Chapter 229 : Empress Hong Tian (1)

“Are there any Underworld Boats that can increase my lifespan even more in this coming event?” In the end, the voice inside the wooden coffin rang again and no longer discussed the matter of the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot.

“According to our agreement, I can only increase your lifespan by five hundred years at best. Once you come out of the Underworld Boat, you will be able to rest in the Hidden Immortal Hall for countless more moons!” Li Qiye slowly said.

The voice in the coffin appeared again and said: “Five hundred years still has its limitation in the end. There will be a day where the Era Blood Stone will no longer be able to cover me!”

The person inside the coffin had lived for countless years. WIth the War God Temple’s strength, they had plenty of Era Blood Stones. However, even with a sufficient quantity, there will be a day when the Era Blood Stones lose their effect.

An existence of this level only wanted to remain alive in order to continue his mission of protecting the War God Temple. During the infinite stretch of the river of time, there will absolutely be a time where the War God Temple would need him to come into being. The price of coming out from the Era Blood Stone was extremely expensive but nevertheless necessary!

“There is no immortality.” Li Qiye shook his head and continued: “Even for Immortal Emperors shouldering the Heaven’s Will and ruling the universe, although they are christened as heavenly beings, they still have not seen immortality! War God Mu living for another generation was already unbelievable and could even be called a miracle since the beginning of time. However, all will come to an end while flowing down the river of time! Five hundred years is enough for you to be covered in dust for many, many more years!”

“There might not be an Underworld Boat that can give another lifetime in this generation. However, there has to be one that gives more years.” The person in the coffin clearly did not give up and added: “If I can be buried in a longer lifespan Underworld Boat, our War God Temple is willing to pay a huge price!”

“In each generation, there will not be more than three Underworld Boats that are able to strengthen one’s fate and longevity! In this coming event, I’m afraid there is not one that will give another generation of life. However, there is absolutely one that exceeds five hundred years!” Li Qiye looked at the coffin and eventually stated: “However, Princess Zhong Zhou has already chosen this boat. If you have heard of her tales, I trust that you would not want to compete with her!”

“Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom during the Tian Tu Annihilation Age!” After a long pause, the voice in the coffin appeared again with a much more serious tone. 1

“Since the beginning till now, there has only been one who called themselves the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and answered.

The person in the coffin contemplated for a while before eventually asking: “Since there has been one boat that gave another generation in this world, when do you think another one will appear?”

“You make it sound as if it was such an easy matter to have an Underworld Boat granting another lifetime! This was a miracle, yet you are still inquiring about another one. I’m afraid only hell would know the answer!” Li Qiye smiled as he shook his head: “In my opinion, even though War God Mu was able to live for another era, you should let go of this thought. This is essentially an impossible matter. And even if there is another one that can grant another lifetime, I’m afraid you won’t be able to seize it. Such a boat would absolutely first be seized by the person hanging on the Sky Reaching Peak of the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground!”

“That existence is still alive!” The person inside the coffin exclaimed after hearing these words. He couldn’t help but become astonished. Even if he had lived for countless years and had heard of this legend, the world had always assumed that it was only a legend when, in fact, it was the truth!

“He is living very well. However, without going on an Underworld Boat, it is practically impossible for him to leave the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground! If there was an actual boat that granted another lifetime flying out from the Underworld River, do you think that you can win it over him?” Li Qiye smilingly spoke.

Li Qiye’s words left the person in the coffin in silent contemplation. Even an invincible existence like him would be speechless against that legendary existence!

“Let us talk about business.” Li Qiye eventually said: “I will pick your boat. Boarding it is your issue. You should make good preparations to get on it; don’t blame me if you cannot get on it.”

“You can rest assured that boarding will not be an issue so long as you pick the right boat.” A voice came from the coffin with absolute confidence.

Li Qiye only shrugged and didn’t say anything else. Then, he turned around and left. He didn’t want to continue staying with a bunch of stubborn and conservative old men.

“This kid is too arrogant.” After Li Qiye left, an old man sitting on the ground couldn’t help but speak.

The voice in the coffin appeared again to say: “Don’t provoke him. He is not someone who is ignorantly arrogant. Him daring to act like that means that he has the abilities to do so!”

Having heard his forefather’s warning, even someone with an amazing status like this old man shuddered as he retracted his audacious intentions.

“Forefather, if there is an Underworld Boat better than five hundred years, can’t we think about it a little bit?” An ancestor couldn’t help but ask.

“Don’t go competing with Princess Zhong Zhou, that would just be asking for trouble. We will pick the five hundred years Underworld Boat.” The voice in the coffin replied.

The elders of the War God Temple couldn’t help but become surprised after hearing their Forefather’s words. One had to know that their Forefather could be called invincible, so what was the background of this Princess Zhong Zhou?

“The Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom…” An ancestor murmured this name before becoming shocked and exclaimed: “The Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom from the Desolace Expansion Era! Legend has it that before Tian Tu became an Immortal Emperor, the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom had the highest chance of defeating his lineage! In the end, the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom chose to join Tian Tu’s banner instead!”

“The Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom chose their own demise.” The voice inside the coffin continued on: “They assumed that after helping Tian Tu become an Immortal Emperor, they would then become the most meritorious vassals. Little did they know that the day when Tian Tu unified the heaven and earth would be the date of demise for their Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom!” 2

The old man knew that the origin of the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom was in dismay because legend has it that the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom’s background was no weaker than that of their War God Temple. The Ancient Kingdom was an unparalleled giant during that era in the Mortal Emperor World!

The scene suddenly became quiet with everyone staying silent for a long time.


After leaving the War God Temple’s camp, Li Qiye went to the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s base. Chi Yun had already settled Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao in.

Both of them took a sigh of relief after seeing Li Qiye’s return, especially Li Shuangyan. She knew her young noble too well and was worried that his haughty attitude would provoke the War God Temple. It seemed like her worries were unnecessary.

Li Qiye sat in the camp, bored, while waiting for the Underworld Boats. Meanwhile, it was the first time Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao went to the Underworld Ferry, and it was also their first time witnessing such a sight. They were curiously looking at the great powers from all over the world for there were truly too many of them at this place carrying coffins.

At the same time, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were also moved to see the Treasure Lords and Earth Immortals at the side. Even though the two didn’t know their backgrounds, they were listening to Chi Yun a little bit earlier. All of them had heaven-frightening origins. Who would have thought that they would appear again at this place millions of years after their deaths.

“Is the Thousand Emperor Gate truly that amazing?” Chen Baojiao especially took note of the last gate master from the Thousand Emperor Gate, and she couldn’t help but ask Li Qiye.

“It was indeed amazing.” Li Qiye looked at the last gate master from afar, and it reminded him of some old memories. He then added: “Four generations of Immortal Emperors through four continuous generations. It could be said to be one of the great marvels since the beginning of time!”

“Elder Chi said that the Thousand Emperor Gate had the Spatial Scripture, one of the Nine Grand Scripture; is this the truth?” Li Shuangyan couldn’t suppress her curiosity. She was only told by Chi Yun from earlier, and Chi Yun only heard it from some of the discussions from the great powers.

Li Shuangyan paid special attention to this when Chi Yun brought this up because she clearly knew that her Physique Law came from the Physique Scripture — one of the nine scriptures as well. Such a secret could only be known by them and forever buried in their minds.

The “Spatial Scripture” and “Physique Scripture” were part of the Nine Grand Scriptures. This was an object born before the heaven and earth — peerless for all of eternity. Even the Heaven’s Will Secret Laws, the highest achievement of Immortal Emperors, could not compare to them!

Having cultivated the supreme Void Imperfection Immortal Physique, Li Shuangyan naturally took interest in the legendary Spatial Scripture.

Li Qiye came back from his recollection and gently nodded: “To be exact, they only obtained a small part of the Spatial Scripture. It would have been wondrous if they actually obtained the full Spatial Scripture. With their unbeatable power of that year, maybe they could have even created an entire world. In that case, this world would not be the Nine Worlds, but rather, the Ten Worlds!”

“But Elder Chi also said that the invincible Thousand Emperor Gate was ended by Empress Hong Tian. Just how powerful was Empress Hong Tian?” Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but ask.

Li Shuangyan then replied: “I have heard of legends relating to Empress Hong Tian. People later on placed her on the same level as Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng!”

Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng was the first Immortal Emperor of the Human Race, and he was undefeated in his entire life! Even though he was not the very first Immortal Emperor, his brilliance dazzled all the ages! Since the beginning of time, there were many Immortal Emperors, but only he was undefeated. This was especially impressive due to his young age before shouldering the Heaven’s Will. Perhaps mere words did not do his achievement justice.

“Placed on the same level as Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng!” Chen Baojiao was quite astonished. In the hearts of many humans, Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng was the number one emperor! What kind of frightening existence was Empress Hong Tian to be placed on the same level as him! Since the immemorial times, there were far more than just one female Immortal Emperor, but there was no other who could enjoy such a great reputation!

“Empress Hong Tian…” Hearing this name, Li Qiye couldn’t control himself from being stunned. There was once such a girl on the long and winding path of time. 3

There was once an era when a Dark Crow carried this girl to far and faraway places. There was once a Dark Crow under the brilliance of a supreme Empress that secretly guided her to higher and higher aims.

Unfortunately, because of a certain matter, the two of them went on separate paths in the end. Ultimately, they were as far from each other like the edges of the heavens!



  1. Tian Tu is an Immortal Emperor of the Ancient Ming race 
  2. Note how no one is calling him Immortal Emperor Tian Tu. This is not me being lazy here! 
  3. Hong Tian is the only female Immortal Emperor I know that uses the word “Empress”. Other female Immortal Emperors are still all Immortal Emperors + their titles. If I start using Empress to differentiate male and female Immortal Emperors, it would create some confusion. For example, with a new Immortal Emperor’s name that I don’t know if he/she is a male or a female, I would call them Immortal Emperor. But if I’ve set up a precedence of distinguishing between male and female, then all readers would assume that it was a male.