Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2220

Wu Bingning’s sudden involvement shocked Miracle. He stood there frozen, not knowing what to do. His complexion kept on changing color. The guy didn’t want to go all out against her because he thought there was still a chance for them in the future.

Even if he was ready to drop all friendly pretension, he wasn’t confident in winning. As a grand True God, he wasn’t necessarily weaker than the other two young nobles.

However, his talents were definitely the weakest so he had to rely on pills for a strong cultivation. Thus, he had no advantage to speak of when going against her.

Everlasting didn’t focus on offensive grand dao and didn’t possess that many primordial merit laws since it was only a kingdom in this system.

This wasn’t the case for Qingning. They were in charge of Vermillion System, the orthodox branch. She cultivated primordial laws since youth so this was a great advantage. Moreover, their progenitor’s title was Martial Ancestor. His fame was built on his might and martial arts with deadly techniques.

Even if his cultivation was better, he might still lose in an actual fight. Thus, the situation became quite difficult for him. To help or not to help? The former might not be beneficial since it might create an enemy out of the goddess and Vermillion.

As a kingdom, opposing a system required further deliberation. They definitely didn’t have the upper hand.

The spectators were pleased once more to see his struggling expression. They were annoyed at his happy attitude earlier. 

“Miss Bing, I do not wish to oppose you but this guy is way out of line.” Miracle told her before shouting at Li Qiye: “Release our disciple already or become our kingdom’s enemy forever!”

“I want to see that.” Li Qiye didn’t look back and pushed down even more.

“Ah!” Wu Lian’s scream echoed across the valley as he was entirely submerged down the lava and became ashes.

Miracle had no chance to save him even if he wanted to at that moment.

“You!” He rushed up in rage but Bingning blocked his path.

“Miss Bing, you want to oppose us for the sake of a nobody?! You think that’s worth it?!” He couldn’t help raising his voice at her.

“You think my Vermillion is afraid your Everlasting?” Bingning coldly responded: “You should be happy that it is me fighting you. If it was Young Noble Li, you wouldn’t even have a chance to resist.”

Miracle’s face became unsightly. In his mind, she was looking down on him while praising Li Qiye. Being shown such disdain by a crush left him trembling with rage.

It sounded like an insult but it was indeed the truth. If it was her, out of consideration for the alliance, she would show mercy towards him. Li Qiye would kill the guy before he could blink again.

Miracle was a genius indeed with few rivals in the same generation, but Li Qiye could slaughter Ascenders without any difficulty.

The atmosphere grew tenser along with Miracle’s fury.

“Poof!” At this moment, the lotus flowers suddenly blossomed. The buds began to spread, revealing the petals.

They exuded a tiny flame that carried a pleasant warmth like bathing in a hot spring.

The two in the center were especially beautiful. The golden lotus was dazzling with golden rays. No one could look straight at it. This resembled a lotus seat beneath a Buddha.

The silver lotus was amazing as well. The blazing flame oozed out like melting platinum, an incredible scene.

“It’s happening!” A spectator shouted.

“It’s a rare chance, let’s get started!” The big shots near the pond began jumping onto the flowers, waiting for the flame to purify them.

“Miracle Young Noble, let’s put his aside and talk after the process.” One of them told him.

This was out of goodwill, giving the young noble a chance to back off without losing too much face. Ultimately, Everlasting was an underdog compared to Vermillion.

Miracle hesitated after hearing this, still thinking about the right move.

After the petals have fully spread, the flame on each of the lotus intensified. They shot out crystallized rays of light that could pierce through everyone’s body, washing away the impurities and imperfections.

“Now!” Some ancestors closed their eyes, waiting for this illumination process to refine their body. It was a very enjoyable and beneficial event.

“Poof!” The lotus flame was going in full force like a volcanic eruption. People would never forget such a magnificent scene.

The lucky ancestors waited and waited with their eyes closed. After a while, they felt that something was wrong.

The flame on each of the lotus wasn’t actually splashing on them. Some opened their eyes and saw that the flowers were indeed exuding flame, but these individual flame waves were being siphoned by someone else.

They looked towards the direction of the flame streams and saw a frog-like creature. It opened its mouth and sucked in all the lotus flames.

“Ribbit!” Its mouth was like a terrible black hole. The flame waves had no chance to escape.

Of course, this ugly frog was naturally Li Qiye’s Myriad Cauldron. It was taking in the flames from the golden and silver lotuses as well.

The ancestors were stunned to see this. Their rare opportunity was being stolen by this ugly frog. There was no word to describe their current feelings.

“Ribbit!” After eating the last strand of flame, it jumped on Li Qiye’s shoulder and playfully stuck out its tongue as if it was still hungry.