Chapter 165 : Ants Moving a Coffin (1)

Everyone took a second look at the bottom of the coffin, and it was just as Xu Pei had said. The underside of the coffin was densely packed with ants in an orderly fashion. It was as if they were an army as they lifted the coffin out of the valley.

Seeing such a strange scene of ants carrying a coffin, not mentioning the juniors like Nan Huairen, but even the ones who had seen many things in the world — like Niu Fen and Shi Gandang — were surprised.

Although this burial ground produced many strange sights because it was one of the most mysterious and strange places in the world (anyone who came in here had seen many bizarre scenes) but seeing ants carrying a coffin was the strangest thing they had ever seen, and it instilled cold chills upon them.

“Ancient ants moving the coffin…” Looking at the ants carrying the coffin, Li Qiye’s eyes coagulated with a dignified appearance as he murmured.

As the Dark Crow traversing through countless moons, inside the Nine Worlds, no matter whether it was a Burial Ground or Ancient Earth or even the mysterious Ferocious Earth, he had passed through all of them. In the past millions of years, what kind of things had he not seen before?

Ancient ants moving a coffin — he had seen this once before. He didn’t think that he would see it again in this life!

“Is it a corpse in the coffin? Is it a Treasure Lord or an Earth Immortal?” Chen Baojiao, seeing this aberrant scene, asked.

“Perhaps it is a treasure, not a corpse, not a Treasure Lord or Earth Immortal!” The little brat, Nan Huairen, became greedy again as his gaze brightened up towards the coffin.

“Oldest Brother, why don’t we open it and see!” Luo Fenghua was one of the more impulsive one within the younger generation, and hearing Nan Huairen’s words, he added.

“That, that is not okay.” Xu Pei, with her big round eyes staring at the coffin, said with a scared expression: “This thing is so odd, what if it is an ominous matter?”

Nan Huairen did not give up and laughed out loud: “What is there to be afraid of? Oldest Brother is here. Meet god, slay god; meet buddha, slay buddha, let alone a coffin.”

Of course, the older generation like Shi Gandang did not join the commotion.

Li Qiye finally withdrew his gaze from the coffin carried by ants. With one hand, he slapped Nan Huairen’s neck and said: “If you want to die, I will throw you over there! Even if you are invincible, at the Forbidden Burial Grounds and Ancient Earths, there are many things that are taboo existences!”

Being scolded by Li Qiye, Nan Huairen wryly laughed and quickly shrunk down to his neck.

At this point, the ants carrying the coffin headed towards the deepest part of the burial ground. Speaking of strange matters, when these ants were busily carrying the coffin, all of the Earth Corpses nearby immediately retreated. Even the ones hidden underground ran far away from this coffin.

Seeing this scene, everyone took a deep breath from being surprised.

“Even Earth Corpses are avoiding it, what on earth is inside that coffin?” Li Shuangyan murmured. This was not a question for all of them, but more for Li Qiye!

Li Qiye stared at the coffin heading towards the deepest part of the Burial Ground and didn’t say anything, nor did he take any action. Seeing Li Qiye’s countenance, Li Shuangyan knew that this was a serious matter.

Seeing the coffin disappear from everyone’s eyes, the always-silent Tu Buyu quietly whispered: “Should we go take a look?”

“No…” Li Qiye finally shook his head and said: “There are many unprovokable things. Even for an invincible existence, messing with a taboo matter would still end with their death!”

“We’re going. The transaction is finished, we cannot stay here any longer.” In the end, Li Qiye — once again — knocked on his gong and took everyone outside.

The group of Li Qiye arrived fairly early to Ancient Sky City. After they went inside, the city was even more lively, and there were even more cultivators from the grand sects and powerful nations visiting the city. Especially the ones located in the Grand Middle Territory, they were the ones with houses close to the lake to enjoy the light of the moon.

Many older generation cultivators also brought along their juniors to the city so that these young ones could experience the world and open their eyes. In the end, any disciple with potential would eventually face an existence like the twelve Burial Grounds!

Within the young geniuses coming to Ancient Sky City, there were a few that garnered special attention from everyone! For example, Dao Child Sheng Tian of the Heavenly God Sect was one of them!

The Heavenly God Sect of thirty thousand years ago was only a grand sect that was barely a first level existence. However, when their ancestor led his troops to destroy the Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom and defeated the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, that was of Immortal Emperor’s lineage, it caused the sect to be in decline ever since.

Because of this, the Heavenly God Sect, within the last thirty thousand years, was in the limelight, especially during the Difficult Dao Era. Existences like the Heavenly God Sect’s ancestor were always dreaded by others. Even the old undyings of Immortal Emperor’s lineages had to be wary of him!

Dao Child Sheng Tian arrived at Ancient Sky City with many experts from the Heavenly God Sect along with more than ten Royal Nobles from the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom. They were like the celestials worshipping the moon. The aura of the Royal Nobles undulated as they rode the dragon horses next to their chariots and flying pavilions… And Dao Child Sheng Tian amongst them seemed like a crown prince, protected by his followers.

Such ostentation left many cultivators in Ancient Sky City to change their expressions. One had to know that during the Difficult Dao Era, countless geniuses stopped at the Royal Noble realm. Without passing the Fate Adversity, they would never be able to step inside the Enlightened Being realm!

Even though the Difficult Dao Era was over, for Royal Nobles to surpass their Fate Adversity was easier said than done. So in this era, as long as the undyings who were suppressing their blood force don’t come into being, it was an era ruled by Enlightened Beings and dominated by Royal Nobles.

To many sects, in the contemporary era, just having one Royal Noble was not easy. To have an Enlightened Being was like coming across a treasure of the gods! Today, Dao Child Sheng Tian, a younger generation yet being escorted by so many Royal Nobles… This was indicative of his status and was enough for him to shine dazzlingly!

“The Heavenly Jewel Kingdom is great and is developing continuously. As long as their ancestor is alive, only more Royal Nobles will join the kingdom, not less!” Seeing such a pompous scene, many experts sighed in envy, as well as jealousy.

The rise of the Heavenly God Sect was as clear as day to all of the sects in the Grand Middle Territory. Defeating the Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom that had stood strong for millions of years and gained countless treasures — this was a matter that incited greed out of many people, but as long as their ancestor was alive, no one dared to have any strange thoughts about the Heavenly God Sect!

“The Heavenly Jewel Ancient Kingdom is developing nonstop. I’m afraid it will be the strongest of this era, ah. In one generation, there is the Heavenly Jewel Mortal King, one of the two heroes of the Grand Middle Territory. Now, Dao Child Sheng Tian is a rare genius of the territory. They already have capable descendants, how could they not rise?” One expert of the last generation lamented because of this.

Dao Child Sheng Tian with his followers, along with the experts of the Heavenly God Sect, powerfully entered the city, attracting much astonishment and jealousy.

“A peerless genius within the contemporary geniuses. I’m afraid not many people could compare with Dao Child Sheng Tian, ah.” Some princesses and saintesses of a few Sacred Grounds and sects lamented, and there were quite a few who were charmed by him.

“Haha, peerless genius?” A Demon Monarch coldly snorted; he didn’t like Dao Child Sheng Tian. He spoke with an unfriendly manner: ”Only a dog of a mourning family!”

“Eighth Brother Serpent, what are you saying about this matter?” A friend of his, another Demon Monarch, curiously asked.

This Demon Monarch looked at Dao Child Sheng Tian being worshiped by the celestials and spat, then he contemptuously replied: “That year at the Evil Infested Ridge, if Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan didn’t save him, he would have died already.”

“Eighth Brother Serpent had followed the old Turtle Monarch of the Flying Dragon Lake to the Evil Infested Ridge, you must have had a great harvest. I heard that there was a heaven-frightening event that happened there, and many sects were completely annihilated. Could Eighth Brother Serpent talk about this a bit more?” A friend was interested and asked.

When the Evil Infested Ridge opened, many sects were completely destroyed, and it brought a great wave across the Grand Middle Territory. But right after, to everyone’s surprise, everything suddenly calmed down without a trace.

“Greed makes people perish! That day, after entering the Evil Infested Ridge, there was a legend about the treasure of the gods, and it was found by the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s Li Qiye.” This Demon Monarch was still astonished as he bought this matter back up.

“Treasure of the gods?” Hearing about such a thing caused the friend’s eyes to become reddened.

“The so-called treasure of the gods was only a life-stealing talisman. At that time, many sects like the Heavenly God Sect and the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom all yearned for the treasure, and they forced the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s Li Qiye to hand the treasure of the gods over.” Even though it was a long time ago, this Demon Monarch’s spine still felt the chill as he continued: “When the treasure was opened, it released a devil that annihilated everyone who wanted to steal the treasure. Heh, at that moment, if Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan didn’t use an Emperor’s Possession to escape and also save the little brat, Sheng Tian, would he be acting like this today?”

When it came to this matter, this Demon Monarch became fearful just thinking about it. If he didn’t follow the old Turtle Monarch to quickly escape, then he might have died in the Evil Infested Ridge as well.

“No wonder why this trip to the Evil Infested Ridge had so many experts of sects dying completely. Such a grand matter yet it was kept quiet… So it was someone wanted to hide their own humiliation.” An expert murmured after hearing this information.

As the saying goes, good things didn’t leave the door while bad things will spread for a thousand miles. The event at the Evil Infested Ridge quickly passed throughout the city.

Dao Child Sheng Tian, with his boundless fame, immediately turned ugly once he heard this news. This was detrimental to his power and prestige — a true humiliation.