Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1156

Chapter 1156: The Beginning At The Heaven Spirit World

The Heaven Spirit World was an aquatic realm. Magnificent oceans spanned for as far as the eyes could see.

In the distant years, there was a popular phrase — come to the Heaven Spirit World if you want to see the ocean.

This phrase accurately summed up the Heaven Spirit World. No other oceans in the nine worlds were as grand as those found here…

One couldn’t escape water in this world. Tidal waves surged to the sky while undersea craters that spanned for endless miles existed as well. Plenty of spirit stones refined by the oceans were scattered about.

Come to the Heaven Spirit World and one would be able to see scenes that they had never seen before.

For example, one part of the ocean was split in the middle, leaving water pouring down from both sides.

Another sight was where the ocean’s water was refined into huge pillars. They propped islands up to the sky so the islands looked like they were hovering in the air.

One more common sight was the ocean being split into different roads. These aquatic roads were refined into stones, allowing people to go towards any direction…

It was a world of unimaginable scenes. Very few continents could be found here, but there were many mountain ranges. Most of the land was created by the refinement of water, turning liquid into solid forms.

Great coral reefs were around as well with great trees sticking out from the water. These reefs and plants grew at the bottom of the sea. They formed many forests — the habitat for countless creatures…

There were three main oceans and one continent in this world. The three oceans were the Abyss Sea, the Jade Sea, and the Dragon Demon Sea.

The continent was named Godhalt, the only one in this world. Even though there were other land masses, they were not called continents. Godhalt was the only true continent and was great in size.

However, not too many living beings were willing to live on the Godhalt Continent as there weren’t many sects and nations established here.

Just the name alone was enough for people to understand; this was a place where even gods had to slow their pace. How suitable could a place with a name like this be for building a happy home?

In this world, if the Abyss Sea was the most majestic yet bizarre, then the Jade Sea was the most charming and magnificent with its blue sky and water. Many people liked such an enchanting location.

As for this world’s inhabitants, there were three main races, the Charming Spirit Race, Treants, and the Sea Demon Race. The Treants and Sea Demon Race were existences only found in the Heaven Spirit World, and they would only live here as well.

For some unknown reason, the Treants and Sea Demon Race were not included among the major races of the nine worlds. Generally speaking, the major races included humans, demons, golems… No one knew why these two particular races weren’t included because they were extremely prosperous. Only the charming spirits were comparable compared to them in the Heaven Spirit World.

This was the playground of the charming spirits, treants, and sea demons. As for the other races like humans and golems, they were considered very rare in this world. This was doubly true for the human race; they were rare to the point of being extremely precious.

Golden Isle was a very powerful lineage in the Jade Sea and even across the entire Heaven Spirit World. As a lineage of the Treants, it had two Treefathers. This great heritage allowed them to tread proudly throughout the world.

A festive mood was in the air today because Golden Isle was holding a groom competition. If selected, the winner would take the main descendant of Golden Isle as their wife.

This time, only men from the human race were allowed to participate. At the Heaven Spirit World, when a lineage or race wanted a groom or prince-in-law, they would only demand for human males. Princesses and descendants with extremely powerful bloodlines or even those that reached atavism desired a marriage with human males.

Humans were very scarce in the Heaven Spirit World. At the same time, they had a special job — the breeding stallion! Their job was to mate with treants, sea demons, and even charming spirits for offspring.

Of course, these races with ordinary bloodlines mating with humans didn’t have a big effect. However, if they inherited a mighty bloodline to an atavistic level, then this would greatly highlight the superiority of the human race in terms of breeding.

If the three great races mated with each other, they could still give birth to a powerful bloodline. However, the child would likely inherit the weaker bloodline.

Although mating within the same race could result in an even stronger bloodline for their offspring, the chance of a successful reproduction was abysmal.

A charming spirit with a powerful bloodline mating with another charming spirit had a high chance of only giving birth to one offspring or even none at all!

Powerful bloodlines competed with each other, thus it was difficult for a true integration for offspring. And here was where the human race came in.

It was the race with the strongest reproductive power — no one would deny this claim.

At the same time, mating with a human with a powerful bloodline would result in a great integration with the three great races’ own bloodlines.

For example, when a charming spirit mated with a golem, their offspring had a large chance of inheriting the characteristics of both races.

This was not the case when mating with a human. The bloodline of the charming spirit would maintain its purity while the human bloodline would not actively compete against it. Most importantly, even if both bloodlines were of the same power, the human bloodline would often be suppressed by the other races’ bloodline. Their descendants would only inherit the charming spirits and sea demons’ traits while forgoing the powerful human bloodline.

Unless this human bloodline was of the Immortal Emperor level, the other three great races had an absolute advantage in mating for certain bloodline under normal circumstances.

Because of this, humans had an extraordinary role as stallions in the Heaven Spirit World!

In the human race, both mortals and cultivators were welcomed as long as they had a strong pedigree. Some were even treated as treasures and earned the favor from other powerful races.

This groom selection at Golden Isle had many decent human cultivators participating. They must pass the first examination from the isle.

The stronger the human bloodline, the higher the reproductive capability when mating with a charming spirit. Such a bloodline was especially popular and loved.

In the present times, the stronger the lineage was, the better the method they had to measure one’s bloodline — this was true for both charming spirits and treants.

The test took place on a high platform with a powerful array surrounding it. The surfaces were created from refined jades. Only people with powerful bloodlines would be able to pass through these jade surfaces.

The number of surfaces passed was the measurement of one’s bloodline. Today, the final result of the examination was determined. A very stout young man had crossed through more than thirty surfaces of refined jades to become the winner.

He stood on the platform and raised his arms while shouting in excitement: “Who else wants to take on this challenge?”

This muscular young man had golden hair just like a lion while his blood energy was quite pure. This meant that his bloodline was both powerful and pure; a truly incomparable human bloodline.

The elders from Golden Isle nodded in satisfaction after seeing this. The bloodline examination in this place had a total of 108 surfaces and could be said to be the most complete testing ground in the world.

Until now, no one had ever been able to pass through all of these surfaces, but if someone could, then it meant that their bloodline was absolutely matchless.

In this day and age, a human bloodline that could penetrate through thirty surfaces was already quite exceptional. After all, the nine worlds had been closed off from each other for a good thirty thousand years. No new blood had been added to the Heaven Spirit World so the human race’s bloodline was on a decline.

“Anyone? Anyone dares to take on this challenge?” The youth stood there and flexed to show off his muscles while shouting.

In his eyes, becoming the groom of Golden Isle was the same as a carp turning into a dragon. He would become a big shot overnight.

“Swoosh!” At this time, a figure suddenly flashed through the sky from the distant horizon. Before anyone knew what was going on, this figure slammed into the youth on the platform with a loud bang and made his blood jet out.

After crashing into the youth, this figure kept on going.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The figure instantly smashed through the 108 jade surfaces on the platform.

“Boom!” When this figure went through all the surfaces, the entire array activated and a powerful ray suddenly enveloped them. The formation here was stimulated by this powerful bloodline and began to emit endless dao runes.

The dao runes surrounded this figure as if they wanted to analyze their bloodline and origin.