Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1378

People were shocked to see Zhentian being suppressed by the dao. In the minds of many in Heaven Spirit, he was a character that was simply invincible. But now, Li Qiye was able to stop him. Even though he was borrowing the forbidden zone's power, this wasn't something anyone could do.

Li Qiye looked at Cao Guojian and insipidly stated: "Unfortunately, your master can't save you either."

The spectators held their breaths since they could imagine what was about to happen to Cao Guojian. Even those who had ties with Zhentian didn't dare to speak up on Guojian's behalf, let alone come out to save him.

Guojian's expression was ash-gray. He knew that if his master gets distracted to try and save him, it would bring about great danger. He no longer relied on this since he didn't want his master to risk himself, so he coldly uttered: "Li, the winner takes all. I have nothing to say, do your worst."

Li Qiye chuckled: "You actually have some backbone. Very well, I'll fulfill your wish."

"Crack!" Furious crushed Guojian's neck. His head tilted to the side to meet his end.

People felt a cold chill after witnessing this death. Meng Zhentian was present on this continent, yet he was unable to save his own disciple. This scene was so shocking that people inadvertently touched their own necks after sensing the chill.

Regardless of how strong one might be or what their backing is, they must think carefully before opposing Li Qiye. To take it a step further, they must be prepared for death because their backing wouldn't be able to save them. Cao Guojian was the perfect example.

Some people felt their hearts tighten. They believed that coming from an imperial or sea god lineage, their ancestors would be invincible in this world. Outsiders would have to give them face, they wouldn't dare to cross the line.

But now, Li Qiye didn't give a damn about anyone's background and identity. He would decisively kill both the Roaring Conch and Meng Zhentian. No one could stop his murderous path.

The gazes here told the tale, and this was true for the Profound Monarch as well. His deep and fierce eyes changed quite a bit. Despite his enmity with Li Qiye, he chose against seeking revenge for his concubine. Prior to this, he couldn't see through Li Qiye's strength but still knew that he wasn't a match. At this moment, he learned that it was quite a far-sighted choice. Li Qiye's power far exceeded his imagination. Perhaps in the current generation, only Meng Zhentian could match him!

The Swiftdao God was moved as well. He had to admit that only Meng Zhentian was qualified to fight against Li Qiye in the present. As a proud man, he thought that he could catch up to Zhentian in just a few years. But now, it looked like it wasn't just Meng Zhentian, Li Qiye was also a powerful rival!

"Okay, anyone else have something to say?" Li Qiye smiled and stood up.

Everyone was silent. No one dared to state their opinion about him.

"No one? That's good." Li Qiye looked around the crowd before entering the altar with a faint smile on his face.

While watching the light turn into weapons on the altar, he absentmindedly mused: "How much longer can a place like this exist?"

He was standing on the spot Terra occupied earlier. Everyone knew that this was the entrance to the altar via a small boat. Of course, no one dared to compete for this spot against Li Qiye, they all obediently stood to the side.

Anticipation ran high. Everyone was waiting for the boat to appear once more to see if they could have a chance after Li Qiye enters. After a long time, a light finally came down and turned into a little boat. Li Qiye sat down, letting it take him towards the tower.

At this moment, even Ruyan and Jianshi were anxious for Li Qiye's success because their Windchase Break was inside. When the boat finally arrived in front of the tower, Li Qiye went out without hesitation.

"Boom!" The miniature tower came down from the sky with a heaven-suppressing momentum. Anyone would fall victim to its pressure.

Some even gasped at this sight. They understood that it didn't matter whether one came using this boat or went through the altar itself, they would be subjected to this attack.

Li Qiye didn't bat an eye at this scene. He flung his sleeve and spread his palm. In the blink of an eye, he formed more than ten mudras. They were mysterious and indescribable. Even the talented Puresun couldn't understand all of these hand seals.

"Clank! Clank! Clank!" The weapons nearby emitted hymns and turned back into little lights that resembled springs. Next, the unbelievable happened. These gushing lights actually came together to stop the suppression of the miniature tower.

The tower was floating in this endless light and looked just like a fountain — quite beautiful.

Jaws dropped to the ground. No one knew that these weapons could be used like this. Anyone would have been attacked by them after climbing the altar. Who would have thought that these weapons could be used to repel the suppression of the tower?

Unfortunately, Li Qiye's mudras were too fast. No one could see through them at all. Li Qiye himself didn't bother giving them a second glance. It wasn't strange for him to know this particular method since this was not his first time here. He had brought Immortal Emperors to this place to comprehend the dao.

He placed his palm on the tower's door. Many strands of dao laws began to swim in his palm. They floated to the tower like water. A long while later, ancient profound runes emerged on the door itself. They would sometimes look like a Kun Peng diving into the sea or leaping towards the sky. They were quite agile and lifelike.

As he continued to move his palm, these convoluted runes came together to form a disc. It looked like an astronomical disc with stars scattered across it. Perhaps every star was its own world gestating millions of existences.

"Creak—" Li Qiye turned the celestial disc and the door slowly opened, allowing him to step inside. It squeaked again and closed after his entrance.

Everyone watched him disappear into the tower and finally understood what his words before meant. He said that he was the only one qualified to enter the tower. At that time, many thought that he was arrogant and wanted to monopolize the tower for himself. But now, they realized that this wasn't the meaning behind his words.

Even if one could safely reach the tower, they wouldn't be able to enter without knowing how to open the door.

Profound quietly asked Puresun: "Brother, does our sect have any records about this?"

Puresun pondered for a moment before gently shaking his head: "I'm not sure. In our vast records, our Immortal Emperor Yan Shi has left behind a scroll regarding the Bonesea, but it has disappeared along with a certain ancestor. Who knows what exactly is written on it?"

For a sect like Gu Chun's four branches, they had a voluminous library. Outside of all types of merit laws, there were also obscured scrolls or tales of personal adventures from their ancestors.

In order to find specific information inside the great library was akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, Puresun was quite talented and could be praised as the one who has read the most within his sect. Not only was he the most powerful among the younger generation, he was the most knowledgeable as well.

This was precisely why the proud Profound would often ask Puresun for help whenever he encountered some matters that puzzled him.