Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2253

Chapter 2253

“No Alchemy Wood, nothing else either . ” Zhang Yan heaved a sigh of relief and returned to the boat .

Qingniu smelled the air, utilizing his rich experience as a doctor . He could instantly smell the scent if there was any Alchemy Wood around . There was nothing but the scent of mud .

“No Alchemy Wood here . ” He firmly concluded .

All eyes shifted towards Li Qiye; everyone could see the outcome .

“There really isn’t any . ” The young cultivators quietly talked among themselves .

Some were regretting not joining in earlier for an easy win .  

“There might have been some in the past but were eaten already by these termite lice . ” Another speculated .

“You have lost . ” Qingniu stared at Li Qiye and uttered coldly: “There are none here now, one wrong guess, lose everything . ”

“We’ve won so it’s time for you to eat some mud . ” Zhang Yan was ecstatic and told Li Qiye .

“The doctor is still the best, capable of seeing through everything . ” One youth decided to flatter Qingniu . After all, the cultivation world was dangerous, he might need the guy’s help one day .

“Ha, Doctor Hu and Young Pill King are extraordinary, winning so easily . ” One more sneered: “If the mud doesn’t taste good, I guess he can drink the lake water to swallow easier . This water comes from above and also has the taste of Alchemy Wood . ”

Many had a gloating expression while staring at Li Qiye, stemming from their jealousy earlier . So now, they wanted to see him do this humiliating act .

“Haha, that’s a good combination for a meal . ” A different person chimed in .

Li Qiye simply chuckled and continued to drink his ginseng tea, not in a rush at all .

“It’s useless to delay this, you have lost so fulfill your promise . ” Zhang Yan snorted .

He felt quite good and proud to shame this guy before the two beauties .

“All of you are still too young with shallow knowledge, but that’s understandable . The lack of critical thinking is the issue here, yet you still dare to come out to the real world . ”

“We’re not here to hear you preach, just to watch you eat . . . ” Zhang Yan sneered .

Before he could finish, water gushed out from the mud . Something seemed to have been opened underground, resulting in this current .

“Boom!” The thing finally opened fully and emitted mist .

“What is that?!” Everyone looked over and saw a large clam .  

The mist stemming from it had the smell of wood . Everyone felt as if they were deep in a forest and basked in this scent . It was as tantalizing as the smell of fine wine .

“Alchemy Wood, the best kind!” Qingniu blurted out in astonishment .

A resplendent green glow came from the clam, bringing out endless life force like the opening of a new world .

The crowd saw the thing inside, the real source of the glow . It has been swallowed by the clam for who knows how many years?

This looked like a piece of wood since one could see the tree rings on the sides . However, because of the current then the clam, the broken sections were very smooth now . It had turned into jade, no longer carrying the original characteristic of wood . It was around three feet long with an amazing scent .

“Superb, this can be called the best of the best Alchemy Wood . ” Qingniu started salivating .

Li Qiye came and grabbed this piece of wood: “Indeed, this is a main root of the divine tree . After countless years of accumulation, it almost has its own sentience . A rotten piece of root turning divine? Quite unbelievable . ”

“We have one, not as large as this one, only one foot long back in our valley . The ancestors greatly cherish it and use it to help them recuperate . ” Mu Yalan was shocked too .

The rest of the crowd felt the same way . As members of Longevity Valley, they were aware of the various ranking of Alchemy Wood . They could see that this was at the very apex, truly priceless .

Alchemy Valley had plenty of finest materials due to its peerless treasuries accumulated by its founder . No other sect in could match it in this regard . However, it only had a smaller one, far inferior compared to this one .

The initial shock eventually turned into desire . One youth even drooled all over his robe before realizing and wiping it off .

Though they came from an amazing background, obtaining this piece of wood would make them wealthy . Handing it to their sect would result in a gigantic reward, or they could just keep it for themselves .

“Pure Grand Clam . ” Shaoyao, unlike the others, was more impressed with the clam: “This is also a divine type, very rare . ”

“Correct, Shaoyao is quite knowledgeable . ” Li Qiye said: “It had swallowed this main root for many years . The Wood Lice came but couldn’t handle this clam so they built nests here in the mud to wait for the right time . ”

“If we boil it, it will make some supreme medicine . ” Qingniu realized after hearing this name . He didn’t pay attention to it earlier but was now aware of its value .

Li Qiye began cutting the meat of the claim with wondrous dexterity and precision like an experienced butcher . People had a hard time following .

He also took out another item inside the meat . It was actually a golden pearl with a blinding light, resembling a sun .  

“Pure Grand Pearl!” Shaoyao was shocked for the second time: “Rumor has it that only one out of one thousand clams would have one, this is even more incredible, our ancestors want one so bad but can’t find it . ”

Zhang Yan was stunned and murmured: “Our ancestor has one the size of a thumb from an Eternal . He traded it for a bottle of Longevity pills . ”

He was referring to the Pill King whose Longevity Pills were very desirable . Just one pearl was enough to trade for a full bottle? One could see its value from this trade .

But now, Li Qiye’s pearl was the size of a pigeon egg . It was naturally far more valuable .

Just the highest-grade Alchemy Wood was astonishing enough but this pearl on top of that? Two birds with one stone for sure . No wonder why he was digging in this place .

He then recalled the yang gourd and its abilities . With that, the clam immediately closed its mouth and ran into the lake again .

This took the crowd by surprise . They didn’t know that a clam could escape so fast .