Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1066

Chapter 1066: Heaven Relinquish Devil King

“No…” Li Qiye gently shook his head while carrying a commanding presence. The simplest of gestures from him could cause myriad devils to kneel. He explained: “This is a different existence, I am only borrowing his title.”

“Heaven Relinquish Devil King, abandoned by the heavens…” Li Shuangyan murmured.

“Yes, forsaken by even the high heavens, but so what?!” Li Qiye laughed as his evil flames engulfed the sky. He raised his palm upward and declared: “The high heavens is only a wretch.”

He was domineering enough in his devilish presence. Li Qiye had become Heaven Relinquish with an unspeakable charisma. Even though a Devil King was quite scary, they also had a fatal temptation to their charm.

“Borrowing alone is not enough to become a devil.” Mei Suyao was moved: “If the heart does not have evil, how can one rule the world by becoming a devil?!”

She was referring to the fact that borrowing someone’s form alone shouldn’t be enough to reach this level. If he didn’t have a devil heart, how could the evil flames be devouring the sky right now? How could he reign over the world as a devil?

“This place is the Devil World where one thought can turn one into a devil.” Li Qiye chuckled. In his current form, even his smile carried a strangely evil yet graceful aura.

“Just like Evil Buddha…” Bai Jianzhen’s expression shifted. Li Qiye had changed into Evil Buddha and now a Devil King. This transformation could be said to be without flaws; it was as if he was the real deal. In fact, this was now reality.

One could pretend to be a monk as well as borrow someone else’s name. However, the power of Buddhism and the evil presence couldn’t be faked.

For example, Heaven Relinquish standing before them was just like his name, where his flames assaulted the sky. It was a substantial manifestation.

“Have you cultivated the devil way before?” Even Li Shuangyan found it astonishing.

Prior to this, Li Qiye had cultivated Buddhism. In just a short amount of time, he became Evil Buddha with an unstoppable dharma.

“One thought can turn you into Buddha, but one thought can turn you into Devil as well.” Li Qiye only chuckled. He naturally wouldn’t reveal the secret in this.

There was a period when he used to stay in this lesser world for a long time. He became an invincible Devil King here, and before he left, he sealed his evil energy deep underground at this location.

This time, he became a devil once more. However, he didn’t use his own past name but rather one from a different Devil King. There was a reason for this choice.

“Where is the palanquin?” He ordered as an untouchable Devil King.

Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao had already prepared all the necessary items. They took out a palanquin for him.

Li Qiye sat on the carriage and commanded: “Raise it, let’s go. Remember, do not ask or say anything. Everything is up to me.”

The group acted as his bearers. Even a goddess like Mei Suyao could only take up this menial duty. However, she didn’t hesitate in carrying the palanquin at all. Her expression remained carefree and natural since she didn’t care for status.

If anyone were to see this, they would be scared silly. Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao was one thing, but Bai Jianzhen was the current Sword Goddess and Mei Suyao was even nobler. Hailing from the Eternal River School, she had unmatched looks and was praised as the number one beauty.

But at this moment, both of them could only carry Li Qiye’s palanquin.

Li Qiye sat on it and closed his eyes to rest, just like a king looking down on the world. Geniuses and invincible characters could only be his servants. This was true invincibility.

The four girls carried the carriage across rivers and hills into a remote region. Along the way, they met more dark cultivators who were protecting their spirit medicines; they were sleeping for the most part. However, when the palanquin came by, no matter how powerful these cultivators were, they immediately woke up to prostrate on the ground. Even though no words were exchanged, their expressions were full of respect.

The Devil World was a place where ranks mattered. Heaven Relinquish was an exceedingly high-ranked devil, so wherever he went, these dark cultivators would pay him respect.

Eventually, under Li Qiye’s guidance, the four girls carried the palanquin into a large river. After separating the current to make way, they instantly went down to the bottom of the river.

Finally, they sank into an extremely deep underwater abyss. They found that there were wisps of light in this region among the currents.

In this place was a crystal palace. However, it was closed and sealed off by a powerful force.

Li Qiye scowled after seeing the closed palace. In the blink of an eye, his devil flames soared and the entire palace trembled.

“Clikkk—” At this second, the palace slowly opened. A devil dragon swam out from within. This dragon was still a flood dragon since it had the unique characteristics of this race. However, it was on the verge of transforming into a true dragon.

It was extremely powerful and frightening and absolutely worse than some of the dark cultivators outside. It was at least at the same level as the old man sitting beneath the Sacrosanct Moontree.

“I didn’t know My Lord was coming, please forgive me.” The dragon lied on the ground and bowed respectfully.

Li Qiye remained emotionless with his terrifying evil aura surging about like the storm. He didn’t bother answering while the four girls carried his palanquin into the crystal palace.

There were countless lights emanating from the innumerable treasures in this place. Divine stones, heavenly weapons, immortal metals… these treasures were scattered randomly on the ground. It seemed that the devil dragon had no interest in these treasures.

Any cultivator would be driven crazy by the sight of this treasury. Li Qiye, on the other hand, didn’t care about these treasures. The girls were afraid of being seen through, so they maintained a calm demeanor. They focused on carrying Li Qiye’s palanquin without batting an eye at the treasures.

After entering the palace, Li Qiye sat on the throne without any hesitation. The devil dragon didn’t dare to show any slight. He stood to the side in a subservient manner. Nevertheless, he still stole several glances at the girls.

“What? Are you interested in my concubines?” Li Qiye coldly glared at the dragon as he sat proudly on the throne.

The dragon quickly fell to the ground and said: “Please forgive me, My Lord. This little one was only curious for a second.”

The girls blushed a bit after hearing Li Qiye, but they didn’t say anything to maintain the act.

Li Qiye didn’t become angry. He said indifferently: “I came to your place for just one item.”

“May I ask what My Lord desires? Just say the word and this little one will go grab it for you right away.” The dragon responded instantly.

Li Qiye coldly spoke: “In your crystal palace, the only item that can garner my attention is the flower in your Inner Chamber.”

The dragon began to hesitate after hearing the request. It softly spoke: “My Lord, about that, about that…”

Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively: “I know you want to use it for your Devil Imploration, so I won’t take it for nothing. Write down your wish. On a different day on the Evil Slaying Platform, your wish shall be on it!”

“Thank you, My Lord.” The dragon no longer hesitated and quickly bowed before going to grab the item.

After a while, the dragon came back and offered a jade box with both hands to Li Qiye. Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at it and accepted it right away.

“My Lord, this is my Devil Prayer.” The dragon respectfully gave Li Qiye his written wish as well. It was a divine jade engraved with his prayer.

“In the future on the Evil Slaying Platform, go to that place and your prayer shall be answered.” Li Qiye spoke coldly.

“Thank you for your grace.” The dragon prostrated again with true gratitude.

With a heartless demeanor, Li Qiye commanded: “Raise the palanquin.”

Having said that, he closed his eyes again with an imperious temperament. This was very suitable for his current identity as a Devil King.

The girls didn’t dare to snub him in the slightest. They immediately obeyed and carried the palanquin out of the crystal palace.

Once they left the river, Li Qiye casually threw the jade box to Li Shuangyan and said: “Little girl, this nice item is your reward.”

Li Shuangyan was a bit surprised. She calmed down, caught the box, and opened it. A sacred light emerged in an overwhelming yet flawless manner. Anyone who saw it would feel pure inside, as if nothing was holier than this item.

It was a lotus flower that resembled a jade carving. It was flawless — truly perfect.

“What kind of immortal lotus is this?” Even those who didn’t know better could tell that it was extraordinary from just a glance.

“Earthmother Sacred Lotus.” Li Qiye lightly said: “This flower is very useful for you since you cultivate the Void Imperfection Physique. With it, you will be able to unravel the more mystical aspects of the physique.”

“Thank you, Young Noble.” Li Shuangyan thanked him and put away the jade box.

“Young Noble swindled this immortal lotus from that devil dragon.” Chen Baojiao said: “If it finds out, it will definitely go crazy.”

Li Qiye disguising himself as Heaven Relinquish to trick the lotus from the dragon was too clever. He didn’t need to expend any effort and still managed to obtain such a peerless item.

“No, I didn’t lie to him.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “Though I am not the real Heaven Relinquish, I didn’t truly deceive him.”

This answer left the group a bit confused. They didn’t understand him.

“But you are not the real Heaven Relinquish.” Chen Baojiao commented.

“Yes, I’m not him.” Li Qiye smirked: “But the real Heaven Relinquish will help fulfill their prayers.”