Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1681

Gu Zun, the Azure Dragon Legion, and Imperial Queen Ren Xian were impeding each other. The first one to attack would be ganged up by the other two.

“Imperial Queen, this is no time for indecisiveness.” Gu Zun slowly added: “You can get your revenge or pursue me later. Now, you must repel the enemy or you will end up with nothing. Help me now and become the ruler of the nine worlds in the future! Your Soaring Immortal Sect will have countless emperors!”

Gu Zun’s words made some sense. If Gu Zun were to take Li Qiye away, the queen would be the real master as long as she can defeat the Azure Dragon Legion. Once her Ancient Ming bloodline became stronger, on top of having the resources of Soaring Immortal, the nine worlds will be hers for the taking.

She no longer hesitated and walked forward to stop the legion. She had made her choice, picking hegemony over revenge for now.

“This is a wise choice, I am lost in admiration for your wisdom, Imperial Queen.” Gu Zun smiled and carefully retreated. As long as the queen was there to stop all the firepower, he would have the chance to run.

“Want to run?!” The azure dragon thrust with its spear through space. The power of this attack would shock Emperor Assailants.

“Cease your impudence!” The queen shouted and stopped the dragon. A pair of boundless fiery wings emerged behind her and sealed all the portals in the world to stop the thrust!

She still looked as leisure as ever. This made her strength quite apparent.

“Imperial Queen, unbeatable indeed.” Gu Zun praised and got even farther away.

He left behind the imperial princes this time and only took Li Qiye with him, in accordance with his agreement with the queen. The princes as hostages have lost their worth since he had gotten what he wanted.

“Clank!” The legion was furious now. Its spear aimed at the sky and a green light oozed out with an erupting draconic aura. It wanted to defeat the queen as fast as possible in order to save Li Qiye.

“No rush, no rush, why is everyone fighting or leaving so fast? It’s not easy for us to meet, especially on a beautiful day like this.” A leisure voice came about.

Gu Zun was stunned to hear it and turned pale. He had already prepared an escape path and no one would ever be able to find him again in that location.

However, someone was standing in front of him, causing him to look back at the bubble.

Of course, it was Li Qiye standing right there.

In the bubble, Gu Zun saw another Li Qiye. The two were completely identical. Even someone as intelligent as him couldn’t tell the real one from the fake.

The queen was shocked as well. An expert of her level couldn’t figure out the real one either!

In this split second, Gu Zun retreated to a safe distance with Li Qiye on top of releasing the four princes from their bubble.

After doing so, he stared respectfully at Li Qiye, in awe of the man’s abilities. He learned all of his craftiness from the Dark Crow so he was actually the biggest admirer out of everyone.

Li Qiye looked at the bubble and the mist before praising: “I have to admit, you have learned many things from me. Not only did you obtain the Temporal Bubbles and Eye Mist, you have even recreated a part of your soul, in order to use the pre-reincarnation and half-reincarnation selves to meet and create a temporal chaos in order to capture me during the gap. I don’t think anyone else besides me can come up with such an excellent plan. It can indeed seal an emperor! And the danger from messing with the timeline! Just one misstep would turn everything to ashes. Even the Black Dragon King doesn’t dare to experiment with this.”

“You’re too kind, it’s all due to your guidance.” Gu Zun didn’t become complacent. He retreated to the queen’s side.

He had toiled and calculated just for today. Countless blood and sweat were spent in order to obtain the Temporal Bubble and the Eye Mist.

The bubbles were born along the river of time. They were extremely rare as essences of the timeline. Because of this, one epoch would only produce three to five. This would already be a large quantity.

In the past, Li Qiye had also thought about using them to seal existences on the same level as emperors. The method was hypothesized by him too but he never carried it out.

Gu Zun was aware of this method. Who would have thought that he would actually be successful with it?

The Eye Mist was very rare as well. It was also another type of essence created from certain seserpent that had the bloodline of a True Dragon. There was a complete corpse of this creature in the nine worlds. Li Qiye told him in passing but Gu Zun memorized this and actually came for it. He used it on Soaring Immortal and allowed his cavalry to attack.

“This is all due to your own effort, I don’t dare to claim credit. It is such a shame that you have chosen the wrong path.” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled.

Even the everlasting crow had to admit that Gu Zun was very talented with amazing achievements. In the past, the ones he trained used their talents and tried their best to become an emperor, all focus was on cultivation.

This wasn’t the case for Gu Zun. He learned strategy and scheming in order to become someone like the Dark Crow or even replace him. Unfortunately, he still wasn’t a match for the Dark Crow.

“You are right, I’m still too inexperienced compared to you in all aspects. I lack your vast knowledge as well. I wasn’t too confident in sealing you this time and I understand now, that your plan wasn’t meant just for me. It involved everyone.” Gu Zun was still calm enough to smile.

He was aware that Li Qiye wanted to kill all of his enemies, including him, the imperial queen, and the Ancient Ming. Otherwise, his brother-in-law, the Black Dragon King, wouldn’t be hiding in the horizon and stopping all escape paths.

Thus, when the Ancient Ming appeared, they would be completely massacred since the Dark Crow was waiting for them to take the bait!

Nevertheless, he still had to take the chance. This was his only opportunity to defeat the Dark Crow, such a chance would never arise again in the future. Once the Dark Crow came to the tenth world, he would lose this chance to contend since the Dark Crow would become even stronger than now.

“Alas, someone else is even more careful and patient than you.” Li Qiye glanced at the sky and said.

It was easy to talk to a smart person. Gu Zun understood what he meant right away. Unfortunately, the Ancient Ming still refuse to show up and take action. Otherwise, he would be able to kill them and seize the Corporeal Zone!

This wasn’t too surprising. The Ancient Ming had become very patient and careful after dealing with him for generations before their eventual defeat. Unless there was no other choice, they wouldn’t take any unnecessary risk.

However, Soaring Immortal was clearly an experiment by the Ancient Ming. They wanted to use this sect in order to break through to the nine worlds again.

“That’s why I said I’m still inexperienced. I’m curious right now, which is your real body?” Gu Zun looked at Li Qiye in the bubble and asked.

“Does it matter? It doesn’t change the result at all.” Li Qiye smiled mysteriously.

Having said that, he slightly moved his body, seemingly crossing through time and the bubble.

“Pa!” The bubble shattered and the two Li Qiye fused together. No one could ever tell the real one from the fake one earlier now.

In fact, there was indeed a double among the two. This wasn’t an ordinary double since Li Qiye used the World Seal to create a duplicate for himself. This particular double was only a bit weaker than the real body. 

Gu Zun wasn’t surprised to see the bubble being destroyed. Others might not be able to do this but the Dark Crow was a different story. After all, he heard about the bubbles and got the idea of using them from the Dark Crow.