Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1861

The cultivators who were seeing Li Qiye for the first time were shocked with disbelief: “How can he only be a Dao Serpent when he’s so fierce? Is he hiding his true power?”

“Who knows? If he dares to call himself Fiercest, it’s easy to imagine how tough he is. It’s not easy being the number one in any category. But anyway, he’s an aberration who isn’t afraid of anyone, no, isn’t afraid of killing anyone. No one knows his identity either.” Someone else said: “A storm will brew across the thirteen continents because of this guy.”

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was strolling through the lightning field. Each step was another world so he quickly caught up to Feng Yi.

Feng Yi was unconvinced and exerted his vitality to the limit. In the blink of an eye, an immortal light erupted around his body. The rays shot to the sky and the space around him suddenly trembled. His speed crazily increased just like a meteor. A sizable gap was created between the two.

Li Qiye simply smiled and continued walking across this perilous region.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Countless lightning bolts frantically tried to interrupt his stroll. Even the word “torrential” wasn’t enough to describe it. They seemed to have an unspeakable hatred towards him, unceasing until his death.

But despite their crazy onslaught, his palace managed to stop everything. His position became the gathering place for lightning, much more than Feng Yi.

He was entering a more concentrated area where the bolts coiled around him like vines, wishing to drown him.

“Something’s not right, no, his palace isn’t stopping the palace, it’s actually devouring the power in this field, turning it into his own!” A big shot from the last generation was startled.

The other knowledgeable big shots began to get some clues. From the beginning, they thought that the palace acted as a shield but this didn’t seem to be the case any longer.

“I see, so the lightning field has lost control; he’s devouring everything.” Another expert murmured in a daze.

“Looks like fewer bolts are hitting us.” Others began to notice the strange phenomenon as well. Eternal was still flying but the waves clearly had fewer bolts than before. The majority was being taken by Li Qiye.

“Damn, this brat is bizarre, to actively steal the bolts in Exploration Grounds. The ones here are so much more terrorizing than the lightning outside.” One cultivator took a deep breath.

In a short time, many people became scared. The flesh couldn't handle these bolts. But now, Li Qiye was actually absorbing them to the crowd’s horror.

Of course, they didn’t know that Li Qiye had a supreme item inside the four images of his palace, the Ancient Void Rune!

It could even withstand a heavenly tribulation and absorb it, let alone these trivial lightning bolts. It was an easy meal.

He didn’t require energy since he was able to manipulate space. This wasn’t the case for Feng Yi. After utilizing his movement technique to the extreme to rush forward, he was burning vitality and chaos energy at a rapid rate. Despite increasing the distance between him and Li Qiye, this wouldn’t last much longer.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The bolts around Li Qiye only increased. He had become a lightning rod, taking everything in nearby.

“Oh god, is he insane?” The experts on Eternal were amazed.

Looking from afar, Li Qiye was completely engulfed in bolts as if he was made out of them. Lightning was coursing and flashing through his body.

Jilin Princess shook her head and smiled wryly. This was only child’s play for an overlord like Li Qiye. This whole competition was a whimsical desire. Someone of Feng Yi’s level couldn’t get into his sight.

“Boom!” The bolts hitting him started to change. Now they carried a purple glow; they didn’t look as blinding as before. In fact, this looked much more beautiful.

“Not good, the field is angry because he’s stealing from its source, this will be a lightning tribulation now.” A big shot from the last generation changed his expression.

At this moment, the strolling Li Qiye had caught up to Feng Yi and was walking side-by-side with him. He looked at the youth drenched in sweat and chuckled: “A tribulation is coming, it’s not too late to give up and escape or you’ll lose the chance to later.”

Feng Yi was shocked to see Li Qiye still strolling leisurely. He felt that the guy was too unreal, capable of doing this with a meager amount of chaos energy. It looked just like black magic!

“I won’t give up so easily without reaching the end!” Despite his depleting vitality, Feng Yi still wouldn’t yield.

“If you choose to be stubborn, I can’t help you then. Run now, as fast as possible. The tribulation is coming, whether you make it out alive is up to your own fortune.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Let’s go!” Feng Yi roared as his vitality and chaos energy crazily rolled out like a broken dam. Despite knowing that he had lost, he didn’t want to surrender. He would rather go all out in reckless abandon so he released all of his energy.

This was a potentially fatal move. Even if he could reach the end of the field, it would leave behind lasting damages. It wasn’t just about depleting chaos energy any longer.

“Boom!” The new surge in speed created a new separation between the two.

“Bang!” In this exact moment, all the lightning bolts exploded with rumbling blasts. An immense wave of bolts rose from the ocean, full of a purple shade.

This torrential force could destroy everything in this world without slowing down.

“Not good.” Everyone on Eternal was scared out of their mind.

The new flood of purple lightning rushed for Li Qiye with an unstoppable momentum.

“Damn!” Feng Yi was aghast and took out multiple treasures.

Even though there was a sizable distance between him and Li Qiye, all of the lightning below the field was forced out so even his area wasn’t safe. There was no dodging for him since he was within the radius. 

“Activate!” All of his treasures became resplendent in order to build the strongest defense.

“Rumble!” This was a disastrous flood of power, resulting in deafening detonations.

Feng Yi’s layers of defense were useless; they broke down like dried branches.

He utilized his imperial arts instead but they were not enough either. The lightning flood shattered his laws instantly. 

The bolts made contact with his body, causing smoke to come out. He could be rendered to ashes at any moment.

“No!” Feng Yi panicked since there was nothing else he could do but watch the flood come for him. He was certain of his demise; it would be a death without a body left behind.

“It’s over.” The experts on Eternal were sure that he was done for as well.