Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2127

“Rumble!” Nothing but explosions and waves of Heavenly Execution were happening in this world. No creature could actually survive in this place.

It was one of true death. Emperors, dark overlords, and even the mythical epoch lords would still be rendered to ashes here. Of course, this wasn’t completely accurate; perhaps a slight exaggeration.

Li Qiye seemed to be drifting aimlessly in this ocean but his head was actually aiming for a certain place - hopefully, the other shore.

It acted as a compass, maintaining his direction regardless of the huge waves of lightning flipping him around. He was in hibernation, albeit not intentionally.

Even someone as strong as him was helpless while being assaulted in this ocean of lightning. However, he had the human skin and Primordial Will protecting him. The effects were minimal.

Sun, moon, and other celestial bodies were absent in this place. There was no concept of time either. Ten thousand years seemed like a day and vice versa.

This place had jumped out of the regular cycles and river of time. It had no connection with the outside world.

A tiny light was pulsing during his journey at the very beginning. Li Qiye didn’t notice it since he was sleeping.

Perhaps one would mistake it for a flashing current from an execution, but this wasn’t the case. It has been following Li Qiye the entire time while keeping a certain distance - whether it be when he was blown up in the sky or just gently drifting with the waves.

The gap grew increasingly narrower. Once it was close enough, people would find that it was something staying in this ocean of executions.

This was truly impossible. Even epoch lords would be frightened by this scene because nothing could exist under the destructive power of this ocean.

Alas, this certain thing was indeed following Li Qiye. It seemed to be capable of moving freely in this ocean and without any sound. No one could detect it without its permission.

As time passed on, Li Qiye was slowly waking up. It wasn’t that he actually noticed the thing following him, but an item inside his fate palace was reacting strongly - the egg that he found back in the treasury of Cleansing Incense.

No one knew how the ancestors of the sect got this item. Later on, it drank a lot of Myriad Star Water and continued to stay inside Li Qiye’s thirteenth palace. He had gestated it for a long time to no avail.

He even gave it the item he found from the old man back in the machine World but nothing changed at all.

But now, it was reacting quite strongly inside the palace, seemingly wanting to wake him up. He woke up and didn’t know what was going on.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The egg slammed his fate palace and wanted to come out.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye opened it and the egg jumped into the ocean, as agile as a fish.

“There’s something?” Li Qiye became attentive and finally noticed the flashing item beneath.

The egg and the flashing item disappeared into the depth of the ocean before he could understand the situation.

Who knows if the egg was chasing the item or if the item had lured it. All in all, both of them have disappeared.

“Shit.” It was too late since he couldn’t get the egg that has been with him for so long back.

“Your father wasted so much on you throughout the years, even the temporal item from the Machine World, but now, you leave just like that?” He smiled wryly.

There was nothing he could do since the two of them were gone now. He went back into slumbering and stopped thinking about the egg.

If it meant to be his, then it would come back to him. After all, it had stayed in his fate palace for so long so there was a unique and indelible marking there.

Other marks could be destroyed by different methods or the long years, but one made by the thirteenth palace was peerless. As long as the egg was around, so would the mark.

He drifted across this ocean with no concept of time. He couldn’t sense any difference even if a million year had passed.

The lightning bolts became weaker and weaker while the ocean became smaller. The Heavenly Executions eventually disappeared altogether, leaving only behind weak lightning currents.

He finally made it out of this ocean after an unknown period of time. When he opened his eyes for the second time, the ocean was far behind him now.

The world of execution was over; next was a vast, empty expanse devoid of everything else - the same deathly stillness as before just like the perimeter of another world.