Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2233

Chapter 2233

A while ago, Huang Quanwei didn’t pay any attention to Li Qiye because no matter how one looked at it, he was too ordinary, just a regular disciple at best .

“This is the First Disciple of our sect, also our First Brother . ” Fan Miaozhen introduced Li Qiye .

“First Brother?” Quanwei was surprised because he has never heard about this person before . He was under the impression that Miaozhen was in charge of the young generation .

“Oh, I see, your fame precedes you, First Brother . ” Quanwei didn’t dispute this and cupped his fist .

Longevity Valley was the orthodox branch so in theory, the First Disciple of this sect was going to inherit Longevity Sage’s role, a very prestigious position .

However, Quanwei didn’t care too much . Li Qiye wasn’t famous at all, let alone compared to the Three Ladies .

Inferior to his own Junior Sisters, one could see that this First Brother was in name only, most likely average in skills at best just like his appearance .

He probably got lucky from joining the sect early for that generation and becoming the First Disciple before everyone else . Thus, Quanwei felt superior to him still .

Li Qiye only smiled back at the greeting .

This annoyed Quanwei, feeling that Li Qiye was putting up an act . He asked: “So you also understand poison, First Brother?”

He was one of the three most talented in Everlasting, well-respected by many others . So now, this “First Disciple” dared to treat him like this?

“Our First Brother knows everything - pills, medicines, alchemy, poison, you name it . ” Miaozhen jumped in .

“Ah, I see, excuse me then . I would definitely like to learn from you, First Brother . ” Quanwei didn’t believe this at all .

In his mind, Miaozhen was only defending the valley’s honor . If Li Qiye was actually this gifted, he wouldn’t be an unknown character and would have been much more famous than their group of three in Everlasting . After all, she couldn’t let others make fun of their First Disciple .  

“We can’t wait any longer since the elder’s wound is quite serious . Brother Huang, please show us your skill . ” Yalan slightly frowned before suggesting .

She could tell that her Senior Sister was trying to use Li Qiye to take Quanwei down . Of course, she wasn’t protecting Quanwei either and only interrupted out of worries for the elder’s wound . The poison needed to be cure with haste .

She also didn’t know anything about this First Disciple . Her nature was much simpler than Miaozhen, only focusing on medicine and not about the changes in the world or other struggles . Thus, she didn’t think about this person as much as Miaozhen as well as the implications .

It wasn’t that she didn’t believe Miaozhen’s claim about Li Qiye, she just didn’t wish to risk the life of a patient . Picking the renowned Poison King for this task was certainly the right choice over a guy she had only met for the first time just now .

“Sure thing . ” Quanwei smiled: “Let me see the elder’s poisonous wound, then I’ll ask First Disciple for help if I don’t understand something . ”

Another humble yet empty comment from Quanwei; he didn’t even bother looking at Li Qiye as he spoke . As long as the wound was actually a poisonous one, he wouldn't need any help, not from a nobody .

This was his chance to perform in front of the beauty . Perhaps his supreme poison mastery could win her favor .

“Then what are we waiting for, let’s go see the elder . ” Miaozhen pulled Li Qiye inside .

The other scene was a striking contrast . Quanwei bowed towards Yalan and gestured: “Junior Sister, you first . ”

This was no contest . In his eyes, a dashing genius like him was a thousand times better than someone like Li Qiye .

“Brother Huang, please . ” She politely nodded and entered with him .

On the wooden bed was an old man of a stout stature and a fierce pair of eyes, almost eagle-like . His appearance was certainly imposing unlike his current state . He seemed to be in pain, tortured by the poison resulting in considerable weight loss .

After seeing Li Qiye and Miaozhen, he barely sat up and said: “Miss Fan, please forgive me for not being able to stand up to greet you . ”

His last name was Yang, an elder from a side branch of Longevity . Even Yalan failed to cure the poison, only able to stop it from spreading .

“No need for such formality, Elder Yang, we’re family . ” She spoke with the bearing of a First Sister .

Yalan and Quanwei came as well . The elder quickly asked: “Miss Mu, is there a way?”

This has been a test of his sanity, writhing in pain the entire time . He would have died if it wasn’t for her so now, he placed all of his hope on her since she still hasn’t given up .

“Don’t worry, Elder, we will find a cure for your poison . ” She said before introducing: “I have invited a famous doctor for you, this is Poison King Huang, I’m confident he can do it . ”

“Ah, Virtuous Nephew Huang, my pleasure . ” The elder became excited and quickly cupped his fist: “Your mastery of poison is matchless, looks like this old man is lucky enough to meet a true master . ”

“You’re too kind, Elder . ” Quanwei remained humble but was feeling pretty good inside . He was winning a lot of face in front of his goddess, and soon, he’ll be able to show off his skills .

“I’ll leave it to you then . ” The elder heaved a sigh of relief .

The title of Poison King was quite famous and his skills left no room for doubt . He would certainly have a way to cure this poison .

Meanwhile, Miaozhen had been watching Li Qiye only . She smiled and said: “Elder Yang, our First Brother is also a poison master . ”

Li Qiye smiled after seeing the sudden recommendation .

“First Brother?” The elder didn’t know who she was talking about .

“This is the First Disciple of Longevity Valley, also our master’s highest seniority disciple . ” Miaozhen pushed Li Qiye forward .

“Since when did the sage appoint one?” The elder was surprised because this position has been left unfilled . He has never heard about this matter before .

“You will need to ask my master . ” Miaozhen smiled: “Our First Brother is good at everything, alchemy, medicine, poison, whatever . He’s the pride of our Longevity Valley . ”

She sounded like an aunt at a market praising her own merchandises . Li Qiye couldn’t help but become amused .

“Good at everything?” The elder became surprised again and was still skeptical .

He was still an elder, albeit from a side branch, and should have heard of such a gifted disciple .

“If you don’t mind, our First Brother can give it a shot too . ” Miaozhen suggested .

Yalan was feeling a bit helpless at her Senior Sister . Their relationship was quite good, but Miaozhen was frankly an eccentric little devil, a source of headache for everyone .

“Longevity System has many poison research, but how many are actually masters at this art?” Quanwei stepped up while proudly arching his chest .