Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107: Ambush

Li Qiye slowly said while smiling at Zhan Shi: “Good, prepare yourself mentally. The moment my grand dao comes out, it shall be invincible in this world. It is best if you go all out now.”

This bold declaration left others speechless. Only Li Qiye would utter such overbearing and arrogant words. Perhaps he was the only one who was qualified to do so as well.

For someone who has created thirteen palaces, whatever he said instantly became natural.

“Okay!” Zhan Shi shouted. With a loud blast, all of the two’s blood energy soared out and engulfed the dark domain.

With this, the domain became quite devilish. It now had a mysterious crimson color as if it had its own life.

At this time, Zhan Shi was devoid of blood energy. His skin withered as he suddenly aged a lot. All of his blood energy had been drained.

Nevertheless, he still didn’t show signs of weakening. On the contrary, he seemed to be even more powerful with a body made out of gold and a cold layer of skin. There was no trace of softness in his muscles, only the freezing touch of steel.

He was a golden god with a surging battle intent, one that could sweep through deities and devils. It was as if nothing could stop him in his current state!

“Going all out…” An old paragon knew what this was: “Even if they survive this battle, a few decades wouldn’t be enough to replenish their lost blood energy.”

Earlier, the two lost too quickly after Li Qiye showed his Heaven Suppression Fist. They didn’t have a chance to use all of their blood energy.

“Okay, watch carefully to see the real power of thirteen palaces.” Li Qiye uttered: “The one and only grand dao in all the eons!”

“Boom!” The palaces positioned themselves above the nine heavens and instantly disappeared. It transformed with an unbelievable speed. At this time, everyone could hear the explosions of an endless primordial force descending to drown the Divine Ascension Dao. This power swallowed the entire world.

Even the biggest stars were no more than specks of dust inside the endless primordial assaulting the sky. Even the entire Lesser Imperial Devil World was a tiny ship clutching to its life in a torrential ocean. It was not enough to reach the apex and might be destroyed at any time.

“What will the thirteen palaces turn into?” Everyone was eagerly waiting for the moment the transformation was complete.

Everyone knew that four palaces formed a domain, eight turned into a kingdom, and twelve became the heavens. Then what about thirteen? No one knew the answer to this question since it had never appeared before in history.

“Nirvana Heavens!” A perennial, unchanging figure emerged inside the primordial chaos. No one knew whether this figure was Li Qiye’s real body or a dao body from the future.

It gently sighed and suddenly, time was stopped. It seemed that even after millions and millions of years, this quiet sigh would still exist.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Countless experts fell to the ground. Everyone felt intimidated in the face of this eternal figure. It stood between the heaven and earth, causing everything else to return to their origin.

Ordinary cultivators felt everything stripped from them. In the end, only fear was left.

“Buzz.” In an instant, a grand dao was laid out in the endless chaos. This was an initial form of a grand dao. No one could see what it was, but the moment it appeared, nothing could reach the apex. Even heavenly dao could only vainly struggle before this grand dao.

It could even be said that before this grand dao, all other dao became insignificant insects.

This was not to say that the moment Li Qiye’s grand dao came out, he would be unstoppable. To be more exact, its emergence caused even the strongest existences to become as tiny as specks of dust. All were unworthy of mention.

“Crack—” The Divine Ascension Dao couldn’t withstand this new grand dao. Many cracks appeared in the domain.

Li Qiye had yet to attack, but the duo’s grand dao was already showing signs of collapse.

No one would ever deny the strength of the Divine Ascension Dao. If one of them could become the Immortal Emperor, then this combination attack would turn into one of the strongest Immortal Emperor dao in this world.

However, it was already collapsing to the initial form of Li Qiye’s grand dao. If his grand dao was complete, everything would be annihilated the moment it came out.

Everyone knew that his grand dao would be devastating, but they didn’t expect for it to be this mighty. Many people turned pale at this terrifying sight.

“Open for me!” Zhan Shi and Lin both roared. Their blood energy surged through the entire dark domain and gathered into many drops of longevity blood.

“Zzz—” All the longevity blood drops began to sizzle. With its burning came a horrifying power beyond imagination that brought the Divine Ascension Dao together.

“Heaven Sacrifice…” All were aghast. Some were scared out of their minds and couldn’t bear to watch any longer: “Using their longevity blood as an offering to the heavenly dao, why the need to go so far!”

“No…” Some even screamed for the duo; they were unwilling to see this scene.

There was nothing else to say about their determination. Heaven Sacrifice was a suicidal endeavor. Once they burned up all of their longevity blood, even if they could defeat Li Qiye, only death would await them.

Even if the fight were to end before all of their blood was expended, they would still lose a significant portion of their lifespan. They would likely die shortly afterward.

For talented youths like them, they would definitely reach the peak in the future and live for at least several tens of thousands of years.

But after this offering, once they had no more longevity blood to burn, they could only live for some centuries, decades, or even only a few years!

Li Qiye slowly told the two: “You have to think clearly, this is your last chance.”

“Come, let us witness the power of your grand dao.” Zhan Shi shouted. They increased the rate of blood burning. After a loud blast, the Divine Ascension Dao became whole again.

“So be it.” Li Qiye inside the chaos pushed down his palm. The crushing grand dao sucked everything dry. Time, space, and the power of the grand dao were all affected and on the verge of being destroyed.

“Crack—” The Divine Ascension Dao was about to collapse once more. Little pieces of the dao were falling at a quickening pace.

“Go!” Zhan Shi leaped into the sky and Lin appeared again. The two of them rotated around each other and their domain actually turned into a Yin Yang Fish. It carried the two into the sky. This was their ultimate and most powerful blow.

A courageous strike without any hesitation with the style of a hero never to return.

“Well done!” Li Qiye’s grand dao finally erupted. Wisps of light blossomed and each of them annihilated everything as if wishing to bring about a new age by creating an entirely new world.

No one wanted to see this scene. Regardless of how strong the duo’s attack might be, they would still be blown to smithereens by Li Qiye’s grand dao.

“Buzz!” While Li Qiye was using the strongest attack the world had ever seen to strike the duo, a ray of lightning countless times faster than light swept by. It didn’t make a sound until it traveled its distance.

It was far too fast to the point where no one could see it. What was even more frightening was that the world seemed to be cursed by its coming. Even an Immortal Emperor would be hexed all the same by this curse, causing the entire world to tremble.

“Pluff!” A long while after the lightning’s sound finally rang out, everyone saw an incredible scene. The cursed lightning ray pierced through Li Qiye’s chest. This region was instantly charred.

It was too terrifying and heaven-defying. Even when Li Qiye used his extreme speed with the Soaring Immortal Physique, he still couldn’t dodge it.

No one expected someone to be vile enough to ambush Li Qiye at this moment. No one wanted to commit such a shameless and dirty act. This would make the world mock them, a lifetime of disdain.

Even if some people had expected this sneak attack, the lightning ray was too fast anyway. A Godking still wouldn’t be able to stop this lightning ray to save Li Qiye.

“Bang!” Li Qiye fell down from the sky in front of all the spectators.

Everyone went silly at this second. They couldn’t calm down, not even Lin and Zhan Shi who were at a complete loss.

“Heavenly Imperial Malediction!” A God-Monarch calmed down even though he was still scared out of his wits due to this curse.

“Get the hell down here!” The first to react was Mei Suyao. She instantly attacked and crushed the sky.

“Bang!” In the deep recess, someone was knocked down by Mei Suyao and couldn’t hide any longer.

“Jikong Wudi…” A spectator shouted in horror after seeing this person forced to reveal himself.