Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2303

Chapter 2303

Moneyfall and the depth of Bewildering Palace contrasted each other - one lively while the other quiet, devoid of people . Even if some have come here, no one outside would know anyway .

“Buzz . ” In the final hall, or the 128th one, Li Qiye and Ling Ximo appeared after a bright flash .

“The 128th hall!” She became emotional and shuddered .  

As they traveled across one hall to another, she grew numb to the whole ordeal . Alas, this last one struck harder .

There were no words to describe her current feelings . Perhaps no one has ever come this far before, or only existences at the progenitor level .

Now, she was standing right here - something that others couldn’t dream of . Though she followed Li Qiye and wouldn’t be eligible for any treasure, it was still the luckiest and most glorious moment of her life . An insignificant character like her alone would never have the chance to be here .

An archaic breath drowned them for a greeting . She felt that she was lost in the old ages . She found this hall to be unique .

While looking above, a ceiling was certainly lacking, taken place by a starry sky . This seemed to be a vast galaxy; everyone would feel as if they were a mere speck of dust before its grandeur .

After looking around, she noticed that there were no paintings here, only thirty-six statues of unimaginable size .

Each was as large as a mountain . They stood there, seemingly capable of upholding three thousand worlds . In fact, three thousand worlds would seem small before them .

The most shocking thing was not their size, but rather, their aura . The material was just rock without any blessing, but this aura was still frightening .

It crossed through time, older than all creations . Perhaps they were already around even before the initial inception of the world .  

She dropped to the ground instantly, feeling inferior to an ant, not qualified to look up . Her breathing became ragged .

Li Qiye protected her with his own aura, allowing her to breathe . She felt that being close to him was the safest spot in the world .

It took a while before she mustered enough strength to look straight at these statues . She didn’t recognize the majority of them .

“What are those things?” She asked in astonishment . Perhaps a True Emperor would feel the same way .

“Primeval beings . If possible, one could find clues of immortality here . ” He slowly said .

“Immortality!” She murmured, never having thought about this unreachable topic before .

Li Qiye’s eyes became incomparably profound as he gazed at the statues: “Who is the real mastermind? The true horror? The absolute bringer of darkness?!”

Time seemed to be frozen; Ximo didn’t dare to breathe loudly .

He eventually withdrew his gaze and smiled: “I’ll be coming for it is time to end this, not only to find an answer for myself, but also for all the other beings . ”

She had no clue what he was talking about - what answer was he looking for?

“Are there invincible weapons here? Of the progenitor level?” She thought about something else .

The mid-level halls were frightening enough with peerless treasures . But now, they were at the 128th hall . Perhaps the treasure here would be at the progenitor level .

“Progenitor level?” Li Qiye laughed: “I wouldn’t need to come here for just that . You are underestimating this place . ”

“Even stronger than Ancestral Treasure?” Her mouth gaped with surprise, unable to imagine something stronger than progenitors . In her eyes, even True Emperors were untouchable, let alone progenitors .

“Materials are not worthy of being in this place . ” Li Qiye shook his head: “Here, what you will get is a single opportunity!”

“Opportunity?” She didn’t understand . Wasting so much effort for a single opportunity?

Li Qiye walked up to a statue and raised his right hand containing the key mark .

“Now . ” He smiled and reached forward .

“Buzz . ” Strands of light emanated from the statue and gathered in his palm .

Eventually, the light disappeared along with the golden key mark, leaving behind a badge .

Timeworn beyond recognition and made of unknown material, it had but a single word carved on the surface - decree . It was written from a long-lost language, unknown to modern people .

“Not bad . ” Li Qiye nodded while looking at the badge .

She was flabbergasted, this was it after coming to the final hall? One badge?

Perhaps True Emperors and progenitors couldn’t make it this far, and all Li Qiye got was this item? Strangely enough, he seemed to be quite pleased with it .

“That, that’s it? But progenitors themselves might not be able to come here . ” She asked in a daze .

“Only two or three people have been here in history . ” Li Qiye revealed .

“Is this badge a treasure?” She inquired .

“No, it is an opportunity . ” He shook his head: “One that could bring about damnation, depending on the choice made . Few could handle it . ”

“Is there any other significance behind it?” A chance that could bring about damnation? She thought that the trip was not worth it at all for him .

“In order to truly know immortality, one must find out what had happened in the far past, the circumstances during the start of time . Otherwise, it would only be in theory, a fool’s dream . ” Li Qiye looked at her and said .

She only smiled wryly, unqualified to talk about this matter since she was only an ant struggling to survive .

Eventually, he opened this hall and the two of them were transported back to the first .

They left Bewildering Palace and returned to Moneyfall .

“You’re Li Qiye from Longevity System?” A cold voice sounded, stopping them from walking down the steps .

The chilling tone depicted aggression . This was no greeting .