Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1361

While Li Qiye chased after the shadow, the daoist's group could only wait on the boneship. Even though time continued to tease them, the experienced group could remain calm and patiently waited for Li Qiye's return.

However, there was no sign of him after a while. Qianbei felt quite anxious. He looked around and worriedly said: "Could something have happened to Young Noble Li? It has been such a long time, I wonder if he has met some trouble."

Jianshi calmly responded: "Don't worry, he is more careful than anyone else. He wouldn't take action without being certain, so he can definitely escape unscathed under any circumstance."

Both the girls were full of confidence in Li Qiye. Even though it has been quite a long time since his departure, they still believed that he would be back just fine.

The daoist also nodded: "Brother Li is completely unfathomable. In my eyes, he might not be treating the Bonesea too seriously. This location can't hinder him either."

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Qianbei heaved a sigh of relief after hearing these big characters' words. The group continued to wait without any new developments.

After a while, the ship began to tremble. Loud explosions came about as if it was the end of the world.

"What's going on?" The group was shocked. At first, they thought an evil spirit was attacking the ship. However, they quickly found that this trembling wasn't caused by the region but the ship itself.

Qianbei noticed rays of light rushing out of the ship and shouted in astonishment: "It's Fairy!"

The rest quickly rushed inside and found the source of the commotion. The initially calm Fairy was now emitting an immortal brilliance like a sun that was about to erupt.

Her light seemed to be forming its own world. The most frightening part was that the power within was completely matchless. It seemed that this was an everlasting power that had been slumbering for countless years. However, it was waking up at this very moment.

What was even scarier was her unstable status. Her expression kept on changing from happy to sad. Her unstable mood made this boundless immortal light unstable as well. This matchless power was about to explode at any moment. Even though it was still contained within her body, the escaping plumes of light were already frightening enough.

These were mere insignificant strands of power. If the entire force of her world were to escape, it would be completely invincible and world-destroying. Not even an Immortal Emperor could top this.

"Crack!" The boneship couldn't withstand this escaping power. Cracks appeared throughout the ship at an alarming rate. If this were to continue, the ship will disintegrate completely.

"Crack! Splash!" The sound of the ship crumbling was followed by the splash of water. Parts of the ship had fragmented and fell into the sea.

The group was aghast while Liu Ruyan shouted in fear: "Stop her or this ship is done for!"

The daoist shouted back: "How? Who can stop her?" His diamond physique couldn't even withstand a single strike from her. The physique that was supposedly indestructible seemed as soft as tofu, so who could try to stop this invincible woman? This was an existence on the level of emperors, so attempting to stop her was equivalent to courting death.

Ruyan said: "Senior Sister, try comforting her. We'll move to the deck to evacuate." Jianshi was the most gentle among them, so she was the most suitable to calming Fairy.

The group left while Jianshi took a deep breath. She approached Fairy and softly said: "Little Sister, take a deep breath and stabilize your emotions—"

"Bang!" She was only a couple feet away from Fairy, but the powerful force slammed into her. She was shocked and unleashed her blood energy in order to block the force, but it was futile. She was blown away and spun several times in the air before landing on the deck. Nevertheless, her churning blood energy made her spit out blood.

"Sister, are you alright?" Ruyan quickly came and helped her up.

Jianshi was pale, but she managed to nod. She was only blown away and didn't suffer any internal injuries.

Qianbei was frightened. He had seen Jianshi's power before, but she didn't even have an opportunity to get close to Fairy right now.

"Crack!" More cracks and crumbling noises appeared. A part of the hull has now fallen.

"I'll give it a shot!" The daoist took note of this and made up his mind. He took a deep breath as his body lit up with a golden light. At this moment, he has channeled his diamond physique to its limit.

He walked closer to Fairy while talking at the same time: "Miss, we bear no ill-will and only want to help you. Please steady your thoughts—"

He didn't even get close before the same force assaulted him. He composed himself as his golden light gushed out and defended him while he closed the gap.

"Buzz!" However, the most terrorizing force in this world came crashing down on him. His body began to deform as if there was a great boulder on top of him, but he didn't give up and gritted his teeth to continue forward. Alas, this force from Fairy was too powerful; it continued to destroy his diamond physique.

Even though this physique was capable of swift recovery, it was of no use under this pressure.

"Click!" As he moved forward, the physique couldn't bear the force any longer. A long crack appeared on his body. He continued to advance, but more cracks appeared with blood seeping out of them. The diamond physique was now unable to heal his wounds at all.

"Bang!" Ultimately, he failed to reach Fairy. His body was blown away in a worse fashion than Jianshi. He flew out of the ship like a shooting star.

Fortunately, Ruyan reacted fast enough and summoned a rope to drag him back to the boneship. Otherwise, he would have fallen into the sea.

"Bang!" At this time, the deck cracked while the ship was nearly split into two.

"What now?" Qianbei was blanched with fear. Drowning will be their fate if this ship were to sink.

"We have to abandon ship, but there isn't another one we can transfer to right now." Ruyan's expression changed as she made this decision.

Jianshi looked at Fairy who was still sitting motionlessly inside and worriedly asked: "What about Fairy?"

They had no solution due to her immortal brilliance. They didn't dare to approach, so they wanted to escape. However, there was no way of bringing her with them. If she were to die with the sinking ship, they wouldn't be able to face Li Qiye. They glanced at each other in this difficult moment of powerlessness.

"Splash!" Suddenly, a shuttle rushed out of the sea and jumped onto the deck.

"Young Noble, you're finally back." Ruyan quickly shouted while the rest was ecstatic.

Li Qiye was surprised to see Fairy's current state as well. He ordered: "Everyone, get ready to abandon ship!"

Having said that, he took a deep breath and approached Fairy. However, the same thing happened to him. The moment he approached, a bone-crushing sound came about. Blood immediately stained his robe as her invincible power began to grind him down!