasy the moment Li Qiye began his chant. They didn’t want to be anywhere close to him lest his dharma control them.

Venerable Dry Peak was instantly submerged in the endless light. Under its powerful rhythm, his body froze and was drowned in the Buddhist sea. Despite being a Virtuous Paragon, he lost control over himself in this ocean and was instantly converted.

“Evil with grave sins should be exterminated!” Li Qiye continued on spewing out mantras. His decree resonated with the Buddhist hymns: “Go, subdue the evil!”

“Goodness, goodness.” After the decree came out, the venerable actually placed his palms together and turned around to leave. He instantly disappeared into the horizon.

Li Qiye’s light disappeared and he resumed his normal appearance. It seemed as if what happened just now was only an illusion.

“That’s it?” Many people felt disappointed after seeing the venerable leave. Some thought that he would commit suicide and were slightly let down by Li Qiye’s dharma.

A Virtuous Paragon stared at the faraway Buddhist City and murmured: “No, it’s more than that!”

“Ahh—!” Screams rang out from the city. Blood spurted everywhere where the Soaring Heavenly Saintess was staying. After the venerable returned, he started massacring the people in the camp!

“Something is happening!” The spectators noticed the commotion back at the city and immediately flew there to watch. Many experts opened their heavenly gaze to view it as well.

“Dry Peak, are you insane?!” Eventually, Dry Peak’s slaughter alarmed the other Virtuous Paragons under the saintness. One of them shouted and went to stop him.

“Rumble!” In a split second, the world spun. Virtuous Paragons had a showdown in the sky and broke through the firmament. Treasures slammed into each other, causing flames to spark and light up the sky.

“Ah!” Eventually, a shrill scream resounded. Venerable Dry Peak was assassinated by another paragon and this bizarre event finally concluded.

Back at the lake, many sects masters and paragons all witnessed that scene. They shivered and glanced over at Li Qiye.

People receded like the tides to maintain their distance.

Li Qiye using the dharma to control the Nantian Young King’s group was one thing. This could be attributed to their age, lack of cultivation, and brittle dao heart.

However, a paragon like Dry Peak was instantly crossed over by Li Qiye as well — this was too horrifying. If Li Qiye wanted to perform a mass conversion, wouldn’t he be able to instantly control countless experts?!

A cold sweat broke out as they thought about Venerable Dry Peak’s ultimate fate. In their eyes, Li Qiye was even more frightening than a devil.

Jikong Wudi’s group turned quite serious as well. Evil Buddha’s terrifying might once again exceeded their expectations!

Even Zhan Shi with his firm dao heart wasn’t sure if he could stay strong against Evil Buddha’s conversion!

Li Qiye only chuckled. He had grasped the true meaning of the Buddhist Funeral Plateau. In this place, he was able to control all Buddhist laws. Unless the existence in the Buddhist sea took action, he could convert just about anyone with his dharma!