Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2426

Chapter 2426

The girl was unhappy to hear his comment and sharply glared at him once before lowering her head again .

Everyone knew that this hellion was a pervert with no qualms against harassing girls in broad daylight . She began to feel better about not being liked by him .

He touched another sword and said: “But at the very least, the crafting techniques came from masters . ”

“Young Lord, you’re just playing with us now . We’re only a broken-down shop, our techniques are not exceptional at all . ” Uncle Tie’s expression shifted before quickly replying .

“Is that so?” Li Qiye touched the blade and said: “If I’m not mistaken, this is the techniques of the Bingchi Clan, the orthodox style too . ”

Both the girl and Uncle Tie were alarmed upon hearing this and glanced at each other .

Li Qiye didn’t watch their reaction and continued: “The techniques are authentic and traditional, but the execution lacks experience . Just more training and better materials will result in something decent, so the crafter has some talents . ”

Jiadi himself was surprised, not expecting Li Qiye to understand the blacksmithing arts of the Bingchi .  

Uncle Tie calmed down and said: “This lowly one doesn’t know what you are talking about, My Lord . I’ve never heard of the Bingchi . Our young miss has only learned our ancestral arts to survive . ”

“So you’re telling me that your young miss is a descendant of Weaponbreak True Emperor . ” Li Qiye smiled .

The other two were shaken for the second time and had to take a deep breath .

Jiadi also glanced at Li Qiye . Just looking at the weapons hanging on the walls wasn’t enough for him to discern the crafting technique . Keep in mind that as an Eternal, his vision far exceeded ordinary men .

Weaponbreak was the Bingchi’s best emperor, immortalized for his blacksmithing abilities . Few could match him in this field . Though he was only an emperor, the legends said that he could create weapons comparable to progenitors .

Due to his existence, the Bingchi made something of themselves and became one of the five behemoths in Nine Secrets .

“I have never heard of Weaponbreak True Emperor or the Bingchi . ” The uncle denied again .

Li Qiye didn’t bother to turn back to look at him: “Keep on speaking rubbish and I’ll make her warm my bed . ”

Uncle Tie didn’t dare to speak any longer while Li Qiye continued to look at the weapons .

Suddenly, footsteps came from the outside . A group appeared, wearing the same uniform with a golden sword insignia embroidered on the sleeve . They clearly came with unfriendly intention judging by their aggressiveness .

The leader was a youth brimming with vitality . His fierce eyes indicated that he wasn’t a pushover . The group instantly headed for the girl while kicking and shoving, resulting in weapons falling to the ground .

She and Uncle Tie naturally didn’t like this development .

“Long time no see, cousin . ” The youth laughed and said to the girl .

She pursed her lips before coldly uttering: “I didn’t expect to see you here in Skywrap . ”

“I just have some business in the imperial city, but the elders also gave me a task about the rent, so I have no choice but to come here . ”

The girl sneered in response .

“Cousin, the date is approaching, I’m sure you have prepared, time to pay up . ” He smiled .

“This place has always been our ancestral business . ” The girl coldly responded .

“Cousin, that’s ancient history . After your family pawned it off, it belongs to the clan now . The fact that the clan is still willing to let you rent is already sentimental and considerable of your ancestors . ” The youth retorted: “Keep in mind that personal feelings aside, this is a business . After all, if the clan is nice to everyone instead of being professionals, we will lose all orders . Without orders, the great clan will be lost in chaos . ” 

“Young Lord Cao, please wait for several more days, just a few more days, and the young miss will pay . We just don’t have it right now but we will get it to you as soon as possible . ” Uncle Tie tried to smooth things over .

“Several more days?” The youth shook his head: “I don’t have that much time since I’m returning to the clan tomorrow . If I don’t get the payment, how am I going to answer to the seniors?”

“What do you want then?!” The girl angrily shouted .

“Cousin, all I’m doing is carrying out the clan’s official affairs . If you can’t pay up, then gather your stuff and get the hell out . The clan will be taking back this property so you can’t stay here any longer . We will not rent it to you either since you are the one violating the agreement . ” 

“Bingchi Gao, don’t be so unreasonable!” The girl yelled again .

The youth named Bingchi Cao shook his head: “Cousin, I’m not being unreasonable and cold right now since I’m following the rules . You should be happy that I’m the one here for this thankless task, anyone else wouldn’t be so nice to you right now . ”

The girl turned pale . She naturally didn’t want to leave their ancestral heritage because they would never be able to get it back .

“Cousin, don’t make me force you out . ” Gao smiled and said .

The girl clenched her fists while her chest heaved from anger . In the end, she took a composing breath and said: “Give me two days, just two days, and I’ll pay the rent to the clan . ”

“No . ” Gao shook his head: “Cousin, I’m in a hurry and will leave tomorrow, so I can’t give you the two days . In accordance with the clan’s rules, if a disciple were to fail his mission, there will be consequences . My future would be ruined . ”

“I only need two days . ” The girl’s voice grew weaker, on the verge of begging since she had no other choice .

“No . ” He paused for a moment: “But, there is another way . ”

“What is it?” The girl asked after hearing a glimmer of hope .

“One senior in the clan said that out of respect for the old ancestors, there is something you can pawn for this property . It will forever be yours . ” Gao revealed .

“Pawn? What do you want?” The girl was stirred with excitement and said .

“Hmm…” Gao rubbed his chin and said: “The ancestor said that there is a page with techniques written on it . As long as you hand it over, this property will be yours . Moreover, the clan will be nice enough to even give you another one in the imperial city, you will never have to worry about money again . ”

Uncle Tie and the girls took one step back . Her tone grew cold again: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, we don’t have anything like that . The seniors have handed everything over back then without hiding . ”

“Then there’s no other way . ” Gao snorted: “I’ll have to ask you to move then . ”

The girl’s expression kept on changing from being helpless .  

He shrugged and ordered: “If you don’t want to do it yourself… Men, help the young miss move now . ” 

“You dare?!” The girl cried out .

“Why wouldn’t I? Cousin, you are nothing now . Your branch had committed a terrible offense, the fact that the ancestors didn’t erase your names from the clan is out of respect for Weaponbreak True Emperor . Do you think anyone else in the clan will speak up for you now? I’m not kicking a man when he’s down, but your clan is already done for since a long time ago . ” Gao sneered .

“Do it!” He raised his hand while she continued to stand there in a daze .

“This fly keeps on buzzing and ruining my mood . ” Li Qiye who has been looking at the weapons suddenly turned around and said in a lackadaisical manner .

Gao and his disciples didn’t notice this guy standing in the room at all until now .