Chapter 214 : Thousand Emperors Gate (2)

“There really is no other way to become close again to their ancestors?” A cultivator couldn’t help but ask.

Regarding this question, many old elders of the great powers were unable to answer. Finally, the old Turtle Monarch of the Flying Dragon Lake stated a method with soft words: “There is a way to meet one’s ancestor. It is to perform the honoring ceremony in the legends.”

“How does one perform this honoring ceremony?” The demons right next to the old Turtle Monarch quickly inquired.

“I don’t know.” The Turtle Monarch shook his head and continued: “I had lived for many years, but I have only heard about this method, and have never seen it before. I’m afraid there is no longer anyone in this world who knows of this ceremony!”

At the ferry, other cultivators also recognized the few Treasure Lords and Earth Immortals appearing at this place.

“Over there, isn’t he, isn’t he the last Gatemaster of the Thousand Emperors Gate?” An old Ancient Saint from the Heavenly Ghost Race from the Eastern Hundred City asked in extreme astonishment after seeing an emotionless Earth Immortal standing next to the river.

“Thousand Emperors Gate!” Hearing this name, many grand characters were in awe. Even Immortal Emperor’s lineages lost their colors after hearing such a name, as if it was a forbidden taboo.

“Is the Thousand Emperors Gate that frightening?” A junior noticed the shock on his master’s face, and curiously asked.

“One gate, four emperors; four emperors in a row!” The Enlightened Beings and the Ancient Saints of the previous generation with dignified expressions explained to their disciples: “Thousand Emperors Gate, four Immortal Emperors originated from this sect. Moreover, these four Immortal Emperors came one after another continuously. No other sects were able to successfully break through and steal the Heaven’s Will from them. For four generations in a row, the Heaven’s Will was held by the Thousand Emperors Gate!”

Having heard such a tale, countless younger disciples all lost their colors. Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, one sect with two emperors. This was already enough to shake the entire Grand Middle Territory. It was an untouchable existence in contemporary time.

One gate, four emperors – this was simply unthinkable. The even more horrifying part was that it was a sect with four Immortal Emperor continuously This was truly a miracle. A miracle never before seen, and a miracle that would never happen again!

“One gate, four emperors in a row. Such an invincible lineage like this, how come they still met their end?” A junior after hearing such a legend couldn’t help but ask his seniors.

A senior lamented with a sigh, before gently answering: “There was an even more extraordinary character appearing after the fourth Immortal Emperor of the Thousand Emperors Gate. Her name was Empress Hong Tian (Vast Heaven)! In the end, even the Thousand Emperors Gate feared by the gods and devils were still destroyed at the hands of Empress Hong Tian. Legends told that the Thousand Emperors Gate was really going to have a fifth Immortal Emperor. Unfortunately, the person lived in the same generation as Empress Hong Tian. Ultimately, the powerful Thousand Emperors Gate eventually embarked on a journey towards destruction!”

Hearing the name Empress Hong Tian, this left an unerasable mark on all the young generations. An Empress destroying a four emperors’ lineage, how heaven defying was this, how invincible was this!


After so many powers had left for the Underworld Ferry, the calm Li Qiye finally started his departure.

“Everyone, stay back in the Ancient Sky City.” As they entered the burial ground, Li Qiye told the juniors.

Li Qiye this time did not want to bring along the juniors, not even the group of Tu Buyu. Only Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao came along.

In reality, the group of Nan Huairen really wanted to go to the ferry as well, but they could only let go of this thought after hearing Li Qiye’s command.

“This time is a bit special. We are not digging treasures; we are simply helping the War God Temple bury a coffin.” Li Qiye continued: “Which is why everyone shouldn’t go this time. In the end, this is not a treasure hunt. At the ferry, if you provoke an Earth Corpse, I won’t be able to help in time.”

The juniors didn’t question it since they didn’t want to bother Li Qiye.

Li Qiye eventually set off with Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao on top of the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot towards the ancient road into the Underworld Ferry.

Li Shuangyan looked at Li Qiye and felt that he had somethings on his mind. Ever since the Underworld River appeared, Li Qiye was in isolated cultivation without coming out for three days. And after coming out, he immediately left to the ferry which puzzled Li Shuangyan.

No one understood Li Qiye more than her. She could sense his mood changes when no one else could, so today, she felt that Li Qiye had some reservation.

“How are you?” After the chariot departed, Li Shuangyan softly and caringly asked the quiet Li Qiye.

Li Qiye looked at the rolling Underworld River in the horizon flowing down. He didn’t say anything for a long time. After this pause, Li Qiye then looked at the two of them and declared: “I intend to go on the Underworld Boat.”

That night when the Underworld River appeared, Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan’s questions stirred his thoughts. After three days of isolation, even though he said he was cultivating, but the truth was he was pondering over a certain item!

“Go on the Underworld Boat!” Hearing Li Qiye’s statement, both Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao’s expressions heavily changed.

Everyone knew that only the dead would get on the Underworld Boats. A living getting on the Underworld Boat, wasn’t this going to meet one’s demise?

“Young Noble, you are still young. You don’t need to borrow the Underworld Boat to prolong your lifespan, and don’t need it to be reborn for another generation.” Chen Baojiao busily persuaded Li Qiye with a shocked countenance.

“I’m going on it not to increase my lifespan or a generational rebirth.” Li Qiye shook his head and explained.

Li Shuangyan put on a dignified expression while looking at her young noble, then exclaimed: “You going on the Underworld Boat is the same as going to your death. This time going to the burial ground, we only need to put the War God Temple’s ancestor on the boat, why must you do this!” She felt that Li Qiye’s decision to go on the boat was out of necessity, but she didn’t want Li Qiye to go for it was suicidal!

Chen Baojiao then quickly followed Li Shuangyan with her beseech: “Young Noble, why go on the boat. You still have other great opportunities, and this is not worth it. How about we will not do the transaction with the War God Temple, and directly go back to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect?” Even though she was one hundred percent confident with her Young Noble, but once he was on the ship, even a larger amount of confidence would turn into nothingness!

To everyone, going on an Underworld Boat was the same as dying. Only the dead or the dying would be willing to do it. If one could still live for several more decades, they would not want to get on for the chance of picking the right boat was miniscule!

“Don’t worry, I will come back alive.” Li Qiye confidently smiled as a reply to his two maids’ goodwill counsel.

Seeing his determination, Li Shuangyan no longer advised against it. She looked at him for a while before finally asking in a soft tone: “What do you want to do on the Underworld Boat?”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but look at the deepest part of the burial ground, then gently touched his sect protecting treasure before finally responded: “I intend on going to a place, or rather, only by using the Underworld Boat would I be able to reach such a place!”

At this point, he became preoccupied with thoughts. He had been to the deepest part of the burial ground more than once, but there were still some locations at that place that didn’t have easy entrances!

Coincidentally, he recently figured out something with an item in his possession. That night when the Underworld River fell down, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao’s words recalled some of his memories. There were still some mysteries inside the burial ground that he wished to dispel.

“Be careful, make sure to come back alive!” In the end, Li Shuangyan could only let out a caution.

Compared to heaviness in Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan’s minds, Li Qiye on the contrary was very relaxed. He smilingly spoke: “I still have two maids with supreme grace. With such charming and lovely ladies around, how can I be willing to die so early. Wouldn’t it be a crime to myself if I didn’t enjoy such good blessing first!?”

“In your dreams!” Hearing this, Li Shuangyan’s arrogant icy expression turned red as she angrily glared at him.

As for Chen Baojiao, she simply chuckled. Two supreme beauties, one was as arrogant as the arpricot flowers in the snow while the other exuded charmingness with her misty eyes. Each had their own appeals rendering spectators to lose their minds.

Li Qiye did not meet many cultivators along the way on his chariot. In fact, the group of Li Qiye could be said to be the latest group.

It could be because all the Earth Corpses headed to the ferry, or because of the appearance of the Underworld River, but the corpse poison along the ancient road was extremely weak to the point of negligible. Even a weak cultivators could still walk among the ancient road without being affected by the poison. On an ordinary day, they would have turned into Earth Corpses.

When Li Qiye was about to arrive at the ferry and could see it from the distance, they were stopped by someone.

A person blocked the path above the ancient road, and clearly aimed for the group of Li Qiye. This person didn’t stop anyone else, but only the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot.

A young girl with peerless elegance, but also had a sky piercing murderous aura. Anyone who saw her would not notice her beauty for they are horrified by the murderous intent on her body.

The young girl was dressed in black while hugging her black sword. She stood above the ancient just like an unsheathed bloody sword as killing intent filled the air, painting a sanguine scene! Anyone who saw this scene would certain run for their lives.

One or two cultivators who were lagging behind wanted to follow Li Qiye’s Tetra-War Bronze Chariot, but after seeing the young girl blocking the road, they immediately ran away in shock.

Bai Jianzhen, descendant of the Sword God Sacred Ground, owner of a peerless, elegant beauty, but no one had ever cared for her looks before!

Bai Jianzhen suddenly blocking the way of Li Qiye garnered much attention from other people. In just a moment, many cultivators at the ferry suddenly came to watch.

“Bai Jianzhen!” Seeing the girl dressed in black, the geniuses from any heritages all lost their colors and didn’t want to mess with this goddess of death!

To many cultivators of the young generation, Bai Jianzhen was not the most powerful genius, but she was absolutely the most terrible genius. The moment her sword was unsheathed, it must taste blood. Her frightening murderous intent was capable of casting all away!