Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1504

The old man stood there staring at Li Qiye. His bright eyes made everyone feel a sense of dread.

“An Emperor Assailant!” The old monarch became stunned to see the pair of world-destroying eyes. After regaining his wits, fear overwhelmed him and he almost kneeled on the ground.

Everyone else in this place was frightened as well. This old man ahead was very ordinary in both appearance and aura compared to Zhentian’s group who had incredible visual phenomena accompanying them.

“A real one!” The wise characters from the previous generation were aghast and took several thumping steps back, not daring to look into his eyes.

The majority of cultivators here lowered their head, averting their gaze from his own. This gaze was too terrible and all-destroying. Anyone who looked at them for a long time would find their soul departing the body and die instantly.

Emperor Assailant, an existence that deters the very soul. Everyone became timid with a tingling sensation on their scalp.

“An Emperor Assailant has finally shown up.” Someone murmured while stealing glance at the old man.

This was a terrible existence worthy of admiration. Characters of this level wouldn’t easily come into being. The appearance of every single one was always a big deal.

There was no doubt that he was here for the medicine of immortality in Li Qiye’s possession.

In a short time, the crowd was excited again to see how Li Qiye would act towards this Emperor Assailant.

The old man’s fixated gaze on Li Qiye seemed to have taken physical form. Anyone would feel trepidation being stared at by this powerful existence. Some would even directly fall to the ground.

However, Li Qiye was completely fine. He leisurely glanced at the old man and said: “And here I thought it was someone else. It’s you, old Imperial Dualchild.”

The old man was a bit surprised to be recognized: “I have lived in seclusion for a long time. Can’t believe someone actually remembers me.”

The old experts haven’t heard of this top character. Nevertheless, no one showed any sign of slight before him.

“Imperial Dualchild.” A big shot sealed for many eras gasped after hearing this: “Rumor has it that he is the son of an Immortal Emperor and a treemother! He, he is still in this world.” 

The insightful crowd recalled an old legend in unison after hearing this. According to the stories, an emperor has gotten together with a treemother and they gave birth to a child.

Even though the two didn’t formally marry each other, this old man was indeed their son. Because of this, others called him Imperial Dualchild.

This fella was famous in that generation even throughout the entire nine worlds. However, after that generation, he also disappeared.

After so many years, people didn’t expect him to still be alive. Nevertheless, they weren’t surprised to see him in this place. A character like him must have lived for a long time and sealed for many eras. Despite being the child of two great existences, he still couldn’t bear the torture of time and needed the immortal medicine to prolong his life.

Dualchild stared at Li Qiye and slowly said: “Young friend, how about we make a deal?”

Li Qiye smiled back: “You want the item in my possession?” He naturally knew what Dualchild wanted.

“Yes.” Dualchild nodded: “You know your stuff so you can understand that the Reincarnation Nine-Leaves aren’t that useful for you since you are still young. If you trade it to me, just say whatever wishes you have.”

Everyone was slightly moved after hearing this. The words of an Emperor Assailant were too tempting. A successful trade with one would grant a lifetime of benefits.

“What can you give me?” Li Qiye chuckled: “I know you are the descendant of an Immortal Emperor and a treemother so you have many treasures. However, I’m not interested at all in imperial weapons or treefathers’ secret techniques. If I wanted these treasures, I could casually pick up a dozen easily.”

The listeners became speechless. He made it sound as if these priceless treasures weren’t different from cabbages at all.

“So, what will you give me for the Reincarnation Nine-Leaves?” He amusingly stared at Dualchild.

People here finally learned the name of the immortal medicine, Reincarnation Nine-Leaves. 

Only someone as knowledgeable as Dualchild would know this type of grass.

Dualchild narrowed his eyes and said: “How about I become your dao protector? Give the grass to me and I’ll protect you until you become an Immortal Emperor.”

Many talents’ heart started thumping faster. To have an Emperor Assailant as a dao protector was an irresistible temptation for anyone who wanted to become emperor.

In a short time, all wanted to see how Li Qiye would respond.

He smiled and shook his head: “To tell the truth, no one will become emperor in this generation but me. Having dao protectors or not will still yield the same result.”

Countless took a deep breath after hearing this. The final battle for the Heaven’s Will has yet to begin. Who else in this world would dare to claim such a thing? Nevertheless, Li Qiye defied logic.

Of course, after pondering a bit, people would find that these words were quite rational. He could even cultivate thirteen palaces, what else couldn’t he do?

“There are many uncertainties in this world.” Dualchild slowly said: “Don’t be so confident, many geniuses have died in history.”

“That’s others, I am Li Qiye. Nothing is impossible for me.” Li Qiye smiled freely in response.

He took breath away with this overbearing response. For many people, they wouldn’t have the courage to speak to an Emperor Assailant, let alone negotiating with one.

Li Qiye, on the other hand, remained calm and nonchalant. Just this type of decisiveness alone was worthy of admiration.

“Then what do you want before trading the nine leaves over to me, young friend?” Dualchild stared at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye met his gaze and said: “I’m afraid the full grass is not on the menu but if you want one leaf, I can give it to you for the simple exchange for your labor.”

Everyone was shocked to hear this. An invincible existence like an Emperor Assailant was only worth one leaf?! This was too unbelievable. If this was the case, wouldn’t Li Qiye have enough to have nine Emperor Assailants under him?!

Dualchild’s eyes slightly shifted. After a long time, he said: “Young friend, you should know that this is impossible. Hand me the full thing and I’ll accept your condition.”

Li Qiye shook his head: “If you maintain that stance, we have nothing else to say.”

He naturally understood why Dualchild wanted all nine leaves. The guy wanted to gamble with all nine in order to live a new life again, an incredible profit!

“I’m afraid you don’t understand the whole picture, young friend.” Dualchild continued: “If I become your dao protector, everything will be different. You won’t just gain an enforcer paving your path.”

“I know.” Li Qiye smiled back: “You think your worth is far above that. As a child from an emperor and a treemother, you do indeed have other advantages unlike others. For example, your connections and resources. These things do add some considerable values.”

1. Yikes, had to use treemother here. Usually, titles are gender neutral but in this case, leaving it as treefather sounds too weird.