Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1598

Since the olden times, sea monsters have lived in the deep sea. In the beginning, they lacked intelligence but with the passage of time, they began to evolve.

Later on, some demons and sea monsters mated and this expedited the process. They became smarter and built their own home.

Because of this, the sea monsters commonly known in the Grand Sea were the offsprings of demons and the old sea monsters.

However, these offsprings still maintained their unique characteristics even through the long years.

Due to this relationship, many in this region listed sea monsters together with the demon race. However, some sea demons rejected this notion. Thus, sea monsters became its own classification instead of a particular race.

Nevertheless, these two different camps were still very close, sharing both glory and humiliation. Because of this, they gathered forces to fight against the invader, Soaring Immortal.

Hai Lin’s ancestor was rumored to be a gigantic dragon sleeping under the sea. Who knows if this was true or not, but he had golden draconic scales since birth along with a pair of green horns.

Perhaps it was due to his noble origin and great bloodline that he was very powerful since youth, capable of tearing apart his enemies.

As he grew older, his cultivation increased by leaps and bounds. As a teenager, he became the undisputed leader of the sea monsters’ young generation.

During the invasion, he became a great role model for the soldiers and used his trident to fight against Soaring Immortal. He also challenged Long Aotian but alas, he lost the fight and nearly died. His seniors had to save him.

Later on, no one could stop Soaring Immortal’s momentum so Hai Lin and his allies had to fight and retreat back to the sea. Long Aotian didn’t let up and gave chase so it was strange that Hai Lin was here now.

Back to the present, the elder loudly declared: “You are only a loser to my young lord, no need for him to become Immortal Emperor before killing you!”

“Is that so?” Hai Lin laughed: “I don’t know whether Aotian can kill me or not but I’m certain of one thing. I’m killing one of his hounds today!”

The crowd was amazed by his boldness. This was an elder from Soaring Immortal. How many people nowadays would dare to call one of them a hound?

The elder became livid and exclaimed: “Hai Lin, cease your presumptuousness! One of us will die today!”

How could the elder endure this humiliation as a revered elder from the great Soaring Immortal Sect? Despite knowing that he was not Hai Lin’s match, he still had to fight.

“Perfect, taste my trident!” Hai Lin didn’t waste words and pierced straight at the elder.

“Activate!” The elder crazily roared and used his imperial laws. The figure of an Immortal Emperor emerged in the sky like a mountainous shield. There were numerous imperial runes carved on this shield with sonorous hymns.

It can be said that this elder was also a top expert in the contemporary. Many youths felt their knees shaking under the aura of an emperor and were instantly suppressed.

Alas, he was encountering the ferocious Hai Lin today. Hai Lin soared like a dragon in the sky. His trident seemingly turned into a dragon claw and mercilessly scratched the shield.

“Boom!” The shield shattered under this attack and the elder went flying from the impact. Lin Hao was shocked and quickly flew forward to catch his master.

Hai Lin’s power stunned the crowd. They didn’t think he would be so powerful; no wonder why he could survive after fighting against Long Aotian.

“Too bad for you. If you had an imperial weapon, you could struggle for a bit longer.” Hai Lin pointed his trident at the elder and uttered coldly.

Hai Lin might not be as powerful as Long Aotian but few could be his rivals among the young generation. Moreover, his pure and prestigious bloodline gave him a battle advantage over people at the same cultivation level. Lastly, the trident in his hand was a mighty ancient artifact.

Despite being from the depth of the sea as well, he didn’t come from the ancient heritage like Wolong Xuan. Nevertheless, his bloodline was still very exceptional.

“Do as you please.” The elder had a strong backbone and didn’t bother trying to escape.

“Very well, I’ll take your dog head today as revenge for my people.” Hai Lin aimed his trident at the elder with a cold glint in his eyes.

“Young Noble Hai, please show mercy.” A group dashed over with an old man leading the charge and shouting from the distance.

“Clan Master Yu is here.” A spectator recognized the old man.

After arriving, the old man hurriedly spoke: “Young Noble Hai, Discover is a city of peace, don’t bring the conflict here.”

This was the current clan master of the Yu. In a short time, all eyes were on Hai Lin. Though the Clan Master wasn’t a top expert, he had a wide network of connections in the Grand Sea. Because of his clan’s position, he enjoyed a high status in this region.

“Bringing conflict here?” Hai Lin sneered: “Clan master, this is not me ignoring you and your clan but it is my feud with Soaring Immortal. They killed my brothers so I shall kill their disciples. Blood for blood.”

“Young noble, it is better to make peace. How about my clan acting as a mediator today? If you let go of the elder, you can name the condition.” The clan master slowly said.

He didn’t wish to see this elder die at Discover. After all, the elder came to congratulate his clan so face would be lost if the elder were to die here.

“Clan master, I didn’t see your clan at the battlefield maintaining justice and speak up for us when Soaring Immortal took over our territory.” Hai Lin spoke coldly: “But now, you’re speaking up for Soaring Immortal?”

The clan master’s expression became awkward. All he could say was: “The battlefield is one thing but this is Discover, you can’t conflate the two.”

“I’m afraid I can’t obey. His head is mine today.” Hai Lin chose against showing the clan master some sensibilities and said coldly.

The clan master was put in a difficult dilemma. It was either to fight Hai Lin to save the elder or just to watch the guy die.

“Spare this elder and your race shall have the same treatment at Discover.” A stern and mighty voice came about as a newcomer appeared before the clan master.

He continued on: “No one shall touch your tribe members as long as they’re in Discover, not even by the Soaring Immortal Sect!”

“Father.” The clan master quickly bowed.

This was a middle-aged man who looked much younger than the clan master so the clan master’s address came as a surprise.

“Ancestor Yu. One of the Yu’s three Godkings.” Someone recognized this middle-aged man.

The three Godkings consisted of the reclusive Matriarch Yu, this middle-aged man, and his grandfather, the Yu Forefather. However, few have met this forefather.

He was a perennially renowned Grand Godking during Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s generation. The Yu Clan wasn’t big but it had three Godkings, a force enough to overshadow many imperial lineages. This was another reason why it was so famous at the Grand Sea.

Rumor has it that it used to have five Godkings. Unfortunately, two of them have died or the clan would be even more illustrious in the present.

“Ancestor Yu, are you sure?” Hai Lin’s eyes became serious.

“I stay true to my words.” The ancestor spoke: “As long as my clan is here, your members can rest easy at Discover.”

“So be it, I can also keep my words.” Hai Lin took a deep breath and put away his trident. He stared at the elder and coldly uttered: “It’s your lucky day, dog.”

This was a wise decision. If one day, there was nowhere else for them to run, Discover would become a haven.

Of course, he wasn’t afraid of the ancestor going back on his words. At this particular level, everyone spoke with a certain integrity. 

Meanwhile, the elder from Soaring Immortal was livid from being humiliated by a youth in this manner.