Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2016

Outside of the supreme Mortal School, Emperor Mansion and Sacred Institutions were full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Numerous High Gods and Immortal Monarchs came from these classrooms.

A top genius from an imperial lineage might not be the number one after coming to these classrooms, especially Emperor Mansion. This was the gathering place of the strongest geniuses of the hundred races. Even the famous Ren Sheng came from this class!

These strongest geniuses would never submit to anyone else; all thought that they themselves were truly the best.

Alas, this law preached by Mei Suyao has robbed them of this confidence. They were completely convinced by her skill and thought that it was on the same level as a teacher in the academy. Keep in mind that the teachers here were High Gods; some were even emperors.

“No one among the student body can compare to your dao preach and has put me to shame. Maybe even Brother Xuanji can’t beat you at this.” A male student stood up and said with admiration.

He emitted a divine glow with a halo behind him, resulting in a holy and awe-inspiring appearance.

The guy was quite famous at the academy, known as Chen Yifan or Rumination Godchild. He came from a sect with four emperors.

Him, Emperor Mansion’s Freesky Young Lord Wang Xuanji, and Hundred Halls’ Six-sword Young King Kong Yelin were known as the Three Scions. Freesky was number one, Rumination was number two, and Six-sword was in third place. The three of them had a good relationship.

Rumination Godchild was naturally the leader of Sacred Institution. Similar to Six-sword, he was talented enough to join Emperor Mansion but he chose to stay in this classroom instead.

Everyone knew that he was trying to court Mei Suyao but unfortunately, she didn’t have an inch of interest in him. Nevertheless, he remained confident in himself.  

Thus, his comment was indeed true because her speech was exceptional but he was also trying to win her over.

“You’re too kind, Senior Chen. I have just shown my incompetence earlier with that.” Mei Suyao calmly responded, unmoved like the neverending flow of a river.

“Fairy Mei is too much, so amazing yet humble. I would definitely love her to death if I was a man.” Even the girls were prey to her charms.

“You’re too modest, I have never heard someone preach this particular dao law so well outside of the teachers.” Rumination Godchild smiled and said.

“Yes, it’s a shame that you made your dao debut quite late or you could probably be competing against seniors like Ren Sheng or Young Monarch.” A male student chimed in.

The boys here naturally had a crush on her. They were brilliant as well, only a little lacking compared to Rumination.

“Fairy Mei, how about preaching a section of the War Manual? That’s another classic, everyone has a different explanation and view on it. The teachers all taught it in a different way, it’s quite amazing.” A male genius wanted to listen.

“Yea, try the War Manual now?” The crowd joined in.

Mei Suyao glanced at her peers and shook her head with a smile: “Suyao is incapable, not daring to compete with the seniors.”

In the past, she was happy to dao preach but after meeting Li Qiye, she realized the immensity of the heaven and earth. 

Once, she thought that she could understand the mysteries of the dao due to her immortal bone. Alas, she found that compared to Li Qiye’s limitless knowledge, she was only a speck of sand in the ocean - can’t reach the apex.

She began to think that her dao preaching was only showing off her lack of knowledge, not on the same level as Li Qiye at all.

“Fairy Mei, just one more. Back then, Teacher Qihang moved the crowd with his version of War Manual. With your talents not inferior to him, maybe you will even do a better job.” Rumination smiled and said.

“Yes, just do it so that we can bask in this great moment if you were to surpass Teacher Qihang.” The students here said again.

The teacher being referred by the students here was Gu Qihang with the title of Young Monarch. This great talent was teaching at the academy right now. Even Rumination and Six-sword were completely convinced by him.

“Fairy Mei, please do it, it will be a perfect memory for our dao session today.” The students continued while she hesitated.

After seeing their enthusiasm, she smiled wryly and went on: “I can’t refuse now, can I? Excuse me if I make any mistakes then.”

“War - start with the mind in order to derive the laws, using battle to create the dao and erect the myriad laws…” Mei Suyao began spewing mantras and gave birth to the myriad laws. The pine tree was swaying back and forth as well while releasing even more purple and auspicious energy. The density was enough so it looked like there were elf spirits flying around her.

It was an impeccable speech that caused a deluge of heavenly flowers to rain down. The students were intoxicated and cheered at certain lines. The atmosphere of the peak became quite good.

“The dao of war is in the heart, not only to fight but to also serves as a deterrence. This is a peaceful art, a righteous type of dao…” She continued serenading the crowd.

“This part is incorrect.” Someone interrupted her as she was about to reach the climax.

Everyone was immersed in the speech yet this voice seemingly poured cold water all over their head. They naturally became furious. This profound dao speech was granting them great benefits so the sudden interruption ruined the rhythm.

“Who the hell is speaking nonsense here?!” One male student angrily shouted.

They all looked back and saw an ordinary man floating up in the peak. All eyes were on him now.

“No need to hide the desire for war, fight to the very end, a dao to punish the heaven, this is the righteous path. No need for morality or peace; as long as a will to fight is in the heart, let it show!” Li Qiye spewed out mantras. Each word slammed into Mei Suyao’s dao heart like a bell.

Others didn’t know Mei Suyao well enough unlike him. He knew the things holding her back so he was solving her questions in order to light a path forward. She was quite shaken with his comments.

Of course, the people here didn’t know about their relationship. This public interruption was offensive in their eyes, so they became angry for her sake.

“Ignorant fool, showing your slight skill before an expert!” One of them came out and said.

“That’s right, where did this brat come from, daring to boast before our Sacred Institution and Emperor Mansion? We need to teach him a lesson.” They looked down on him since he wasn’t a part of either classroom.

“Junior, roll down the mountain now or I’ll break your legs!” Rumination was stirred as well, ready to kill.

He was very pleased with the events so far leading to the tea party. The dao preach was going quite well but now, this brat has ruined everything.

Li Qiye ignored them and came beneath the pine tree.

“Young Noble!” Mei Suyao regained her wits and was jolted with excitement. She ran forward and embraced him.

“Looks like you’re doing well and will be able to go quite far on this path.” Li Qiye happily smiled and said.

“I’ve really missed you, it’s been so long.” She didn’t try to hide anything and hugged him tighter, not expecting to see him in this place.

After the ascension, they came to Arrogance and lost communication with Li Qiye. Though she knew that he would be fine, the absence and longing tortured her day and night.

“I miss you too, but I had unfinished business.” Li Qiye gently caressed her beautiful hair.

1. This comment is just humble speech, very common but sounds weird in English