Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1629

Chapter 1629: Four Clawed Dragon

No comments were given about the chase and no one wanted to help Hai Lin, not even the other demons present.

Soaring Immortal was in complete control at the moment and Aotian was considered invincible. Who would dare to fight against Soaring Immortal and Aotian for Hai Lin’s sake?

“That’s a golden dragon. Does the world really have such an immortal beast?” A few juniors stared in awe at the escaping beast carrying Hai Lin. Some daydreamed about having one as well.

People have always talked about dragons and phoenixes but they also knew that these creatures didn’t exist. At the very least, no one has seen them before.

The ones with these names currently living in this world only had a very thin bloodline from these creatures. They were flood-dragons and luans, not actual immortal beasts. 

The sight of this particular golden dragon at this moment made many people think that the real immortal beasts could be in this world.

“Hai Lin is something else, to even have a golden dragon like this, no wonder why he can escape from Aotian’s grasp. With such powerful creatures protecting him, he could have become emperor if it wasn’t for Aotian.” Another expert said with envy.

“This golden dragon is his senior with a prestigious position and a noble bloodline.” A demon ancestor said with emotions: “This golden dragon can definitely assail an emperor yet it is still not enough to face Aotian.”

While people were in awe of the dragon, Li Qiye was amused at their opinion. The world had many speculations and explanations regarding dragons but they were mainly misinformed.

The dragon race was both a vast yet narrow topic. When people talked about dragons, even flood-dragons were considered ordinary dragons. Some with shallow knowledge even considered dao serpents to be dragons.

But in the eyes of real dragons, only those with the real ancient bloodline of the divine beast were considered dragons. This bloodline must be pure as well, not the thin one coursing through the veins of the many bastards.

Because of this, real dragons looked down on the serpents and flood-dragons that claimed to be part of their race. They considered them to be mere insects.

Alas, True Dragons were exceedingly rare even above the nine heavens. The ones with fully matured bloodline could be counted with one’s fingers.

Putting that aside, dragons still had a very wide definition. Normally, one could be a dragon with enough inherited blood of a True Dragon. Of course, derision and scorn would come from creatures with thin bloodline claiming to be dragons.

As for this golden dragon ahead, it had one-third of a True Dragon Bloodline. This was the reason why its body was so resplendent and its draconic aura powerful.

A matured Golden Dragon can indeed assail an emperor. However, it still wasn’t a True Dragon, only a side branch. Its blood was still tainted by the flood-dragon race. Because of this, its bloodline and power were no match for a True Dragon.

This dragon’s bloodline wasn’t completely pure and it hasn’t fully matured just yet. This was the reason why its scales weren’t golden, only the shade. It was also why it only had four claws instead of five.

If the situation was different, that this dragon had five claws and golden scales, then it would be beating Long Aotian to death right now.

“Look, it’s Fiercest!” The spectators watching the chase finally noticed Li Qiye in the distant sky.

“What is going on? Is Fiercest aiming for Long Aotian?” One speculated.

“That’s possible. Two days ago, Aotian challenged Fiercest so given his unbridled personality, it would be strange if he wasn’t aiming for Aotian.” One person answered.

“Aotian clearly knows that he’s being watched by Fiercest but he is still as unperturbed as ever while Fiercest is publicly following him. These two are really too aggressive and not afraid of anyone.” Even a big shot from the last generation had to comment.

Many experts were watching with bated breath. They simply wanted to see whether these two would start fighting or not. No one cared whether Hai Lin could get away or not any longer.

Some found Aotian’s ferocity to be admirable. 

“That’s an imperial prince for you, the successor of Soaring Immortal. Only him among the young generation would dare to provoke Fiercest.” Even those who hated him had to admit.

The fleeing dragon became tired after dashing through several regions and began to slow down. Aotian still took his time following right behind him.

“Hai Lin, you won’t get away. Just surrender and submit and I shall benevolently spare you.” Aotian calmly spoke with complete confidence.

Hai Lin didn’t bother answer. He didn’t groan at all despite his grievous injuries and bit his teeth to withstand the pain.

People became more involved. What would be Hai Lin’s ultimate fate? Would he surrender or be unyielding till death?

“Rawr!” The dragon roared and suddenly went full steam ahead. 

At this time, mountain ranges emerged on the ocean. They were majestic and shielded with clouds and mists. A pure aura emanated from this mountain range, letting others know just how sacred it was.

“Mount Qingcheng!” Someone shouted after seeing the majestic mountain.

Another expert stated: “Does Hai Lin want to ask Ding Yuanhou for help?”

In a short time, people glanced at each other. One demon monarch wondered with anxiety: “Will Mount Qingcheng protect Hai Lin and oppose Soaring Immortal?”

As members of the demon race, they wanted to see the sect protect Hai Lin. There was an aspiration for solidarity in order to oppose Soaring Immortal and Long Aotian. Otherwise, the demons here in the Grand Sea could be slaughtered.

Despite the common sentiment, not many lineages were willing to take the initiative to save Hai Lin. After all, being the first mean taking a more precarious situation, risking a higher chance of being destroyed.

One demon felt guilty and said: “I wonder if Yuanhou is strong enough to stop Aotian.”

“Maybe, Yuanhou is a peerless Godking, an unparalleled genius from the last generation. He’s on the same level as Ye Jiuzhou of Heaven Suppression!” One demon monarch yearned for such a moment.

Ding Yuanhou was a demon with amazing achievements. He had left his shadow on the tenth step of the twelve scales, on the same level as Ye Jiuzhou.  Later on, he rarely showed his face or asked about worldly matters. Nevertheless, he was still the strongest demon monarch in the mind of his race. Meanwhile, Mount Qingcheng itself was mighty. Thus, no sects or experts dared to take them lightly.

“Rawr!” The dragon roared and jumped into the city. Next, an alarm resounded across Mount Qingcheng. The entire sect became vigilant while the disciples rushed to their post and adorned their armors and weapons!

“Is Mount Qingcheng actually protecting Hai Lin?” The alarms made someone have this thought.

“Whoosh!” Scintillating defensive barriers in the form of heavenly dao waterfalls protected the city.

At this time, the experts there quickly took Hai Lin down from the dragon and began to cure him. The other disciples were ready for a battle.

Aotian was also outside and stared at the erecting barriers with a smirk.

“Mount Qingcheng really wants to fight Aotian? Is Hai Lin really worth it?” Someone skeptically said.

“I heard Mount Qingcheng has a great relationship with the sea monsters. Maybe they will do save Hai Lin.” An older demon monarch said.

The old man was right about the sect having strong ties with Hai Lin. However, he wouldn’t have come here for help unless there was no other way because this would bring the fire of war here. Alas, there was no other choice for him. Their hideout had been found by Soaring Immortal so they had to come here for help.

The spectators were watching intensely. They wondered if the sect would break all pretense with Aotian for Hai Lin’s sake.

1. luan is a subset of phoenixes/birds, a mythical bird