Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2151

After Qin profound was struck by the Fire cloud palm, both of his palms continuously smashed down, causing the Primitive Tao Power to rush out like a torrent. Passing through the completely opened profound door, the transformed berserk dao energy caused the ground to tremble slightly.

The Heaven Blasting Palm continuously struck out, all of them striking Qin profound's body.

's current strength had already shocked everyone. Instead, they were worried about whether Qin profound could live through this.

Everyone felt that Qin profound would definitely die under this kind of crazy attack.

But Chen Xiang had done it. Qin profound did not die at this moment, he could clearly feel Qin profound's intense life force.

"This fellow, just what cultivation technique is he cultivating? To be attacked by me, even if it's a middle stage Three Profound realm expert, he would surely be reduced to nothing." Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, and continued to crazily attack the Heaven Blasting Palm.

When the Heaven Blasting Palm landed on the ground, it recalled several waves of air that blew everyone to the side. When those disciples saw how terrifying Chen Xiang's strength was, and how he could not lose to Qin profound, they were all secretly shocked in their hearts.

"Hurry and kill Wu profound." A person suddenly shouted.

Wu profound also attacked at this time, but what he did not expect was, there were not only 6 people surrounding him, there were actually 10 of them.

In their group, there were still people from the seven great sects, and they were not weak either. In fact, they were from the Three profound realm.

"I am also a disciple of the profound Marital School, but you actually dared to attack me." Wu profound blocked the attack of a big size man, which was the seat of the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

"I have never treated you as a fellow disciple. Today, you are dead for sure." The big guy laughed and said, "Quickly get rid of him."

At the same time, he released a burst of strong dao energy and released them from all directions, enveloping Wu profound in the sky and earth. Boom!

"Wu profound." Chen Xiang immediately teleported over, and when he grabbed Wu profound, he immediately teleported away, and at the same time, placed Wu profound into the ring.

Wu profound was besieged by many people, although Chen Xiang was still being saved, but he was still injured by the aura and was already vomiting blood.

When Chen Xiang stopped his attacks on Qin profound, everyone saw that Qin profound's current appearance was actually turned into a lump of meat paste.

However, in the next few moments, the lump of meat quickly grew in size, and Qin profound returned to his original appearance, looking unharmed.

"Haha …" I'm not dead, Chen Xiang, you're underestimating me. " Qin profound laughed wildly.

Everyone felt that it was unbelievable that Qin profound did not die even after being attacked like that by Chen Xiang. It was difficult to imagine that such an immortal body actually existed in this world.

"Hurry up and kill him." Qin profound said to the disciples seated around him. Right after he finished speaking, the disciples immediately started fighting, slaughtering all the people who were not them, turning them into blood mist, and the blood mist was absorbed by Qin profound.

After Qin profound absorbed it, the aura became stronger.

"Do you really not need us to do anything?" An old man from the Three profound realm asked.

"No need, this is my own battle. I will definitely take him down." After Qin profound finished speaking, his body suddenly exploded into a big cloud of blood mist, which filled up the entire competition grounds.

Chen Xiang immediately turned invisible to prevent himself from being attacked. He did not understand what Qin profound was doing now.

Just as everyone was feeling suspicious, the blood mist suddenly shrank back and converged towards a direction. Not long later, the invisible Chen Xiang appeared, and his body was suddenly wrapped in a blood mist.

"Haha …"

The arena resounded with Qin profound's laughter. After a few blinks of an eye, Qin profound appeared, and six long yet sinister black arms appeared behind his back. These arms tightly wrapped around Chen Xiang, and the tips of their claws were six inches long.

At this time, Chen Xiang was unable to move, and he was also unable to use the power of space to struggle free, because the six inch long claws had pierced into his body.

In truth, when he was entangled by the red blood mist just now, he was unable to circulate his body's dao energy, and his Spirit of the Dao gods was unable to activate the Primitive Tao Power, causing him to be in need of the source of his power.

Everyone only saw Qin profound's claws piercing into Chen Xiang's body one by one. His chest and back were all firmly nailed by them.

Qin profound's black arm suddenly started to wiggle, as though something was flowing out of it and into Chen Xiang's body.

"Hmph." When Chen Xiang saw the things inside Qin profound's sinister black arms that were about to be transferred over, he bellowed, and his body suddenly shot out a ball of flame. He saw a very small Qilin suddenly rushing out from his chest.

The moment the Qilin rushed out, it burned with flames. As the Qilin let out roars, the flames reached into the heavens and began to burn everything around it.

Qin profound's arm was instantly burnt to the point it shrunk, and had no choice but to withdraw from Chen Xiang's body. After Chen Xiang broke free from Qin profound's restraints, the Qilin immediately charged towards him, turning into a ray of flame that covered his arm.

The instant the Qilin attached Chen Xiang's arm, many scales appeared on Chen Xiang's body, turning into a Qilin arm with shocking power.

They had seen the real Qilin before, but it was not inside their Qilin Sect. They knew that after cultivating to a certain degree, they could also cultivate a Qilin, just like what Chen Xiang had done just now.

However, Chen Xiang was only in the Heaven realm stage right now, and he actually managed to cultivate it.

"Bastard." Chen Xiang instantly appeared in front of Qin profound and punched him hard in the face. The moment the Qilin arm was swung, sparks exploded out and a piece of flesh from Qin profound's face flew out.

However, Qin profound's face immediately returned to normal.

"Your regeneration ability is limited, let's see how long you can keep it up." Chen Xiang's fists struck back and forth against Qin profound, both arms also being torn off by Chen Xiang's powerful Qilin arm.

Qin profound did indeed have the power to revive him, but he needed a regeneration gap, otherwise he would not be able to retaliate at all.

Right now, his arm had just grown out, and was immediately smashed off by Chen Xiang. His head had just recovered, but was again smashed into pieces by Chen Xiang.

"An hour is almost up." Li Li suddenly said gloomily, he did not expect Chen Xiang to be so strong, to not be able to kill him with his own strength.

What he had just said was also to tell the other disciples to hurry up and make a move so that Qin profound could recover. There were still a few early stage Three profound realm s amongst them, and their strengths were all equally matched with Qin profound.

As expected, the first to attack were those six disciples, they wielded their divine weapons and rushed over with their fastest speed, and fiercely hacked at Chen Xiang, extremely berserk.

Chen Xiang felt the attacks from all four directions, and with a twist of his body, a Green dragon howler appeared. The dragon head collided with the female disciple of the Qilin Sect, and immediately penetrated through her body.