Chapter 202: Tetra-War Bronze Chariot (2)

Ji Kongjian’s blood violently sprayed. Li Qiye’s sword chopped the treasure box fueled by Ji Kongjian’s blood energy thus he suffered as well as his body flew outside carrying its broken bones.

“Zhang..” The Six Dao Sword flew out and a loud scream sounded as Ji Kongjian was nailed in the air by the sword as his blood painted the sky itself!

“Ah…” At the same time, Niu Fen also rampaged through the battlefield without hiding his strength as his tentacles swept across and devoured hundreds of Heavenly God Sect’s experts. His hand also stretched across the air and ripped apart Wan Shengjian’s hand apart from his body.

This scene shocked many people for Wan Shengjian was a Grand Saint at grand accomplishment with one foot into the Heavenly Sovereign realm! One had to know that without Heavenly Kings, Heavenly Sovereigns could rule over all existences! But at this moment, he was being ripped apart by this snail!

Everyone drew a cold breath with Ji Kongjian nailed in the air by Li Qiye’s one sword as they glanced at the person next to them. This guy had not reached the Royal Noble realm, and was not even a Royal Noble, but why was he so perplexingly powerful like this?

At this time, young geniuses such as Young King Nantian, Saint Child Bao Zhu, and even Bai Jianzhen’s eyes shimmered. It was not strange for Li Shuangyan to be unrivaled as a genius, but everyone knew Li Qiye was a Mortal Fate, Mortal Physique, and Mortal Wheel!

Saint Child Bao Zhu’s deep eyes hid his emotions, but his heart was shivering. He knew Li Qiye’s physique was amazing and suspected that Li Qiye was cultivating an Immortal Physique. However,, he was not so sure but if this was the true, then it would be a great threat to him!

As for Young King Nantian, his eyes coldly glinted while carrying a solemn expression. His cousin Nantian Hao died at the hand of Li Qiye! His murderous intent became even stronger today after seeing Li Qiye for he will surely be a great enemy to him if not nipped in the bud.

As for Bai Jianzheng, the descendant of the Sword God Sacred Ground, her sword intent was surging all the way to the sky. When it came to the sword, the sacred ground had always been number one. But after seeing Li Qiye’s slash, she was excited to try as well.

Li Qiye strided forward and looked at the nailed Ji Kongjian in the sky and spoke in an unruffled manner: “One Emperor’s Possession and one godly saber yet still dare to be arrogant! Bring an Emperor’s weapon here if you want to play with me! Without an Emperor’s weapon, you are bringing about your own destruction!”

“Kid, I am a Trample Emptiness Mountain’s disciple, if you dare to even touch a hair of mine, we will surely destroy your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!” Ji Kongjian’s life was hanging on a thread being nailed in the sky with his blood staining the horizon. However, he still sternly shouted.

“Trample Emptiness Mountain?” Li Qiye smiled and stomped down resulting in a scream along with the cracking sounds of broken bones sending chills to all listeners.

“Stop..” Qing Xuan Yuanghe finally couldn’t sit idly by any longer and lightly shouted. The chariot’s refined jades lit up and the chariot immediately flew forward!

By this time, the battlefield was not looking good as cries and shrieks resounded. The Nine Saint Demon Gate had began to reverse its losing swing, especially after the Heavenly God Sect lost their main vanguards – Dao Child Shengtian and Wan Shengjian. The overarching situation became increasingly disadvantageous for the Heavenly God Sect.

Qing Xuan Yuanghe immediately came overlooking Li Qiye, then demanded: “Junior, let go of nephew Ji, and I can spare your life!”

Qing Xuan Yuanghe taking action immediately rendered the spectating crowd breathless. To many people, Li Shuangyan was a genius, but she was not to the level that could shake Ancient Kingdoms. Everyone would have to give Qing Xuan Yuanghe some face since he represented the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom was a sect with two emperors. If they interfered, who dared not to give them face? Both the Heavenly God Sect and the Nine Saint Demon Gate were not comparable to the Ancient Kingdom.

“What are you!” Li Qiye didn’t bother to glance at him. Finished speaking, the Six Dao Sword cut Ji Kongjian in half with a “zhang”. With a pitiful “ahh”, Ji Kongjian was slashed in half. His skull was splitted open so even if his body was restored, he would not be able to live for much longer.

“You…” Qing Xuan Yuanghe was too late to the rescue. Li Qiye’s sword was too fast and even he didn’t expect that this kid wouldn’t give him any face.

Many spectators were stunned with their eyes wide-opened. Such murderous determination not leaving any face for Qing Xuan Yuanghe. This was an expert from the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, the brother of the Mortal King Qing Xuan!

Many audacious geniuses were always arrogant, but at the moment when they stood in front of a giant monster such as the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, they had to think twice about becoming its enemy.

But this fifteen, sixteen years old boy ahead was true to his words: “What are you!” He essentially didn’t put the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom into his sight with his level of unbridled haughtiness.

“Kid, since you want to die, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Qing Xuan Yuanghe instantly became angry, and he shouted followed by rising Saint aura. A group of Fate Palaces emerged with its boundless domain soaring straight towards Li Qiye – aiming to pull him inside.

“Heaven Restoration Saint’s five palaces domain would even refine a Grand Saint once they’re trapped inside!” Many people couldn’t help but gasp.

“This kid is dead for sure, even Grand Saints cannot escape from a Heaven Restoration Saint’s domain.” A sect master murmured.

“Be careful..” Seeing the five palaces domain, Li Shuangyan’s group immediately reminded Li Qiye in astonishment.

“Xshhhh”, at this juncture of life and death, Li Qiye suddenly whistled at a rapid pace. Under this sound were many different,indiscernible musical rhythm and and speed.

“Neighh..” In this very moment, horses’ cries rang. With a “boom”, the bronze horses charged forward. Qing Xuan Yuanghe who was standing on top of the chariot initially wanted to trap Li Qiye inside his domain, but at this time, his body was flipped upward for more than a thousand miles. Even an Ancient Saint like him could not maintain his stability and prevent the chariot from turning him over.

“Bang”, Qing Xuan Yuanghe was struggling as his body shot up high. Even his techniques couldn’t steady his body. The bronze chariot lifting force was capable of overturning the heaven’s horizon and grand earth!

‘Bang—-bang—bang…” With just a blink of an eye, the bronze horse chariot originally sat on by Qing Xuan Yuanghe rushed over towards Li Qiye and stood right in front of him.

“Good little horses, good little horses!” Li Qiye gently patted on the four bronze horses’ heads. Each of his pats contained mysterious arrangements. After each pat, a strange magical rune appeared on the horse’s’ head! Eventually, Li Qiye stood by their side and whispered into their ears!

“Neigh—neigh—neighhh.” The unbelievable matter happened, the four bronze horses suddenly flared out their eyes as hissing sounds resonated. At this moment, the eyes of the four bronze horses became vibrant and vivid just like real-life ones.

What was even more incredible was that the four horses seemed to be alive and used their heads to nudge Li Qiye affectionately, as if they had met a loved one.

“Good little horses…” After lightly caressing the horses, Li Qiye jumped on the bronze chariot with one hand on the arm rail then said: “This is a supreme treasure yet you use refined jades for activation, so ignorant!” Under a light tap from Li Qiye, cracking sounds reverberated. All of the engraved refined jades on the chariot fragmented into pieces and fell down!

“Boom!” Finally, the four bronze horses leapt into the sky pulling along the bronze chariot with a thunderous noise. In this very moment, the True Dragon coiled over the empty sky and the Divine Phoenix soaringly followed. The White Tiger was crouching down and silently observing while the Qilin was expanding on the dao.

The true appearance of the bronze chariot created a sweeping Emperor’s aura in the air in all of its towering tyranny. Different images began to appear as if an Immortal Emperor was departing on an adventure!

The chariot carried Li Qiye around in a circle before stopping. The four bronze horses trampled on the sky in high spirits with a momentum like a profound dragon soaring in the sky or a fierce tiger leaving its mountain – a feeling of vast sea for the fishes to swim freely and a high sky for the birds to fly with liberty!

“Tetra-War Bronze Chariot…” Li Qiye murmured while gently stroking the bronze chariot with endless remembrance. At the same time, the bronze chariot seemed to have its own sentience and emitted pure sounds from Li Qiye’s touch.

The Tetra-War Bronze Chariot carried countless memories of Li Qiye as the Dark Crow for millions of years for it used to be his carriage. In many eras, the moment the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot appeared, the gods had to retreat and even existing Immortal Emperors had to greet in person!

This chariot left Li Qiye with too many recollections. It followed his battles throughout the nine heavens and ten earths. It fought against gods and devils, and even punished Immortal Emperors. Countless wars that frightened the world eternally were fought with him riding this bronze chariot!

Until a long time later during the era of invincible Immortal Emperor Min Ren, he as the Dark Crow was quite unstable and hibernation was quickly approaching. Coincidentally, Immortal Emperor Min Ren adopted a daughter at this time!

This foster daughter had quite an origin. She was the daughter of a general below Immortal Emperor Min Ren. He had followed Li Qiye and Min Ren into battle after battle. Especially during the last battle for the Heaven’s Will, he fought to the very bitter end and died in battle!

As the Dark Crow, he promised this general to train his descendants in the future. Alas, when the general’s daughter grew up, he was already near unconsciousness into his deep hibernation! Since he couldn’t train her personally, Li Qiye left the daughter of this divine general to Immortal Emperor Min Ren, and gave his chariot – his symbol – to her in order to show her status!

Immortal Emperor Min Ren then took her in as a daughter as well a a disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect! All the way until she passed away, this chariot representing the supreme identity was also left behind at the sect.

Unfortunately, she did not pass down the method to ride this chariot; so even though it was an unparalleled treasure, no one in the history of the sect was able to ride it to battle!

Later on as time passed by, the world gradually began to forget that this chariot was the symbol for the supreme identity, and it finally fell into the hand of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!

All people who saw this scene couldn’t help but went into a daze. This was the chariot of Qing Xuan Yuanghe ah, but now, the scene of Li Qiye acting like the master of this chariot rendered everyone in disbelief!