Chapter 201: Tetra-War Bronze Chariot (1)

The shocked crowd took a deep breath at the sight of Li Qiye using his body to block the saber. Who would dare to use their own flesh to block a treasure saber? Li Qiye didn’t try to escape and actually hammered the saber. Such crazy valiant despite his injury!

“Hand me the sword!” Li Qiye roared.

Li Shuangyan at this time was busy trapping Dao Child Shengtian within her sword formation. After hearing Li Qiye’s words, she unhesitatingly turned the Six Dao Sword into a bright light which instantly flew into Li Qiye’s hand.

“Kill–” Dao Child Shengtian -like a ferocious tiger escaping its cage- became even more fierce. With a loud “boom”, his blood energy soared to the sky as his four Fate Palaces coalesced above his head creating an endless boundary.

“Li Shuangyan, accept your death!” After arranging his four Palaces into a boundary,he furthered condensed it into one location!

“Heavenly Noble…” Numerous people cried out after seeing the domain formed by the four Fate Palaces while others took in deep breaths. Even Young King Nantian and Saint Child Bao Zhu became serious as they gazed towards Dao Child Shengtian!

Cultivators’ realms were in this order from low to high: Palace Foundation, Palace Expansion, Yun Physique, Provisional Palace, Inner Longevity, Heaven’s Mandate, Warrior Canopy, Purified Rebirth, Heaven’s Primal, Fertility God), Mysterious Fate….

Among these realms, Fertility God cultivators could be bestowed the title “Named Hero”, Mysterious Fate cultivators could be bestowed the title “Royal Noble”!

Royal Noble also had four different levels, from low to high in the following order: “New Noble, King Noble, Rebelling Noble, Fate Destroying Noble!”

Once Fate Destroying Nobles reached grand accomplishment, they could step into the Enlightened Being realm. However, this Royal Noble realm was the second time when cultivators can open new Fate Palaces.

At the Provisional Palace realm, cultivators would have two Fate palaces. Royal Noble was the second opening period, and New Nobles at grand accomplishment would have their third Fate Palace.

However, even above this level, if a cultivator possessed extraordinary wisdom or frightening talent, then this person could open a fourth Fate Palace.

It was an incredible matter to open the fourth Fate Palace, and that person would escape the four levels of Royal Nobles. Once it was opened, then it didn’t matter whether the person’s cultivation was at the New Noble, King Noble, Rebelling Noble, or Fate Destroying Noble level! They would be called Heavenly Noble regardless.

Only Royal Nobles with four Fate Palaces could be called Heavenly Noble! Moreover, they were extremely terrifying, since four Fate Palaces were able to form a domain. Once trapped inside the domain formed by the four Palaces, the opponent would be suppressed by its absolute power.

After being humiliated by Li Qiye last time, Dao Child Shengtian became even more courageous and emotional as he stepped forward to open the fourth Fate Palace recently. Four Fate Palaces transforming into a domain to achieve the Heavenly Noble title at last! Even a Fate Destroying Noble would lose their colors after hearing about this accomplishment.

At this time, Dao Child Shengtian had escaped the formation so he did not hold anything back. He unleashed his endless domain towards Li Shuangyan!

How could people not be amazed at the sight of a Four Palaces Heavenly Noble! This was the genius of a generation; Dao Child Shengtian with his amazing Saint Fate aptitude achieving Heavenly Noble was shockingly outside of everyone’s expectation.

Right when the four palaces domain swept towards Li Shuangyan, everyone lost their colors and assumed that Li Shuangyan’s fate was sealed!

Boom! But with a bang, the four palaces domain immediately exploded with crack after crack appearing. Suddenly, the celestials shifted as five Fate Palaces reached the heaven shattering the four palaces domain.

“Grand Dao Noble…” Seeing the five Fate Palaces, everyone became overwhelmed with horror as their faces went pale. Needless to mention Royal Nobles and Enlightened Beings, even previous generation Ancient Saints were dumbstruck including a Heaven Restoration Saint like Qing Xuan Yuanghe.

Qing Xuan Yuanghe lived during the Difficult Dao Era with transcending talents. But even when he was younger, he had only obtained four Fate Palaces. It wasn’t until he became an Ancient Saint that he opened his fifth to become a generational Heaven Restoration Saint!

But Li Shuangyan was still so young yet she was able to open five Fate Palaces. Qing Xuan Yuanghe, a person who can flip over rivers and boil the ocean itself was appalled. Such a genius would absolutely massacre Enlightened Beings and decapitate Ancient Saints in the future!

At this time, what else could anyone do but be in awe at Li Shuangyan’s achievement, even geniuses like Dao Child Bao Zhu, Young King Nantian, and even Bai Jianzhen, descendant of the Sword God Sacred Ground!

Four palaces to form a domain, eight palaces to form a kingdom, twelve palaces to form the heaven! Higher number of Fate Palaces indicated greater strength with boundless majestic life energy as the True Fate controlled the grand dao.

Five palaces Royal Nobles were referred to as Grand Dao Noble, and they were even more powerful than Heavenly Noble. The two exceeded the limitation of the Royal Noble realm, and a Grand Dao Noble could even kill an Enlightened Being in battle, and a grand accomplishment Grand Dao Noble could even challenge Ancient Saints!

How could people not turn pale witnessing such a terrible existence!?

Boom! Dao Child Shengtian’s four palaces domain faltered completely. Even though Heavenly Nobles were powerful, but when meeting a Grand Dao Noble, they could only be suppressed. Four palaces domain could not compete against a five palaces domain!

After his domain fell, the absolute domain of Li Shuangyan like a millstone knocked Dao Child Shengtian flying away on the spot as he spurted out flesh blood.

“Comparing talents, you are not even close!” Li Shuangyan exclaimed with her cold eyes exuding overbearingly arrogance and a suppressive aura, like a goddess descending from the heaven eliciting love and awe from spectators.

Everyone gasped at the sight of a Grand Dao Noble! But, on a more careful thought, this was rather reasonable. Li Shuangyan was a Saint Fate, King Physique, and King Wheel. Even though Dao Child Shengtian was also a Saint Fate, but he was not comparable to Li Shuangyan.

In recent years, Dao Child Shengtian was renowned in the Grand Middle Territory only because Li Shuangyan had always kept a low profile. Especially after following Li Qiye, she appeared even more seldom than before, otherwise, his fame wouldn’t necessarily be as great as hers!

This monstrous domination made unconvinced people with no options but to be convinced. Five palaces Royal Noble. Grand Dao Noble! This qualified her to be domineering no matter where she went!

Dao Child Shengtian’s face was reddened from anger. His great achievement of Heavenly Noble was enough for him to be proud, but he didn’t think that Li Shuangyan who was also a Saint Fate would completely dominate him by being a Grand Dao Royal Noble.


“Treasure, open!’ Ji Kongjian once again shouted right when Li Shuangyan knocked Dao Child flying away. Since his flying saber injured Li Qiye, he got the opportunity to recuperate and with his roar, all of his blood energy went into the godly saber treasure box behind his back!

“Om–” A bang sounded as the godly saber treasure box of Ji Kongjian exuded a light as a shadow emerged from it with its one eye closed. However, in just an instant, the solitary eye opened releasing a light like the godly saber. This one light slashed forward just like a godly saber cutting through time itself with a tyrannical velocity.

A blade that frightened the heart, a blade with such extreme speed startled everyone. This godly saber treasure chest was absolutely an item from immemorial time!

“Only a Solitary Gaze Divine Saber, nothing more!” Li Qiye laughed loudly, then he raised the Six Dao Sword in his hand up into the sky and unleashed a Six Dao Slash: “First sword of Three, Void Emotion Sword!”

This emotionless sword was unblemished in the sky! It’s extreme purity symbolized uprightness. The heaven and earth possessed the Yin and Yang, and Yang was the proper path. First sword of three, Void Emotion Sword!

This was the three techniques Li Qiye learned from the Six Dao Sword, and the three moves were Heaven, Earth, and Mortal! Before the heavens could show any emotions, the seas would run dry and the stones become soft. (1)

Cultivation was a path void of emotions and the heavens were even more heartless. With this emotionless sword slashing down with boundless majesty,it was not a second-rate murderous dao filled with vicious cruelty, but it was the pure dao of void emotion.

Under this sword was the embodiment of heaven’s sentence with emotionless righteousness.

Boom! This sword froze the heaven and splitted the earth. Another terrible thing happened as Li Qiye’s Kun Peng rushed out of his Fate Palace using its Dark Space Transformation to allow Li Qiye’s sword to reach a speed that was capable of cutting time itself.

This sword was void of any emotions and slashed away any concept of time was still not the most frightening phenomena. Li Qiye’s Hell Suppressing Godly Physique erupted with a power that suppressed all existences…even the gods and devils!

Using the the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique to unleash one slash of the heavenly dao was truly horrifying. The void was cut open and strange phenomena began to appear. This one sword was not only powerful but struck out with the speed of a Kun Peng, It also carried the supreme immortal power of immeasurable weight! The nether collapsed and there were countless chaotic gaps in the sky as time and space were broken into nothingness.

Everyone present felt dismay while witnessing this sword.. It was truly tyrannical, even the Sword God Sacred Ground’s descendant Bai Jianzhen -who used the sword to become invincible- also lost her color. She had went very far on the path of the sword, but seeing this sword of Li Qiye, she was also appalled! This sword already had the style of an Emperor sword!


Even the godly light of the flying saber could not hinder this sword and was split apart! Li Qiye’s sword did not deviate from it’s path as it kept on slashing towards the one-eyed giant.

The one eye of the giant immediately emanated a blinding brilliance seeing this sword and turned into a supreme sword dao as the sword hymns filled the air. In an instant, inside the Ancient Sky City, all cultivators’ swords were singing hymns in resonance.

Such a phenomenon surprised everyone. This treasure was truly great. Even causing a Royal Noble to murmured: “I’m afraid this has to be a treasure of the gods!”

“Just one ray like before yet still dare to be arrogant in front of your father, but this solitary eye is almost worthy!” Li Qiye shouted. While the Six Dao Sword hovered above him absorbing all the Yin and Yang from the sun turning it into the utmost pinnacle of all yang energy in this world. This one sword combined with the heaven and earth’s yang power along with all existences’ righteousness, causing the heavenly sword of Li Qiye to become tyrannically invincible.

This sword was the most extreme of yang, and the technique was supremely righteousness. These two combined into the most powerful stoic sword. The majesty of the grand dao and the aura of Emperors would not be any more amazing than this.

Bang! Even the sword dao created by the one eye could not stop this slash from the Six Dao Sword! It shattered the sword dao and cut through the one-eyed giant followed by many cracking noises. Even though the godly saber treasure box of Ji Kongjian had an amazing origin, but it was far too lacking compared to the Six Dao Sword!

TN1: This line is saying that it would be an eternity before the heavens gain emotions/mercy.