Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2200

Resting Bull System had reasons for going all out in helping Insane Court. It was due to their True Emperor with the title, Elucidation.

This particular system was quite ancient and faced the same problem as Insane Court back then, an inevitable decline. Its dao source was depleted completely so the system was only in-name by that point. The clans and sects there were on the verge of collapse; they needed to leave.

Finally, their territories of ten million miles were still there but completely desolated. No one lived in this great land since it wasn’t suitable for cultivation.

Later on, Elucidation True Emperor appeared. He was only a regular disciple of Insane Court who was lucky enough to come across the Resting Bull Scripture. This was the true scripture of Resting Bull.

This ordinary disciple left Insane Court and chose the path of the Resting Bull to eventually become an invincible True God. He revitalized the depleted dao source and built Resting Bull again.

From then on, the system came back to life and was world-renowned once more. During his reign, the emperor still remembered the old sentiments and memories. He decided to form an alliance between Resting Bull and Insane Court, for them to be as close as brothers.

Thus, Resting Bull System toiled and persuaded the other systems for an agreement after the blood crisis at Insane Court.

Li Qian frowned and shook his head after hearing this: “Excuse my ignorance, I don’t know what you are talking about, Light Ancestor.”

The ancestor explained: “The Insane Blood Gods have killed tens of thousands of disciples from various systems. We chased them all the way here, need I say more?”

Li Qian was speechless after hearing this. So these three gods have caused enough trouble to take Insane Court down with them. They were wrongfully blamed for this.

“I demand justice for my eight thousand disciples!” Yang Radiance Monk took one step forward and shouted.

The Myriad-armed King did the same: “Thirty thousand disciples of our Coiling Dragon Lineage demand justice from the graves! Blood for blood!”

“Our six thousand disciples will not die for nothing!” An ancestor from Vermillion Martial Court yelled.


In just a short time, one sect after another demanded retribution. Li Qian got quite a headache listening to all their screams.

So it turned out that the three Insane Blood Ancestors had their fill of blood after emerging again in order to replenish their vitality to reach their peak state. They wanted to go all out, so they feasted before returning to the system.

Meanwhile, these sects were furious after losing so many disciples and gathered an alliance to give chase right away.

They have marked the three gods’ coordinates and used it to open a spatial rift to come to Insane Court, right above the royal court. These sects were going all out as well, wishing to control the dao source of Insane Court first before dealing with the three gods.

Stuck in a tough spot, Li Qian glanced at the other protectors.

No matter how one looks at it, Insane Court didn’t have the moral high ground. They were somewhat responsible for the trouble caused by the three gods, so they needed to give a reasonable justification or the alliance wouldn’t let this go and withdraw their troops.

He took a deep breath and cupped his fist towards the ancestors on the other side: “Gentlemen, the truth is that the three Insane Blood Gods have been slain by our forefather.”

On that day, Li Qiye only needed one slash to kill Virtue True God and turning the three gods to blood. They didn’t even have a chance to resist.

“Who knows if your system is telling the truth or not.” Myriad-armed King uttered coldly.

“That’s right, either hand over the three gods or let us take control of your dao source then make a decision. Otherwise, destruction.” A different ancestor roared.

“The evil heretics rampaged across the world once, and now, you’re protecting these three gods again. The heretical art will definitely rise for the second time and terrorize Myriad Lineage, we must cut this off from the roots.” Another chimed in.

“That’s right, destroy the heretical sect so that light can shine on Myriad Lineage.” The several thousand experts became emotional and let out a battle chant in unison.

They traveled such a long distance and didn’t want to go back empty-handed. There were two goals - first, avenging the dead disciples by killing the three gods. Second, to control the dao source here and sweep through Insane Court so that the heretical remnants can’t rise again.

“Blood for blood, kill!” Myriad-armed King was the first to rush forward to start the battle once more.

“March!” The cries of battle echoed across the world as the alliance rushed forward like an unstoppable flood of steel.

“Fight!” Li Qian had no other choice but to personally put on his armor to fight with the rest of the disciples.

Despite being in the wrong, they still needed to fight instead of just handing the dao source over to others. There was no way they could just watch as the opponents take over their dao system without spilling blood.

The disciples in the system were still primed to fight despite the power disparity. They knew that without the dao source, there would be no Insane Court.

“Rumble!” Explosions resounded everywhere with treasures and weapons soaring through the sky - heavenly swords, divine sabers, treasure pagodas…

These True God-level weapons and even Eternal artifacts made the land tremble.

The laws of Insane Ancestor activated as well. Runes were everywhere to protect the royal court. Otherwise, the entire court would be rendered to ashes even if the system could survive this. These laws were crucial for the court to withstand such monstrous barrages.

“Ah!” Bodies and blood fell from the sky - some belonged to the disciples of Insane Court while others belonged to the invaders. Of course, there were much more of the former.

In spite of Li Qian’s presence, the battle was still one-sided. The alliance came prepared with numerous True Gods and some Ascenders.

“Activate!” Li Qian commanded. He and the other protectors activated the dao source.

A massive dao power engulfed the area in the form of rising laws. They empowered the protectors.

“Boom!” In this split second, the other side also took out their real ace cards - True Emperor weapons and more Eternal artifacts.

The fiery sparks from the battle resembled the explosions of the stars. The sky seemed pale in comparison while the earth violently quaked. The fate of the court was hanging on a thread, akin to a tiny boat struggling in the tempestuous ocean. Just one large wave could capsize it.

“Boom!” The protectors struggled but they weren’t as strong as the ancestors on the other side. They vomited blood from the pressure.

“Kill them, trample Insane Court!” Someone crazily shouted and began a stronger attack. More than ten thousand disciples from Insane Court have fallen.

“With just your group?” A leisure voice came about.

“Boom!” Endless immortal light surged from the dao source. Rays soared to the sky and pulsed, illuminating the entire universe.

“Clank!” Primordial laws, much stronger than before, finally oozed out from the ground. Each was as large as a mountain range and began to weave together.

The pulsing rays and primordial laws fused and created an everlasting sword. When this primordial sword appeared, all other beings were nothing but specks of dust.

“Buzz.” It slightly vibrated and the stars in the sky exploded. This apocalyptic power was too much for the crowd to take.