Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2261

Chapter 2261: 2261

Xianyi jolted while seeing the opponent approaching closer and instinctively staggered backward .

“What?!” He shouted .

“I haven’t killed in a while so my hands are itchy . Time to feed the addiction . ” Li Qiye happily grinned .

“Don’t be crazy!” Xianyi was horrified, aware that this guy was much stronger .

“And if I want to?” Li Qiye smiled .

“You, you must know that I’m just another man, but my Senior Brother Zhou is an apostle! Touch a hair of mine and he won’t let you off so easily!” The guy shouted .

“Apostle? Wow, I’m so afraid . ” Li Qiye paid no mind .

Xianyi became increasingly nervous so his volume rose: “He’s a favorite apostle under Young Lord Mu . Know that we’re under his banner, so killing me is the same as declaring war on him, and I don’t need to elaborate on how terrifying he is, you should know full well!”

He finally revealed his backing since there was no other choice .

The older experts, ancestors, and sect masters became serious after hearing this name . The Pill King’s expression turned solemn as well .

The youths here were not familiar with this name . They only knew that his Senior Brother Zhou Zhikun had found a new backing, and their seniors were apprehensive of this power .

“Who is that Young Lord Mu?” A junior quietly asked his senior .

“Shh!” The senior immediately gestured before answering in a hushed tone: “Can’t talk about it, this is a taboo character . ”

Li Qiye remained all-smiles: “Young Lord Mu? Who the hell is that? Never heard of him . ”

“You’re, you’re a dead man! Disrespecting Young Lord Mu is an unforgivable sin! If he were to find out, your nine clans will be exterminated!”

Xianyi was scared for real this time, and also of the consequences if his lord were to find out about this transgression .

Alas, Li Qiye’s figure flashed again and he showed up before Xianyi with his hand on the guy’s throat .

“Disrespecting?” Li Qiye leisurely repeated: “All of you are the one disrespecting me . An ant like you dares to bring this up? Your Young Lord Mu isn’t qualified to lick the bottom of my shoes, so how can I disrespect him?”

“All of you, stop this madman! Or your Longevity System will suffer the misfortune of his wrath! All will become ashes!” Xianyi was horrified of Li Qiye’s devilish smile .

The big shots here were alarmed because this was indeed a possibility .

“Young Noble, take one step back and all will be fine, no need to be so extreme . ” A high elder coughed, wanting to persuade Li Qiye .

“Yes, bask in the immensity of the open vistas by taking one step back . Young Lord Mu is someone from above, it’s better to have one fewer problem . ” Another ancestor joined in .

The most prestigious person here, the Pill King, didn’t bother trying to stop Li Qiye . He was aware of this guy’s personalities . This was someone who didn’t care about antagonizing all of Myriad Lineage . One Young Lord Mu alone couldn’t scare him .

“Listen, listen, if you care at all about Longevity System, you need to release me right now and I will put in a good word for you before the lord . This will protect the system on top of potentially benefiting you quite a bit, perhaps you can even go up above and under his protection, you’ll be able to do anything . ” Xianyi shouted .

This was both threatening and tempting him at the same time .

“Oh? So this Young Lord Mu is very powerful?” Li Qiye grinned .

When he said this, everyone thought that Li Qiye was conceding . A few elders heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that this was the right choice .

However, Mu Yalan and Qin Shaoyao knew that this was about to escalate . That smile of his was the first sign of death .

“Of course . ” Xianyi remained ignorant and continued on: “Young Lord Mu is a deity, a supreme member of a noble clan, heaven’s favorite with no equal in the world . The Mu Clan is above all with True Emperors and progenitors appearing in waves; their might sweeps through Three Immortals…”

“Crack!” He was stopped short by Li Qiye who broke his neck .

“You… actually… dare… to kill me…” He still had one breath left and bellowed .

“Why not? If the high heaven has a son, I would still dare to kill him all the same, let alone an ant . ” Li Qiye nonchalantly said .

“Poof!” He then rendered the youth into a mist of blood, not even a bone was left behind .

“It’s a shame that you can’t send a message to that Young Lord Mu or whatever . ” He wiped his hands and said: “Should had let you tell him to run as far away as the world allows from me, or I would hang his head as a warning . ”

The scene was eerily quiet after witnessing this declaration of war .

In Myriad Lineage, everyone needed to be wary of Young Lord Mu . Not to mention a sect, an entire system needed to do so because of his background .

“Young Noble, I heard Young Lord Mu is from Imperial Lineage . His background is frightening with masters protecting him . They could easily destroy a dao system . ” One ancestor quietly warned Li Qiye .

“That’s great to hear . ” Li Qiye replied with a smile: “Picking on a few juniors is quite boring, people will laugh at me for being a bully . It’ll be more interesting when his clan comes with True Emperors and progenitors . Yes, destroying this noble clan and slaughtering their emperors, that will be immensely enjoyable . Three Immortals will know of my notoriety as Fiercest afterward . ”

The astounded crowd gasped after hearing this . They didn’t know whether he was insanely arrogant or actually had this ability . However, the majority agreed with the former more .

“Alright, anyone else has something to say about the first bundle of incense? If so, speak now . My best trait is being a good listener who welcomes all opinions, even opposing ones . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

Gazes were exchanged, who would dare to oppose him right now? They have learned their lesson from the mistakes of Zhang Yan, Hu Qingniu, Huang Quanwei, and Wu Xianyi .

Zhang Yan and Qingniu were relatively lucky since they didn’t turn to ashes .

“First Brother, please . ” A disciple from Longevity Valley led the way for Li Qiye since no one dared to open their mouth .

Li Qiye climbed the steps with a natural smile as if he didn’t just kill two people just now . Yalan and Shaoyao walked right behind him .

He suddenly stopped and turned back at the crowd with a declaration: “To put it frankly, it’s not too late to suck up to Longevity Valley right now . If you wait until after I sweep through the world, the line for kneeling down is very long . ” 

With that, he entered the hut, leaving the quiet crowd behind . They glanced at each other; some feeling quite shocked .

Everlasting has been stealing the spotlight and seemed to be stronger than the valley . They had a momentum strong enough to take over Longevity System .

This made people hesitate, wondering if the valley had truly fallen . However, this First Disciple came out of nowhere and swept away the dark clouds above his sect . People once again saw hope for this sect . Perhaps Everlasting wasn’t as strong as they thought, and the valley wasn’t as weak .

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The ancient gong sounded . After the first bundle was lit by Li Qiye, this gong echoed across Alchemy Hut to signal the start of the ceremony .