Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2235

Chapter 2235

Mu Yalan looked over at Li Qiye before nodding at Huang Quanwei: “Please go ahead, Brother Huang . ”

She ultimately decided against taking any risk based on the given information .

“Very well, I’ll start . ” Quanwei sneered at Li Qiye again, quite pleased with himself .

He took out a pouch of various poisons: “Elder, it might be painful, I will need you to bear it . ”

“Don’t worry, Virtuous Nephew . This old bones of mine can handle it . ” The elder said .

Quanwei chose a bottle of ointment and began applying on the wound . The elder felt a cool sensation, all the pain have disappeared .

“Virtuous Nephew, this is an amazing ointment, removing the pain torturing me for several days now . ” The elder became astonished .

“This is Black Jade, an antidote personally created by me . Any other poison would be cured right away . ” Quanwei said .

“Brother Huang, you can actually make it?” Yalan was surprised as well .

The formula for Black Jade had been lost long ago; even their valley only had an incomplete scroll . Plus, the disciples here didn’t focus on poison too much, not caring to research it any further .

“Yes, I looked through so many texts before finding a way to make up for the missing pieces . This Black Jade of mine can cure anything . ” Quanwei’s ego was being fed in full right now after seeing her surprised expression .

“Your poison mastery is indeed peerless . ” She praised .

“No way, it is inferior compared to your medicinal abilities . ” Quanwei responded . His mood couldn’t be better right now .

Nevertheless, he didn’t stop and took out several needles and inserted into the elders’ important meridians .

“Now!” He shouted and his needles lit up . Under his empowerment, black lines appeared around the elder’s body - the remnant poison .

The old man started to twitch, clearly feeling the pain from this process . Alas, he didn’t groan even once .

These black lines were forced into the chest area . Quanwei was fast and added more needles into the chest cavity, sealing the poison there .

At the same time, his Black Jade ointment was doing work as well . The wound gradually turned white with smoke coming out .

The elder was drenched in sweat but he felt much better than before as if the poison was being removed .

“I’m so impressed right now, you expelled this poison so easily!” He excitedly said .

“Not yet, this is only removing the hidden poison from your system . In order to cure it completely, we need other medicines . ” He humbly said but his slightly smug expression told the tale .

“Of course, I was saved the moment you got here . ” The elder was all-smiles, happy at the thought of being free from this terrible poison .

“Elder, hold on a while longer, the next step will be very painful . ” Quanwei took out a bottle .

“Your bottle will end his life . ” Li Qiye warned before Quanwei could use it .

This got the attention of both Quanwei and Yalan .

“Hmph, do you know what you’re saying? This is an antidote, why would it take his life? Don’t be ridiculous now . ” Quanwei’s eyes turned cold as he spewed out aggression .

“Virtuous Nephew is indeed saving my life, not the opposite, don’t speak nonsense now . ” Elder Yang was unhappy and would have shouted at Li Qiye if he wasn’t the First Disciple .  

“Just a charlatan . ” Li Qiye calmly said .

“What do you mean?” Yalan looked at him and said .

“The right medicine for the right illness, anything else is risking people’s lives . ” He smiled in response .

“The right medicine?” Quanwei raised his voice: “The poison is from a Devilclaw Louse, a creature near a volcano containing true fire in its poison, rendering the veins . This bottle is a mix of Centurial Icelotus and Deepwater Glacier, perfect ingredients versus this poison . If this isn’t right, then what is?!”

“Brother Huang’s explanation is logical, do you have something else in mind, Senior Brother?” Yalan nodded in agreement and asked .

“Virtuous Nephew, I believe in your skill, no need to listen to someone else’s nonsense, please start . ” The elder unhappily said .

“If the elder wishes for it, then please go ahead . ” Yalan then told Li Qiye: “Senior Brother, please don’t disturb him during the process . ”

Yalan had nothing against Li Qiye but she didn’t wish for any interruption .

Li Qiye simply smiled and didn’t bother explaining . Miaozhen did the same, waiting to watch the fun .

“Elder, I’m starting . ” Quanwei said with a serious expression .

“Go for it, Virtuous Nephew . ” Elder Yang was mentally prepared . [1]

Quanwei opened the bottle and scattered the medicine on his chest . Sizzle and smoke came out as if something was burning .

The elder had a twisted expression from the pain with sweat all over . There was no doubt that this process was excruciating . He tried his best while biting down in order to not scream .

As more medicine was poured on top, the black wound became gradually fainter before disappearing altogether . The poison has been cured .

Blood finally came out of the wound and Quanwei put away the bottle while heaving a sigh of relief: “Alright, you’ll be able to get up soon . ”

At this moment, the elder was struggling for breath . It took a while before he regained his wits and felt comfortable like never before .

“You’re a miracle doctor, I will forever remember this debt . ” The elder got up and cupped his fist .

“I have learned from your poison mastery today, Brother Huang . ” Yalan praised as well: “This is a huge weight off my back now that the elder is fine . ”

“It is my honor to help you, Junior Sister . ” Quanwei said right away .

Yalan nodded . This whole ordeal has been quite stressful since she couldn’t come up with an antidote .

“Senior Brother, do you still have any pointer?” The successful attempt left Quanwei complacent, no giving a damn about this First Disciple .

Li Qiye still had a faint smile on his face .

“Poison mastery is a complex art, not just anyone can learn it . ” Quanwei thought the lack of response meant fear: “In the present day, no one is my match when it comes to this art . Trying to do so would only be ignorantly displaying one’s slight skill before an expert . ”

Quanwei was one-step short of pointing his finger at Li Qiye and scolding the guy . Strangely enough, Li Qiye was rather docile and only stood there .

“Ah!” Elder Yang suddenly dropped on the bed and began twitching again .

Earlier, he didn’t scream a single time like a real man during the healing process . But now, he constantly bellowed in pain . One could only imagine what he was going through .

“Elder!” The group was shocked to see this .

His face became whiter with a mist appearing around him and exuding a chilling aura to everyone nearby .

“What’s going on?” Quanwei was caught off guard .  

Yalan sealed the elder’s meridians again with lightning speed . She fed him an emergency pill in order to protect his veins and true fate .

“Help, help me…” The elder could finally speak again but he seemed to be at his last gasp, unable to say anything afterward . The twitching intensified along with the cold aura .

1 . If I have to type Virtuous Nephew one more time…