Emperor’s Domination – Chapter 137: Treasure of the Gods (1)

Li Qiye regained his wits and slowly walked towards the frog lying on the dao platform. He didn’t expect that this frog which had escaped earlier was now lying here motionless.

“What is that?”

Chen Baojiao looked at the dao platform ahead, and was stunned for a moment, then she murmured:


Li Shuangyan softly whispered, and indicated for Chen Baojiao to keep quiet. She was also staring at this frog on the dao platform. She knew that Li Qiye yearned for this frog day and night, and unsuccessfully chased after it for hundreds of thousand miles.

Li Qiye went on to the dao platform but this frog was still not moving. There was a seed the size of a thumb on the back of its neck. It was not easy to look at, long and barbed in its blackness.

“Little Thing, look at you, what treasure did you find.”

At this moment, Li Qiye understood why this frog did not run. The problem was on the seed on its head.

Even Li Qiye had to change his expression, he squatted down and stared at the seed, then slowly spoke:

“Unfathomable, after so many years but it still managed to survive till now.”

Anyone who knew the origin of this seed would be shock, the seed of the Evil Typha Tree, a rarity throughout the ages!

That year, the seed of the Evil Typha Tree had matured for tens of million years, it was then that its nemesis, the Six Dao Lotus, took action along with Li Qiye and Immortal Emperor Xue Xi to ambush it at this place.

That battle was incredibly deadly. One had to know that the Evil Typha Tree had grown after countless of moons, growing here since the Desolate Era. It was the supreme Evil Lord of this separate world! But after being ambushed by its nemesis the Six Dao Lotus along with the Dark Crow Li Qiye and Immortal Emperor Xue Xi, even a powerful being such as it couldn’t escape death.

When its main body was destroyed, the Evil Typha Tree wanted to send its seed away, but it was burned by the supreme immortal flame of Immortal Emperor Xue Xi, and penetrated by the Six Dao Reincarnation technique from the Six Dao Lotus. It could be said that the seed that escaped into the ground had no hope of survival.

Unexpectedly, after million years have passed, the seed which basically had a death sentence on it could heal its wound, but it only didn’t have a good opportunity to germinate.

This frog was the nemesis of spirit medicine and immortal plants. After it was full, it rushed into the cave and found this seed. The frog at first wanted to consume it, but the seed wasn’t just for show, so it rode on the frog’s head instead.

Both had heaven frightening origins, and they were assaulting each other, but the frog’s neck was clamped by the seed, and no one could do anything to the other. The frog was intelligent, it found this place and wanted to borrow the dao platform to kill the seed, but unfortunately Li Qiye also came to this place.

“Little Thing, you are no good.”

Li Qiye crouched down next to it, and cheerfully said:

“Such a seed, you won’t be able to escape it. How about we make a deal, you follow me, and I will help you remove it. Otherwise, after a long period of time, it will take root on your head. At that time, your fate will be miserable.”

The frog looked at Li Qiye, and after a long time, it let out a cry. Without a doubt, it was agreeing with the condition of Li Qiye.

“This is how it should be.”

Li Qiye smiled. He took out the lotus ashes and lightly sprayed it on the seed. The seed couldn’t handle it, and immediately shrank, rolling up into an armor.

When the seed fell down from the neck of the frog, it tried to run away, but with the lotus ashes sprinkled on its body, it was running away with the speed of a tortoise.

“Want to run away? Don’t even think about it today.”

Li Qiye caught the seed in a treasure box filled with lotus ashes and buried it inside. Even though the seed was formidable, but the lotus ashes were its weakness. Being buried in the ashes, it was up to the mercy of Li Qiye so it could only contract its thorns, and went to sleep.

Li Qiye obtained the seed of the Evil Typha Tree, then motioned his palm towards the frog, and laughed:

“Little Thing, it is time for you to come back home. In this world, only I can tap into your true potential.”

At this point, the frog was quiet, then it jumped into the palm of Li Qiye. As it was lying on his palm, it slowly turned into stone, and in the end transformed into a tiny cauldron with the shape of a frog.

Seeing the frog turning into a tiny cauldron, not only Li Shuangyan, but even Niu Fen were astonished.

“This is not any Mythological Beast, but a Heavenly Cauldron!”

Li Shuangyan exclaimed in amazement. They chased this frog the entire way, so the group of Li Shuangyan thought that this ordinary frog was a Mythological Beast or Immortal Spirit, but they didn’t expect for it to be a Heavenly Cauldron.

Li Qiye carefully put away the Heavenly Cauldron, and smilingly said:

“I did not say it was an Immortal Spirit or Mythological Beast. Thats right, it is a Heavenly Cauldron!”

A supreme peerless Heavenly Cauldron, but of course, he didn’t say this phrase.

The group of Li Shuangyan couldn’t help but glanced at each other. Heavenly Cauldrons are indeed rare and hard to obtain, but this was not the style of Li Qiye. No matter how precious a Heavenly Cauldron, how could it compare to a precious million year old Longevity Spirit? Could it compare to precious Immortal Gold? It definitely couldn’t compare.

But Li Qiye did not look for the treasure metals and godly ores hidden beneath the Evil Infested Ridge, and even threw the life ring of a one million year old Longevity Spirit like scrap metal down, yet he gave so much value to this Heavenly Cauldron!

This made Li Shuangyan and Niu Fen realized that this frog was certainly not a simple Heavenly Cauldron, however, since Li Qiye didn’t say anything, they didn’t dare to ask.

At this point, Li Qiye picked up the floating sword on the dao platform. This sword was like the black and white obsidian ores, naturally forming into a sword.

This sword was extremely heavy, more substantial than any other Life Treasures created by Godly Steel.


The moment the sword was in his hand, in a flash, it instantly unleashed two rays of lights, one as luminous as the immortal’s brilliance while the other as aphotic as the devil’s aura. The two rays twisting together and continually circulated, like a Tai Chi Ying Yang Fish, without beginning or end, clearly defined Yin and Yang!

Grasping this sword was controlling righteous and evil and controlling Yin and Yang. Inside the aggregation of the black and white rays, there were floating ancient runes This light was as vast as the endless oceans. Inside this ocean, there was a hidden boundless grand dao, encompassing the ancient profound truths since the start of time when the Gods and Devils ruled!

“After millions of years, I didn’t expect it to absorb the two primal forces, conflicting yet harmonious, truly a creation from the heaven and earth.”

Holding this word, Li Qiye emotionally sighed.

This sword had a heaven frightening origin! When the Six Dao Lotus was fighting against the Evil Typha Tree, he along with Immortal Emperor Xue Xi ambushed the tree and its soul was destroyed and its fate determined.

Knowing that it would die, the ancient Primordial Foundation of the Evil Typha Tree comparable to the gods escaped from its body and hid underground.

One had to know that the Primordial Foundation of the Evil Typha Tree was unfathomable. If the Evil Typha Tree completed its dao during the Desolate Era, then its Primordial Foundation lived during the Legendary Era that was completely unknown!
Keep in mind that the Evil Typha Tree reached its God Transformation Dao by growing above the Primordial Foundation! The Primordial Foundation from this era was impossible to trace.

Back when the Primordial Foundation escaped, Li Qiye as the Dark Crow along with Immortal Emperor Xue Xi were not able to chase after it. In a flash, the Primordial Foundation of the Six Dao Lotus also left its body. The two wrapped around each other and fought to the bitter end, they both rushed underground. Afterward, Li Qiye and Immortal Emperor Xue Xi couldn’t find the Primordial Foundations of the Evil Typha Tree nor the Six Dao Lotus.

For both the Evil Typha Tree and the Six Dao Lotus, losing their Primordial Foundations meant death!

Li Qiye didn’t expect that both of these Primordial Foundations fought to the bitter end, and twisted into one and became a sword!

The Primordial Foundations had too many things inside them, this was the truly the inheritance of the godly tree and the evil tree!

“Good sword…”

Niu Fen was aware, after seeing this sword, he emotionally said:

“If there was a Godly Monarch Weapon, at the very best it would just be like this.”

“This is the Godly Monarch Weapon?”

At this point, Chen Baojiao was also shocked, seeing the dao platform absorbing the blood diamond rays, and said:

“So to speak, this is the treasure of the gods?”

Chen Baojiao was here for the godly law, the Godly Monarch Weapon was not tempting to her, but their laws moved her desires.

“Treasure of the gods?”

Li Qiye bursted out in laughter, and shook his head:

“There are no gods in this place, so it does not have a treasure of the gods. Heh, if there is really a treasure of the god, you think it will be your turn to get it?”
“Then what is inside?”

Chen Baojiao stared at the dao platform as big as a huge boulder. This dao platform seemed to be used to hold valuable things, especially when it was emitting blood diamond lights. Anyone would guess that there would be extraordinary things inside.

“I’m afraid you don’t want to know this.”

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes, and said:

“Inside, is filled with the temptation of the devil. Opening it would be opening the devil’s box, and the moment the devil will come.”

Li Qiye’s demeanor didn’t seemed like he was joking around. It left Chen Baojiao and the group of Li Shuangyan to be surprised. At this time, they realized what was going on.

“Come on, this is when we shall be hunting devils.”

Li Qi Ye commanded the others.

The group of Li Shuangyan didn’t dare to linger. They immediately stood on top of the dao platform. Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but asked:

“There are really devils here?”

“What do you think?”

Li Qiye glanced at her once, and said:

“The roots that were chasing you earlier are what? Do you think that those are just tree roots with their own consciousness? Heh, they were only the things growing on its body.”

Hearing Li Qiye, Chen Baojian became afraid. Thinking back on the tree roots like the flood earlier, it there was something that could be considered as devils, then those roots earlier indeed belonged in that category.