Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2423

Chapter 2423: 2423

“Hey sexy, want to have some fun with me?” It didn’t take long before Li Qiye found another girl and immediately started his bossy act .

Jiadi could only sigh up and down after seeing this .

“Rumble!” Li Qiye didn’t have much time before being surrounded by riders .

It lacked in numbers but these armored combatants emitted a cold bloodthirst - indicative of their battle experiences .

“It’s the army . ” The spectators immediately retreated, not wanting to make a mistake .

Under the rule of Lucidity, the army and cavalry of War Saint were unstoppable . Even though this particular group didn’t belong to Silver Secret Legion, it was still intimidating enough .

People gloated after seeing Li Qiye being surrounded, thinking that this brat was dead for sure . No one dared to oppose War Saint Dynasty in Nine Secrets System . This cavalry certainly represented the dynasty .

“Uncle Luo, that’s him . ” A girl coquettishly said .  

People looked over and saw that it was Luo Qi who escaped earlier .

There was a middle-aged soldier next to her, adorned in a full suit of armor with a stern aura . He clearly was either a general or had some other high position .

It looked like after escaping, Luo Qi went to ask for help . After all, she was from a military clan and wouldn’t be able to swallow the anger of being harassed in broad daylight . Thus, she cried and asked a city-guard general for help . After hearing this, the uncle became angry and brought troops here .

“Oh, didn’t you run away earlier?” Li Qiye was unaffected by the troops surrounding him and crossed his arms in front of his chest again: “Miss me already? Unfortunately, I’m only interested in other people now, not in some girl that runs back crying . ”

It was as if the words, “spoiled young master”, was written on his forehead .

“Clank!” The general raised his hand and the soldiers immediately pointed their spears at Li Qiye, nearly touching his chest .

“Who the hell are you, daring to stir trouble at the capital?” The general uttered coldly with bloodthirst .

“Uncle Luo, kill him . ” Luo Qi stared contemptuously at Li Qiye, feeling quite good about the inevitable revenge .

The general said: “Brat, surrender now or we’ll cut you to pieces . ”

“To pieces my ass . ” Li Qiye waved his hand dismissively: “Scram to the side or I’ll make you retire and go back to your village . ”

His spoiled-rotten act was still perfect and aggressive, not giving a damn about anyone .

“Ignorant fool, die!” General Luo was a war-hardened soldier so he ordered without any mercy .

“Ahem, General Luo . ” Jiadi interrupted this .

‘Who are you?! Show yourself, don’t think you can cause trouble here . ” The general finally noticed Jiadi and shouted .

“Hmph . ” Jiadi snorted in response .

The general looked thunderstruck and turned pale . Though Jiadi had his face hidden, the general could recognize this sound .

“My… my… lor- . . . ” The general was scared out of his mind .

Military Omni-God! Zhang Jiadi! Since General Luo was part of the army, he naturally knew who he was talking to . This was the guard captain of His Majesty, only below Sun Lengying in status .  

Keep in mind that Lucidity wasn’t a normal king . When he became unhappy, not to mention a single general, he could even decapitate an ancestor of the dynasty without any hesitation .

The general was afraid the most, thinking about how this brat has the omni-god as a bodyguard .

“I, I didn’t know…” He stammered .

“Alright, my young lord likes her . ” Jiadi didn’t want to waste words .

The general became startled and stared at Li Qiye .

How could the guard captain have a young lord? Thinking about this frightened him .

Though the crown prince appointment has yet to be announced, everyone knew that Lucidity didn’t have much time left .

The omni-god who has always been next to the king was now guarding a youth and even calling him young lord? The general could put the pieces of information together for an answer .

“Wel . . ” He didn’t know what to do because this girl was the jewel of their Luo Clan .

“This is an honor for your clan . ” Jiadi uttered coldly .

“Your, your subordinate understands . ” With cold sweats running all over, he came next to Luo Qi and whispered .

The general didn’t dare to refuse because inciting the wrath of Lucidity wouldn’t only end in his dismissal . Even his clan would turn to ashes .

Though his clan wasn’t weak, it was nothing before Lucidity .

Moreover, Jiadi was right . Climbing up to the royal family was indeed their honor . This could boost their power and influence to the next level .

Given the status of this youth, so many nobles would want to please him, more than willing to bring their daughters to the door .

Luo Qi turned pale after hearing this . A girl still had her pride and naturally didn’t want to . Earlier, she viewed Li Qiye as trash but now, this trash could change her fate instantly . She couldn’t quite accept this .

Alas, she had no other choice . Not to mention her uncle, her entire clan couldn’t save her!

She shuddered, completely absent-minded like a tiny bird lost in the winter, blown back and forth by the chilling gales .

“Young Lord…” The general brought her before Li Qiye .

She kept her head lowered, no longer having the same air of arrogance like before .

“My niece is still inexperienced, please, take care of her…” The general added .

The only thing he could do was offering his niece to Li Qiye . This was the only way to save their clan and perhaps even bring prosperity to it .

“Not interested . ” Li Qiye looked at Luo Qi and said: “I don’t like playing this type of games . Bring her back . ” He turned and left .

The general stood there in a daze, not knowing what to do for a long time .

He didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse . At the very least, their jewel had escaped the evil clutch of this youth . But their clan had also lost the chance to climb up the ladder of power, never being able to rise again .

Luo Qi was frozen as well . In the beginning, having to follow this youth she considered to be trash had shattered her pride . Nevertheless, she still agreed to follow him . But now, his contemptuous refusal was too much for her to take .

“Hey gorgeous, want to play with me?” This question could be heard in the capital in the next several days .

“Ah!” And then the sounds of girls screaming inevitably came next . So many girls were frightened and fled with haste .

“Chaos Hellion is here again!”  Chaos invaded Skywrap .

Girls no longer dared to come outside during the day while Li Qiye earned the impressive title of Chaos Hellion .

“Sigh, these people are so bad at titles . I am Fiercest, not Chaos Hellion . ” Li Qiye shook his head and said .

He continued strolling the street with hands clasped behind his neck while looking up and whistling - resembling an arrogant crab strutting on the street .

Meanwhile, Jiadi has grown used to this scene recently .

“Jiadi, all the girls are running on sight, this won’t do . Should we go into a noble’s house and take their wives and daughters?” Li Qiye smiled .