Chapter 242: Immortal’s Blood Spear (2)

For alchemy masters, the hardest thing to create was the fate pill, not longevity medicines nor physique pastes. This was due to the very stringent requirement for fate pills regarding an alchemist master’s power along with their ability to control flames. Then there were the dan refinement techniques along with flame controlling techniques as well as the dan synthesizing art… Any mistakes throughout any of these steps would result in a swift failure during the creation of a fate pill.

At the same time, one cauldron with a batch of medicinal materials could only be refined into one fate pill. Also, out of the three, fate pills were the most demanded by cultivators. Keep in mind that not all cultivators needed longevity medicines or physique pastes, but all of them required appropriate fate pills! This was the reason why fate pills were so much more valuable compared to the other two.

Fate pills had nine transformations, and there were several deciding factors. For example, if the leading soul grass ingredient along with the main materials were only of the third transformation, then the created fate pill would also only be at the third transformation and would absolutely not become the fourth transformation. Another factor was the skill of the alchemy master. If they were lacking, then even if the ingredients were of the third transformation, the resulting fate pill could only be at the second transformation; with a mistake in the process, it could even result in a cauldron explosion. Not only would the materials be destroyed, but the Heavenly Cauldron would also be damaged.

Because of this, it required extreme caution when alchemy masters refined their fate pills. They would not do it unless they were absolutely confident because it was not an easy task to develop a good Heavenly Cauldron.

“Begin!” After the group of Elder Sun prepared everything, Li Qiye shouted out and summoned his Myriad Heavenly Cauldron.

It fell to the ground and turned into a gigantic frog. It opened its monstrous mouth that was capable of holding a countless amount of medicinal ingredients.

“Boom!” At this time, the cauldron spewed out its blazing flame and the impossible occurred. The cauldron seemed to be a giant tree, piercing the sky, and its flame suddenly dispersed apart like the blossoming flowers in full bloom.

“One, two, three…”

Counting the medicinal contraptions created by the cauldron flame left Elder Sun and the rest of the alchemy masters of the sect in complete astonishment.

During the dan refinement process, the cauldron’s flame was heavily relied upon. The cauldron’s alchemical treasury itself did not matter as much for it was only there for support. The most important thing was the flame of the cauldron.

During this process, it was simple for one cauldron to form one medicinal contraption; two contraptions were also possible. Three became more difficult, but it was the sign of a true master to be able to refine pills using three contraptions at the same time.

The exceptional alchemy masters were able to form many contraptions at the same time. Even though the medicinal contraptions that were basked in the cauldron flames had a lot to do with the cauldron’s rank itself, this was not all there was to it. The real skill was determined in how proficient the alchemist was able to control these contraptions, not just creating them.

But at this moment, Li Qiye’s Myriad Heavenly Cauldron was like a gigantic tree blooming with flowers. Flame contraptions appeared one after another like the coming of spring, creating a spectacular scene.

“Impossible… This is impossible…” At this time, all the alchemy masters of the sect were dumbfounded at such a display with their eyes wide open. No one would believe that the scene unraveling before their eyes was the truth even if they were told.

It was impossible for a cauldron to form one hundred flame contraptions, unless… Unless this was the Heavenly Cauldron left behind by the Alchemy God.

However, let’s take a step back with the assumption that one cauldron was able to create one hundred flame contraptions, controlling these contraptions was not up to the rank of the cauldron, it was due to the flawless mastery of the alchemy master.

The flame contraptions before them were all the same size and they all glowed with the same hue. Even their sparks and movements, along with the transformations, were all the same! This meant that not only was the cauldron was powerful, but Li Qiye’s flame mastery was even more impressive.

“One thousand and three!” One of Elder Sun’s disciples calculated a bit and became frozen with horror. He had to bite his tongue before the pain told him that this was not a dream.

Elder Sun was also frozen as he murmured: “Even me with my Heavenly Cauldron can only create one hundred flame contraptions, but the contraptions themselves will be unstable; commencing dan refinement with them would be out of the question.”

The aghast Elder Sun thought that even if he risked his life to form one hundred flame contraptions, they would be unstable with different sizes and flame sparks… Their unstableness would make it impossible to refine pills.

However, Li Qiye’s first move was to create one thousand and three flame contraptions with ease; they even had the same shade and size. This was indicative of his peerless alchemical technique and supreme skill!

Even if Elder Sun had the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron, he would not be able to form one thousand and three flame contraptions so quickly.

Meanwhile, the other alchemy masters were frightened from this absolute miracle unraveling before their eyes!

“This will do for now!”

Li Qiye nodded his head and said after looking at the floating flame contraptions. In theory, the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron should be able to form ten thousand flame contraptions. With the alchemy dao created by him and the Alchemy God, Li Qiye had complete confidence that he would be able to form ten thousand flame contraptions in the future.

Li Qiye’s phrase, ”this will do for now”, left all the alchemy masters of the sect in a daze. If creating one thousand flame contraptions was only a temporary acceptance, then they as alchemy masters should all just go hang themselves.

“Ready?” The moment Li Qiye asked, the group of Elder Sun finally calmed down and immediately prepared the medicinal materials.

“Place them in!” Li Qiye controlled the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron as his eyes turned profound while gazing at more than one thousand flame contraptions.

In the blink of an eye, Elder Sun’s team immediately threw all the first transformation medicinal ingredients into the cauldron. They were experienced with dan refinement, thus their actions were very swift.

“Boom! Boom! Bang!” Right after the addition of the ingredients, crackling noises resounded like the roasting of soybeans.

Before they realized it, the fate pills of each of the flame contraptions were refined in a flash. This was such an impossible matter because pill refinement was a meticulous process; it started from the addition of ingredients to the flames. However, in the hands of Li Qiye, there was no process; it was as if these fiercest of flames were enough to refine the pills in an instant.

“Where is the medicinal gourd?” Li Qiye shouted while Elder Sun and the others were completely stunned.

Elder Sun was the first one to calm down and immediately took out the medicinal gourd. Li Qiye then thunderously roared: “Open!”

Suddenly, all the flame contraptions exploded like drops of water and the cauldron flames were like the receding tidal waves as they completely withdrew from the fate pills.

At this moment, the medicinal gourd swallowed all the completed fate pills like a whale, resulting in a shocking scene to all. They had never seen such a method of closing the cauldron to finish the process, nor have they seen one cauldron producing so many pills with such a fast speed before. Elder Sun and all the alchemy masters of the sect were completely at a loss; was this still pill refinement? This was even easier than roasting soybeans. 1

“I, I need at least four to six hours to refine just one first transformation pill, and I could only create five to six contraptions at best… This, this is just magical!” Elder Sun was at a complete loss for words.

Regarding the materials of the fate pill refinement, no matter whether it was the leading soul grass or side ingredients such as the Scarlet Flame Core, Jade Blood Bamboo Stalk, or Red Sago Palm, ect… The greater the age of these ingredients, the greater the amount of their transformation would be. Of course, the limit was set at nine transformations. Fate pills created from nine transformation medicinal ingredients were called Ninth Transformation Fate Pills!

The higher the transformation amount, the harder it was to refine these fate pills. Plus, the time it required took even longer. For example, Elder Sun would need four to six hours to refine a First Transformation Fate Pill and one to two days to refine a Second Transformation Fate Pill. In other words, alchemy masters like Elder Sun could only refine five or six fate pills in six hours at maximum production. In addition, they were the lowest ranking First Transformation Fate Pills.

Now, Li Qiye managed to roast one thousand soybeans, no, one thousand fate pills in one breath. This was an impossible and unbelievable matter.

The group of Elder Sun, at this time, rubbed their eyes to dispel the notion that this was merely a dream. One alchemy master refining more than one thousand fate pills would require a year, but Li Qiye did it in just a moment. This will be a legend — truly a miracle.

“This… this is just him roasting soybeans, right?” An alchemy master said in a stupefied tone. If someone told him — before this second — that dan refinement could be as easy as roasting beans, he would have absolutely laughed at this arrogant idiot!

But at this moment, Li Qiye’s stunning refinement was indeed easier than roasting beans. How could they not become silly from such a scene?

“Did you all see my technique clearly?” At this moment, Li Qiye caught the medicinal gourd that contained all the fate pills and asked the group of Elder Sun.

They tried to regain their composure again as they glanced at each other with their mouths still open. In the end, Elder Sun forced an awkward laughter as his old face became red while answering: “Umm, it was too fast, we couldn’t clearly see the technique.”

How could they see Li Qiye’s dan refinement technique? They were all scared silly and basically didn’t see Li Qiye’s technique at all.

“Then look again carefully, there will not be another opportunity!” Li Qiye said in an indifferent manner.

The alchemy masters present all shivered at this time after hearing this. However, they were moved with excitement as well, especially Elder Sun, whose aged face became red with expectation!