Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2226

Chapter 2226

As Li Qiye left the land of the fire source on his way to Longevity Valley, he met a female daoist .

She was rather beautiful, around the age of thirty . She wore a loose robe fluttering with the wind but this didn’t deter others from seeing her wondrous curves . The winds pushed back and forth and they began to show - the shy, rolling hills . This hidden jewel made others want to carefully appreciate it even more . One could see her a hundred times without becoming bored .

She certainly looked heroic and had the graceful temperament of a daoist . Her complexion was as bright as the moon and eyes as dazzling like the stars and willowy eyebrows . One wouldn’t be shocked seeing her for the first time, but her beauty required time and patience . Each time seeing her again, people would find something new .

The daoist placed her palms together after seeing him and greeted: “Blessed be the supreme . Nice to meet you . ”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile, also placing his palms together: “Oh Merciful Buddha, it is excellent to meet you . ” [1]

A third party would definitely think that Li Qiye was messing around . Buddhism and Daoism were at odds and he was certainly not a Buddhist disciple yet he still performed their rite . What could it be outside of deliberate teasing?

However, the woman didn’t mind at all . She smiled in a natural manner: “Benefactor, fate connects the two of us . ”

Her smile was like the return of spring, capable of melting the heart .

He smiled back: “Daoist, indeed we are, why don’t we make something of this?”

“Go on . ” The woman had an amicable flow to her .

“How about a wife? Will you be my dao companion?” He placed his palms together and asked .

The sudden request would make others think that he was insane . This woman had an incredible identity and a prestigious status right now . Talking to her like this meant being tired of living .

“You’re quite straightforward, Benefactor . ” She wasn’t angry at all .

“That’s who I am . ” Li Qiye smiled: “If we are connected by fate, then as the adage goes, we’ll meet wherever we go . If that’s the case, then let’s not be sticklers to formalities . Come with me, I’m in need of a wife . ”

“Then why must I go with you and not the other way around? Since you claim to not like adhering to conventional ways, follow me back to Longevity Valley . ” Her autumn eyes were gentle . Just a wink was charming beyond words .

He smiled while rubbing his chin and taking a good look at the daoist . She nonchalantly met his gaze, her own full of elegance and insight .

“That’s not a bad idea . ” He concluded: “What’s in it for me? Does your valley have many beauties?”

“As many as there are clouds in the sky . The moment you are there, you’ll be the moon surrounded by the star, it’ll be an amazing time . ” She had a good sense of humor .

An outside listener would be astounded again because her attitude and tone right now weren’t matching her actual status, more like a madam of a brothel finding customers .

“My heart is beating fast now, looks like we’re connected by fate indeed…” Li Qiye placed his palms together again: “Similar people do walk on the same path . ”

The daoist returned the gesture: “My title is Longevity Sage, our fate is proven by our meeting despite the sea of people . ”

This was an awe-inspiring title - the lord of Longevity Valley, the ruler of Longevity System, one of the two great daoist sages in Myriad Lineage .

The emperor of Insane Court was no match in comparison because it had fallen . She was famous alongside the other sage, the sect master of Yang Radiance with the title of Untethered . Her cultivation was unfathomable .

She was well-respected and the valley continued to grow under her leadership . Right now, Li Qiye was teasing someone of this level; he truly possessed the gall of a tiger .

Nevertheless, she remained in a good mood and continued to humor him . Not everyone could do this, not after obtaining a high status .

Li Qiye continued on: “Let me add on to this fateful connection . I was actually planning on joining your valley in the first place, not expecting to meet you here, sage . Looks like our meeting was destined, will you fulfill it by walking with me, hand-in-hand?”

“Perhaps, if it is meant to be . ” She dodged the request without being impolite . One could stare at her beautiful smile for an eternity .

She continued on: “Wait until I understand the world, then I’ll think about accompanying you . ”

“Then you’re not going to the valley with me? What business is worthy of your attention?” He asked .

“Mundane matters for the sake of benefits and fame, truly vexing . ” She replied: “A spectator watches the mundane world from afar while an impatient person is pressed with urgency and desires . This applies to me so I must go take a look . ” 

“Do you want me to come along? I am a good cheerleader and will be more than happy to accompany someone who is connected with me through fate . ” He joked .

“Benefactor, your desires are not mundane matters, what you spectate is the light above us all . Trivial matters are not your concern, I shall go alone . ” She smiled and said .

“Very well, but if you need me, just say the word . I will bear the world with you . ” He half-jokingly said .

“I appreciate your kind thoughts . ” She continued: “You should go rest at Longevity Valley first and meet the disciples there . I’ll return later to discuss the dao with you . Is that alright?”

He looked at her and asked: “What role will you give me to enter? Maybe as your dao companion?’

She chuckled in response: “A bit early for that, Benefactor . We have a spot open for a chief disciple, are you interested? Of course, you can go there first and see for yourself before making a decision . ”

Anyone else would be slack-jawed after hearing this . The chief disciple role of Longevity Valley was certainly prestigious, similar to a successor . This person would eventually become the ruler of the valley one day .

Such a role should be reserved for their own disciple after intense deliberation . But now, she was giving this role to an outsider?

She seemed to be quite at ease as if this position wasn’t important at all, like she was recruiting a regular disciple .

“Chief disciple?” He mused and said: “A romance between master and disciple, quite exciting indeed . I’m itching to experience it . ”

“Then you agree, Benefactor?” She smiled .

“How could I say no? The world is fleeting and ephemeral, so I need to make the most of it . I’ll be your chief disciple and take a look at the beautiful sceneries of your valley . ”

She wrote a letter before handing it over to Li Qiye: “Take this to the valley and someone will receive you . Wait until I come back and we can talk about anything . ”

He smiled: “Good, it sounds like you have no problem with me womanizing over there . ”

“If you are capable, go for it . ” She smiled .

Li Qiye smiled back; his eyes suddenly became resplendent and gazed frighteningly straight at her: “Is immortality possible?”

1 . There’s no direct English translation for these two expressions, as far as I know . She is using the daoist version (miao zai) while Li Qiye is using the Buddhist version (shan zai) . Although, I haven’t seen the daoist version that often while the buddhist one is everywhere