Emperor’s Domination – Chapter 199: Bloody Battle (1)

“Nothing difficult about destroying the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s Heavenly Grotto!” On the battlefield, another young prodigy laughed ruthlessly and unleashed all of his unstoppable Emperor techniques! This young man was Ji Kongjian, disciple of the Trample Emptiness Mountain!

After the feud with Li Qiye on the Ancient Street that day, Ji Kongjian began to support Dao Child Shengtian and didn’t even mind using his Emperor’s Possession to fight Li Qiye, but before he could do anything, he was given a good beating by the old man with the paper hat.

As a disciple of an Immortal Emperor’s lineage, Ji Kongjian felt superior to others. After he left the mountain, he had always carried a proud air with him, yet he was beaten hard in front of everyone. Even though he could not afford to become enemy with that old man, but he could antagonize the Nine Saint Demon Gate, Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, and even Li Qiye. Therefore he put all of the blames on Li Qiye instead.

So when the Heavenly God Sect maneuvered against the Nine Saint Demon Gate, Ji Kongjian joined the Heavenly God Sect’s camp to support Dao Child Shengtian without any hesitation.

“Bang-bang-bang”. Amidst this moment, the experts from both sides fought from the ground all the way to the sky with godly swords swerving in the air cutting through the earth. If the Ancient Sky City was not protected by generation of invincibles, it would have been destroyed by them much earlier.

“Old man Chi, you are old now and won’t do anymore!” On the side of the Heavenly God Sect, Wan Shengjian with an unstoppable momentum fought against the Nine Saint Demon Gate Chi Yun! Even though Chi Yun was one of the four Supreme Elders and also an experienced Ancient Saint, but he couldn’t garner a glimmer of advantage against Wan Shengjian and was repeatedly pushed back!

“Open..” Elder Yun of the Nine Saint Demon Gate roared fiercely wanting to break though with his most elite disciples, but he was deterred by the Heavenly God Sect elders.

This time the Heavenly God Sect came prepared. Outside of a peak Ancient Saint like Wan Shengjian, the Heavenly God Sect also had two other elders joining the fray! They blocked Elder Yun’s path, rendering him incapable of breaking through the entrapment!

“Zhang—-” On the other side, the sounds of sword continuously rang as the dragon roars reached the heaven as well. Tu Buyu’s Enlightened Being strength outbreak with his Flying Dragon Sword with the battle intent capable of punishing the heaven. Each of his sword moves was completely fatal!

Seeing how fierce Tu Buyu was, not only the experts from the Heavenly God Sect but many sect masters and royal lords along with Demon Monarches standing to the side were astonished.

“Is that the War God Formula in the legends?” Seeing Tu Buyu taking action, a royal lord from the last generation murmured: “An insect losing its one hundred legs still lives on, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is indeed worthy of its Immortal Emperor lineage. After declining for so long, it still carried some Emperor’s power!”

Even though Tu Buyu was nothing short of extraordinary, but he still couldn’t change the grand scheme. He had to protect the group of Qu Daoli as well as helping the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s disciples repel the enemy. His strength alone was insufficient to protect everyone. He led Qu Daoli along with the young Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples to break through the barricades several times without any success.

“Boom!” A final loud explosion resounded and the Heavenly Grotto of the Nine Saint Demon Gate couldn’t hold on any longer and was destroyed! The screaming enemies broke through the entrance and charged into the Heavenly Grotto.

“Open the formation, set down the formation stone!” Chi Yun roaringly commanded. With his instruction, the Heavenly Grotto once again thrusted a bright ray forward as the Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples once again activated the formation stone and added a huge amount of Refined Jades to restore the Heavenly Grotto’s damage. Even this was not enough to make up for the losing situation as the Nine Saint Demon Gate continuously retreated.

“The Nine Saint Demon Gate had lost its morale ah, unless there is reinforcement, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to hold on to this resting area.” Seeing the breached Heavenly Grotto, a sect master lamented with a soft sigh.

“Isn’t the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s goddess Li also at the Ancient Sky City? What about that extremely arrogant Li Qiye, didn’t he appear recently as well?” Seeing the losing momentum of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, a cultivator asked in puzzlement.

Once Li Qiye was brought up, many people glanced at each other. This kid was so arrogant ah, and even hectored Dao Child Shengtian before. Even someone of Dao Child Shengtian level had no choice but to kneel in public and forced to confess. How come this chaotically cavalier kid haven’t appeared yet even at this point?

“Nine Saint Demon Gate is only a minor sect, yet still dare to be presumptuous.” At a time when everyone was silent, a bronze chariot appeared on top of the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s Heavenly Grotto.

An old man stood on top of the bronze chariot exuding his extremely thick azure aura hovering around his body like a dragon.

The bronze chariot below the old man was not pulled by flying beasts but by four bronze stallions. The four bronze stallions were extremely vibrant, as if they were alive! Moreover, this bronze chariot was extremely ancient beyond antiquity.

This bronze chariot was designed for battle, its body was covered with innumerable arrow holes and blade marks. Just a glance and one would immediately know that this chariot had been through countless battlefields!

A Coiling Dragon was carved to its right and a Godking was carved to the left. In front was a Qilin and the back was a White Tiger. Any of these beings had lost their colors, bereft with the colors of life. They were nothing more than decorations at this point.

The old man surrounded by the azure energy standing on top of the mysterious bronze chariot was extremely mighty. Up high above encompassing over everyone, his imposing aura caught everything going on without missing a single thing.

“Qing Xuan Yuanhe..” The Turtle Monarch from the Flying Dragon Lake recognized this old man, and his expression greatly diminished as he uttered.

“Qing Xuan Yuanghe! Actual younger brother of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s Mortal King!” Hearing this name, a Demon Monarch sect master of the last generation took in a deep breath and muttered.

“This is a Heaven Restoration Saint ah, once he reaches Heavenly Sovereign, he would absolutely massacre any opponent of the same level!” Another Demon Monarch who knew Qing Xuan Yuanghe’s background struggled to let out these words.

Ancient Saint realm was divided into the following from lowest to highest: Little Saint, Young Saint, Grand Saint. The highest peak was an Ancient Saint, and once broken through, this was the start of the Heavenly Sovereign realm.

However, cultivators at the Ancient Saint realm having five Fate Palaces would be called Heaven Restoration Saint. This existence was much more frightening than a Grand Saint. A Heaven Restoration Saint, even when their actual cultivation was only of the Little Saint level, they were still able to slay a Grand Saint!

At this point, many people secretly glanced at each other. A Heaven Restoration Saint like Qing Xuan Yuanghe personally presiding at this place was simply to help the Heavenly God Sect in this battle!

Everyone then understood that the Heavenly God Sect dared to accept the animosity of the world and attacked the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s Heavenly Grotto because they were full of confidence.

The Heavenly God Sect and the Nine Saint Demon Gate were both first-ranked great sects at the Grand Middle Territory. Both sides were very familiar in strength, and the Heavenly God Sect would not recklessly attack the Nine Saint Demon Gate for they were not certain of victory!

But, once it had the support of both the Trample Emptiness Mountain along with the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, then this was no longer the case! Trample Emptiness Mountain was the newest Immortal Emperor’s lineage, and its emperor’s power was still flourishing. Needless to say, the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom was a one sect, two emperors existence. Unless the War God Temple appeared, very few great sects and countries dared to oppose this Ancient Kingdom in the Grand Middle Territory!

“I’m afraid it is over for the Nine Saint Demon Gate in this era. They might be the second great sect after the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect to fall.” Seeing Qing Xuan Yuanghe standing together with the Heavenly God Sect, a sect master’s heart sank and couldn’t help but to feel sympathy.

With two Immortal Emperor’s lineages helping them, especially one as monstrous as the Ancient Kingdom, the Heavenly God Sect’s fiery aura pierced the high heaven. As a new rising sect, it will surely develop continuously. Even if the Nine Saint Demon Gate opposed it, it would be as if they were seeking their own demise!

“Daring to oppose the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, isn’t this just courting death!” Seeing Qing Xuan Yuanghe, the great sects and countries who had great relationships with the Nine Saint Demon Gate could only wait and see.

With Qing Xuan Yuanghe here, it meant that the Ancient Kingdom fully supported the Heavenly God Sect! Before when the Nine Saint Demon Gate was in trouble, there were a few allies who wanted to help, but after seeing Qing Xuan Yuanghe, these sect masters and royal lords quickly dispelled this notion from their minds.

Although allies are very dear, but becoming enemy with the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom meant courting death, and could even bring about a sect-destroying calamity. In such a key moment, it didn’t matter that they were allies, no one was willing to provoke a monstrous existence like the Ancient Kingdom just to help the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

“I heard that year at the Evil Infested Ridge, Li Qiye opposed the Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan! Since the Nine Saint Demon Gate foolishly supports the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, how can the Ancient Kingdom spare them?” At this point, some people with hidden intentions purposely let out such message in order to incite more uneasiness and chaos.

Hearing such a gossip, a sect master changed his expression to say: “That boy Li is as bodacious as the heaven, even dares to become enemy with the Ancient Kingdom, isn’t that just seeking his own death? This Cleansing Incense Ancient Gate, sigh, not doing a good job of controlling its disciple. Such a black sheep should be expelled, otherwise it will bring about a sect-destroying disaster!”

“What is so special about that brat Li? He only relies on Immortal Emperor Min Ren leaving behind Emperor’s Possession to stroll arrogantly about. Hmph, the moment when there is a real fight, a junior like him only borrowing the tiger’s power is nothing more than a turtle with its head in its shell, not daring to come out.” When Li Qiye was brought up, countless young cultivators were annoyed, especially those who believed that they were the best. Only a piece of trash yet favored by Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, this truly didn’t make any sense.

Some young prodigies seeing that the Heavenly God Sect had the backing of the Trample Emptiness Mountain along with the Ancient Kingdom so they will for sure flourish, they used this opportunity to say nice words about the Heavenly God Sect in order to please Dao Child Shengtian.

“Yea, that brat is only a waste relying on Emperor’s Possession to bluster. Without the Emperor’s weapon, he is nothing. How can a trash like him have the qualification to oppose Dao Child Shengtian? Pah, he is not even worthy of carrying Dao Child Shengtian’s shoes.” Younger cultivators wanted to suck up, so they spoke really loudly as if they were afraid that Dao Child Shengtian couldn’t hear them.